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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Boldireva L.

Script writers: Zak M.

Operators: Chukovskij E., Kotov A., Yakshin M.

Other authors: Gofshtejn M.


The film tells about the creation and development of sound cinema in the Soviet Union.

Movie | Persons of arts

Reel №1

Charging the film into the film projector, the beginning of the film's demonstration.

Newsreel 1930-1931: People's Artist of the Republic Kachalov VI. reads poetry (synchronously).

Tager P.G. in his laboratory is working on improving the sound system "Taghefon."

One of the creators of sound cinema Shorin AF works with audio equipment.

Shorin gives an interview about the work on recording sound to projection and film equipment (synchronously).

Portraits of filmmakers Griffith D., Chaplin C., René Claire.

Fragments from silent CDs / films "Polikushka", "Battleship Potemkin".

Texts of articles on sound in the cinema, published in the magazine "Soviet Screen" in 1928.

Portrait of filmmakers Eisenstein SM, Pudovkina VI, Alexandrova GV

Newsreel 1929-1933: the construction of industrial enterprises in the USSR during the first five-year plan.

A column of caterpillar tractors passes.

The soil is emptied from the ladle.

Concrete works.

Production process at the metallurgical plant.

Plowing of the collective farm field by tractors.

Construction of a chemical plant.

A caravan of camels moves through the desert.

Explosive work on the construction of the irrigation canal.

Running streams of water.

Fragments from the x / movie "The Earth thirsts", alternates with newsreel footage, photographs of the main characters of the film.

Newsreel construction of the Dneproges.

Excavator work.

Concrete work when erecting a dam, tamping concrete with its feet.

Fragment from the film "The Cause and People" about the construction of the Dneproges.

Fragments from the movie "A Voyage to Life".


Kachalov Vasily Ivanovich - the actor Pavel Grigorievich Tager - the inventor Shorin Alexander Fedorovich - the inventor




Moscow [820] USSR [863]


Summer [824] Spring [825]

Theatrical figures; Figures of science; Industry; Construction; Agriculture

Reel №2

Fragments from the sound / film "A Voyage to Life", with the participation of Nikolai Batalov.

A film on the sound-proof table.

Film director Ekk N.V. tells about the creation of the film "Putting into life" and about working on the sound version of the film.

Photos of the main actors in the movie "Putting into life."

Fragments from the x / movie "One", with Elena Kuzmina, alternate with newsreel footage from the life of the peoples of the Altai.

Reel №3

Fragments from the x / movie "One", the directors Kozintsev and Trauberg.

Portrait of film director Alexander Dovzhenko.

Fragments from the x / movie "Ivan", alternate with the newsreel of the construction of the Dnieper.

Newsreel: director Sergei Yutkevich on the set of x / movie "Counter" in 1931.

Fragments from the x / movie "Counter", photos of the artist Gardina in the role of Babchenko.

Newsreel 1929-1933: the head of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

View of part of New York (from above).

Unemployed and homeless sit and lie on benches in the street.

The faces of hungry children.

The family is unemployed at the door of the shack.

Dispersal of the demonstration, the police are leading the detainees.

View of the square during the dispersal of the demonstration (from above).

March Ku Klux Klan.

Communist demonstration in Germany, people go with their fists raised.

Fragments from x / films "Desertir" and "Ragged shoes", photos of scenes from films.

Fragments from the x / movie "Conveyor of Death" directed by Ivan Pyriev.


Yutkevich Sergey Iosifovich - director of theater and cinema


1929 1931


Moscow [820] New York [856] Germany [84]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Towns and countries; Rallies; Demonstrations; Directed by movie

Reel №4

Fragments from the x / movie of Yakov Protazanov's "Puppets."

Portrait of film director Lev Kuleshov.

Photos and drawings of scenes of the movie "Great Comforter", shot by Kuleshov, fragments of the film, a story about the plot of the film sounds behind the scenes (synchronously).

Fragments from the musical comedy "Cheerful guys", with the participation of Leonid Utyosov and Lyubov Orlova.

Reel №5

Photos of scenes and heroes of h / movies "Harmon", "Lieutenant Kizhe", "Happiness".

Fragments of the silent x / movie "Happiness".

Photos of the Volga cities and industrial enterprises of the Russian Empire.

Fragments of sonic h / movies "Golden Mountains", "The Last Masquerade" photos of film scenes.

Portrait of the film director and actor Boris Barnet.

Poster x / movie "Outskirts", shot by Barnet, fragments of the film.

Portraits of the main characters of the film.

Reel №6

Fragments of monuments to the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812.

View of the monument to Nicholas I in Leningrad (back).

The names of the books of Dostoevsky FM, illustrations to them.

Portrait of actor Boris Dobronravov in the title role in the film "St.

Petersburg Night".

Fragments of the x / movie "Petersburg Night".

The title of the novel Saltykov-Shchedrin ME "Golovlyov's Masters", illustrations for the novel.

Photos of actor Gardina V. in the role of Judas Golovlev.

Fragments of the x / movie "Judas Golovlev."

The first page of Ostrovsky's play AN. "Storm".

Illustrations to the play.

Portraits of the main actors in the film "Groza" - Massatilinova V., Tarasova A., Chuveleva I., Zharova M., Tarkhanova M.

Fragments of the movie "Thunderstorm".

Book of Beck-Nazarov A. "Notes of an actor and film director".

Newsreel 1935: Bek-Nazarov A. on the set of the film "Pepo".

Actors on the set of the film.

Fragments of the x / movie "Pepo".

The poster of the movie "Pyshka" by the story of Maupassant.

Photos of actress Galina Sergeyeva.

Fragments of the x / movie "Pyschka".


Bek-Nazarov (Beknazaryan) Ambartsum Ivanovich - film director, actor




Tbilisi [859]


Summer [824]

Directed by movie

Reel №7

Fragments of the x / movie "Pyschka".

Posters of the first Soviet sound films.

Quotations from foreign publications that characterize Soviet films, shown in August 1934 in Venice.

Newsreel 1934: a view of the building of the Bolshoi Theater in the days of celebrating the 15th anniversary of Soviet cinema.

The hall and the presidium of the grand meeting at the Bolshoi Theater.

Film directors Yutkevich SI, Ermler FM, Eisenstein SM, Kozintsev GM, Pudovkin VI, Dziga Vertov, Vasilyev brothers in the hall during the meeting.

Faces of spectators.

Presentation of the festive cake to the performers of roles in the film "Chapayev" - Myasnikova VS, Blinov BV

Actor Babochkin B.A. with children Chapaeva V.I.

The brothers Vasilyev during the editing of the movie Chapayev.

Boris Babochkin puts on his papakha.

Fragments of the x / movie "Chapaev."

Newsreel of 1934: columns of workers and Red Army soldiers are going to watch the film "Chapayev".


Yutkevich Sergey Iosifovich - director of theater and cinema Ermler Friedrich Markovich - film director Kozintsev Grigory Mikhailovich - director of the theater and cinema Eisenstein Sergey Mikhailovich - film director Pudovkin Vsevolod Illarionovich - film director, actor Vertov Dziga (Kaufman David Abelevich) - director of documentary films Vasilyev Georgy Nikolayevich - film director Vasilyev Sergey Dmitrievich - film director Myasnikova Varvara Sergeevna - actress of theater and cinema Blinov Boris Vladimirovich - actor of theater and cinema Babochkin Boris Andreevich - actor, director of the tetra and cinema




Moscow [820]


Winter [823]

Directed by movie; Holidays; Meeting; Film actors; Theatrical figures