Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 608

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Reel №1

1. Italy.


VII Congress of the Union of National Associations of Journalists 10-12 April 1942.

The facade of the Congress sessions.

The German delegation headed by Otto Dietrich is on the St.

Mark's Square, they are accompanied by the Italian Minister of Culture Pavolini.

Conference Room in the Palace of the Doges.


Speech by Dr.


Speakers. 2. Germany.

International pro-fascist meeting of students in Dresden.

At the meeting there Goebbels.

On the podium reyhsyugendfyurer Baldur von Schirach 3. Germany.


Soldiers Foreign / towards Germany / anti-Soviet legions at the reception of Goebbels.

4. Germany.


04/26/1942 Opening of the session of the Reichstag.


Hitler out of the car.

SS honor guard.

Hitler on the podium.

It Fuhrer in the retelling.

Hitler spoke about the achievements of the front and rear.

Lodge, it Goebbels, Goering, von Bock, Speer, Milch.

Singing a hymn. 5. The rate of the Fuhrer.

The award ceremony officers who distinguished themselves on the eastern front.

Iron Cross with oak leaves close-up.

There is a ceremony of awarding the German generals Breit, Walter Wessel, Heinrich Eberbach, Karl Wilhelm Specht, Otto Hitzfeld.

6. Germany.

Grand Admiral Raeder examines new submarine, built by the Organization Todt.

Awarding of distinguished soldiers and sailors. 7. Eastern Front.

Finnish section of the front.

Finnish infantry rolled on skis, holding a rope tied to the horses.

They are in the village.

Shootout with Soviet troops.

From soldiers.

Tanks are preparing to send to the front.

They move to the front.

Marines follow the tanks.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Norwegian Legion takes an oath to the Fuhrer.


Fragments of the fighting in the region of Valdai.

The artillery starts shelling the Soviet position.



World War II

Reel №2

8. USSR. Finnish front.

Infantry is preparing to attack.

Shoot German guns, guns are transported on a sled.

Infantry comes from the flank.

Shoot Marines.

The Gunners have guns.

The end of the fight.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Soviet prisoners of war.

The captured Soviet weapons and other trophies.

Sappers explode ice on one of the Russian River.

Bookmark explosives.


Ice runs under the bridge.

Cars go through thick mud.

The jammed machine.

Its soldiers pulled with a tractor.

Soldiers go through the mud.

Machines on the bumpy road.


Prisoners dismantled brick ruins and loaded on trucks.

The prisoners for road repairs.

Punitive detachments sent to the operation against the guerrillas.

The shelling of the train platform of a building.

German auxiliary forces in the construction of the railway line.

Laying of sleepers and rails.

Trolley rides on rails.

In a break.

Distribution of food.

Replacing the wheelsets have captured wagons in accordance with the German narrow-gauge railways. 9. USSR. The southern section.

RAD Soldiers on the fuel stock.

Loading barrels onto railway platforms.

Smoke break with a special space reserved for smoking.



World War II

Reel №3

10. USSR. The southern section.

Loading the wounded in the hospital train wagon.

Soldiers wounded in the train.

The train hit the road.

German horse carts with food and ammunition on the road flooded.

Cars in the water at the crossroads.

Soldiers in a boat floating on the village street.

Shooting floods in Poltava region from the air.


Marshal Antonescu comes to inspect the Romanian troops.

It is out of the plane, greeted with Manstein and other officers guard of honor.

Awarding Romanian and German soldiers.

Coastal fortifications at Yalta.

Antonescu talks with the soldiers.

Echelon tanks arrive in Crimea.

Unloading of tanks, going to the front of their own. 11. Italy.

German flight connection in Sicily.

Planes taking off into the air.

Course in Malta.

The pilots sit in the aircraft.

Squadron in the air.

The fighters accompanying the bombers.

From the air, visible to La Valletta.

German bombers bombed La Valletta.

The shooting in the air.

Explosions and clouds of smoke over the city.

Fragments of an air battle between the English and German fighters.

The squadron of German planes over Malta.



World War II