Sergei Kirov. (1926 - 1934)

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Scene №1 Sergei Kirov

General view of the hall of the Tauride Palace in Leningrad.

People in the audience stood applauding SM Kirov Kirov of the floor.

People in the hall listening Kirov.

Kirov away from the podium.

The ovation in the hall.

Building type Tauride Palace in Leningrad.

View of the Baku and the sea coast (above).

On the streets of Baku are veiled women.

A woman covers her face, in front of the house sits an old man.

A woman walks down the street, coming to the house.

Hand woman knocking on the door shaped hammer.

View of the old Baku oil.

Work at the oil well.

Working with a hand lift lift comrade from the well.

Semi-closed face of a woman.

Oil workers unfasten his belt from the ski lift.

The workers pull out a bucket of oil from an oil well, the oil poured.

Kirov person uttering it.

New oil rigs built in the Baku oil fields.

View of the oil field, on the road passing car.

Type aerial parts.

Oilman at work.

The wrap the winch cable.

View of a portion of the drilling machine.

Instrumentation on the oilfield.

Powered drilling mechanism, an engineer working on the show scale devices.

Type of oil rigs.

Types of new districts of Baku.

Type of oil rigs.

Types of a new refinery.

View of the Baku oil port.

Ships in the port of Baku.

Types quarters of Leningrad (the top).

View of Nevsky Prospect (the top).

Construction of new homes in Leningrad.

The crane lifts the concrete block to build a house.

Builders installed raised upward concrete block.

Lowered crane hook clamp.

Construction of a new bridge across the Neva.

A person of Kirov.

Map construction of bridges in the hands of engineers.

Kirov person overseeing the construction.

View of construction site.

The builders fastened together concrete blocks.

Kirov during a visit to a construction site of Leningrad.

Badiou with concrete cross the river using a rope.

Kirov listening to explanations engineer.

Ready part of the bridge.

View of the factory floor (top).

Work at the bench.

Kirov person during a visit to one of the Leningrad plant.

Rotating shaft lathe.

A person of Kirov.

Works machine.

Work stamping shop.

Types of buildings factories of Leningrad.

A solemn meeting on the 125th anniversary of the factory "Red Putilovets."

Facing the front of the radiator Tractor "Fordson Putilovets" produced by the plant.

Panorama solemn assembly of the plant, taking place in one of the shops.

Kirov delivers a speech to the workers, Putilov.

Panorama Meeting.

Kirov of the floor.

Workers listening Kirov.


Kirov (Kostrikov) Sergey Myronovych - statesman and political figure.







Political figures; Construction; Industry; Holidays; Meeting