Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1942 № 595

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Reel №1

1. Germany.


The signing of the military agreement between Germany, Italy and Japan on 01.18.1942, provides for a separation between areas of operations.

Field-Marshal Keitel signs the agreement.

The signing ceremony. 2. Funeral Director General of the German syndicate in August kaliyevogo Dean.

Interior Minister Walther Funk expresses its condolences to the family of the deceased.

Funk It.

The laying of wreaths.

Crown of the Fuhrer. 3. death of Field Marshal Walter von Reichenau.

Frames with him, taken during the French campaign in 1940.

Reichenau oversees ferry troops across the river.

It is during street fighting in Lille.

Reichenau in the car.

It is on the eastern front.

Field-Marshal inspects the remains of a downed Soviet plane, goes to meet Soviet pilots, emissions from aircraft with a parachute.

Reichenau soldiers.

The funeral ceremony.

It Goering.

The coffin, covered with the banner.


Declination banners.

Crown of the Fuhrer.

German officers and generals.

A wreath lays Field Marshal von Rundstedt. 4. USSR. Eastern Front.

Under Leningrad.

The machine clears snow from the road.

The wagons are on the snow-covered road.

Delivery of ammunition and food.

The arrival of the division of Transport on the winter things.

Soldiers unload skis, coats.

On the streets of the village.

Delivery by sleigh winter clothes to remote battery.

The soldiers on duty.

German observers.

Shoot the German large-caliber guns.

Anxiety on the positions.

Shoot Marines.

German squad out hiking.

Infantrymen on skis.

They dragged behind a machine gun.

The exchange of fire in the forest.

Shoot gun.

German small-caliber gun firing at the enemy.

Calculation with guns.

Defeated the Soviet position.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers. 5. USSR. Crimea.

Heavy fighting in Yevpatoriya, fragments of street fighting.

Germans among the ruins of the city.

Shoot German guns.

Germans making their way among the ruins, they are in the yard.

German soldier throwing a grenade through the window of the basement.

Surrendering captured Soviet soldiers. "Cleaning" of the basement, there emerges a man.

Soviet POWs.



World War II

Reel №2

6. USSR. Crimea.

The Germans in the street battles.

The prisoners. 7. North Africa.

German artillery moved to new positions.

Cleaning and repair of tanks.

German soldiers eating, smoking.

General Rommel was among the soldiers.

Tanks go ahead.

Speaker about the success of the German and Italian troops in Africa / Cyrenaica /.

Rommel at the car watching the fighting.

German planes in the air.

The shelling of British tanks.

Discounted British tanks and other equipment.

Destroyed tanks. 8. South Atlantic.

German warship.

Meeting with British frahterom.

Overloading of food confiscated from the British.

The sinking of the British ship.

Destroying another British ship.

The reception team on board the German ship / many of them natives of British colonies /.

Sinking English frahter.

Captured on board the German ship.

Island in the Pacific.

The landing of the prisoners to the island with provisions.


Planted prisoners on the island.

German sailors on the island tours.

Local police.

The conversation with the locals.

Reid ship continues.

Measurement of the force of the wind.

Approaching storm.

Night Scene.

Meeting with British frahterom.

Pounding his German ship guns.

Morning: dilapidated frahter.

Inspection of its cargo.

His military equipment.

Hot British ship.

German sailors come back to your ship.

Explosion frahtera.

It goes to the bottom.

It is flying the Nazi flag.



World War II