North Pole. (1955)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
With the participation of

Director: Stepanova L., Tarich Yu.

Script writers: Dvinskij E.

Operators: Solovjev N., Chernyavskij V., Yacun E.

Composers: Ivanov-Radkevich N., Makarov E.


The story about the research at the North Pole, held Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) Glavsevmorputi. The film shows the methods of studying weather and climate, discusses the causes of education and ice drift, underwater currents, seabed study, explained the principles of drawing up maps of climate and weather forecasters work.

Arctic and Antarctic | Scientific expeditions

Reel №1

Types of the Moscow Kremlin.

Bute chimes of the Spassky Tower.

Radio personality start to the morning newscast.

The clock on the wall.

Host sends a weather report.

Research Station at the North Pole.

Articles in newspapers and magazines.

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI), a collection of scientists.

AARI Director V.V.Frolov. M.E.Ostrekin. M.M.Somov. A.F.Loktionov. A.F.Treshnikov.

Scientists at the table.

Animation: territorial division of the North Pole.

Animation: the Northern Sea Route, the emergence of new cities.

Airplane over the sea.

Panorama of the coastal zone.

Cargo ships at berth.

Unloading ships.

The ice of the Arctic Ocean.

Icebreaker is paving the way.

Pack ice.

Ships in ice traps.


Polar research station.

Meteorologist checks the weather station.

View of the apartment building.

People ride on a dog sled.

Radio Tower.

Meteorologists take readings of devices.

Running probe.

Alternation: a view of the station from the helicopter, the scientist writes device data.

Animation: the emergence of polar stations in the coastal zone.


Vladimir Frolov - Soviet researcher Arctic and Antarctic, the candidate of geographical sciences, weatherman, teacher, director of the AARI Chief Directorate of the Northern Sea Route.
Ostrekin ME - Head of the department of AARI Arctic geophysics, Hero of the Soviet Union, Honorary Polar USSR.
MM Somov - Oceanographer, polar explorer, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Hero of the Soviet Union.
Treshnikov AF - Soviet oceanographer, geographer, explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.



Reel №2

In the ice landing aircraft.

Map of the Arctic seas.

The plane is flying over the pole.

Drifting research station.

Scientist knocks snow off the wires.

Meteorologist makes regular detour stations and record the readings.

Snow temperature measurement.

Observations of the sun, taking into account the solar energy.


Preparations for the launch of the radiosonde.

Zones rises.

Animation: probes work in different layers of the atmosphere.

The scientist receives and records the probe signals.

Animation: the probe rises above, the ball bursts.

Scientist writes.

Reception and transmission of weather reports from the stations.

Animation: the movement of arctic air masses.

Drifting station.

Blizzard during the passage of the cyclone.

Man goes to the tent, holding the rope.

A man comes out of the tent and goes through the snow.

Snowstorm sweeps air transport.

Meteorologist is checking station.

A group of scientists.

Running probe.

Cracks in the ice hummocks offensive.

Scientists have come to inspect the ice.

Animation: the movement area of ​​an anticyclone.

Snow in the southern areas, frosts in the gardens.

The melting of the polar ice caps.

Scientists take samples, moving the camp on an inflatable boat.

The ice in the water.



Reel №3

View of the floating station with water.

Hydrologists study the submarine ocean currents using hydrological turntables and sampler.

Animation: the direction of underwater currents.

Polar bears during the ice.

Animation: the impact on the movement of ice floes iceberg.

Animation: the description of the drift ice of the law along the isobars.

Animation: an example of the forecast of ice drift.

Sunset over the camp.

The onset of the polar night.

Helicopter landing on a searchlight signal.

Meteorologist takes the readings.

Scientists are working by torchlight.

Plane polar aviation.

The pilot looks out of the cab.


A group of scientists on board.

Navigator paves the route.

Animation: the displacement of the magnetic meridian at the North Pole.

Skipper talked with the pilot by radio.

Aircraft Landing.

Scientists unload equipment.

Check ice thickness.

Training points for the study of the ocean.


Scientists are working near aircraft.



Reel №4

Animation: mastered part of the North Pole.

Animation: The Arctic Ocean, a study of depths.

Members of the expedition mounted air tent.

Oceanographers measure the depth of the ocean (the work of scientists, instrument readings and multrabota stamped on the bottom level change).

Radio operators transmit messages.

Animation: measurements and bottom relief.

Experiments to study the composition of the deep waters.

Mobile Research Camp.

Scientists catch plankton.

The study of samples in laboratories AARI. Animation: drawing maps of the ocean floor.

Professor Ya.



A schematic map of an underwater mountain range.

Lomonosov Ridge.

The boundary of ice and water.

Drifting station SP-3. Helicopter over the station.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Alternation: Arctic panorama helicopter in the air, scientists make a map of the ice.

Plane takes off Observatory.

The pilot at the controls.


Forecasters take atmospheric samples.

Motor aircraft.

Forecasters filled weather log.

The aircraft in the sky.

Shoot from the window.

The plane lands.


YY Gakkel - Soviet oceanographer, explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic, the head of the geography department of AARI.



Reel №5

Management of Arctic sea Port Dickson.

Reception and transmission of radio messages.

Forecasters AARI make weather maps. A.A.Girs takes the card.

Animation: the movement of air masses.


Staff service ice forecasts up cards for movement of polar ships.

Glavsevmorput, dispatching meeting. O.N.Komova report forecast.

V.F.Burhanov headed the meeting.

hydrologist report on ice conditions.

Talk ships routes on the basis of the operational map.

plane flies in the sky.

Icebreaker is paving the way.

Alternation: polar landscapes, icebreaker follows the plane navigator hydrologist maps.

The plane flies to the icebreaker.

Resetting the card to the deck.

Airplane above the deck.

The sailor picks up the card.

View from the top deck.

The crew looks at the map.

Views of the ocean from icebreakers.

From the deck of the helicopter takes off ice reconnaissance.

view from the cockpit.

Alternation: ice landscapes, a helicopter circling over the open water.

The helicopter returned to the deck.

Views of the ocean from the icebreaker.


Ocean waves.

Ships in open water.


Gears AA - Soviet scientist and climatologist, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, Head of the long-term forecasts, the AARI, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR.
Komov ON - Polar meteorologist, synoptic Glavsevmorputi Head Office.
Burhanov VF - Soviet engineer, Rear Admiral, Doctor of Economics, head of the Northern Sea Route, the Deputy Minister of the Navy of the USSR.