Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 587 (1941)

Newsreel №56471, 4 parts, duration: 0:33:49
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Pictures of the German homeland.




The shop windows.

The river, the Cathedral in the distance.


School in Rendsburg on preparing girls to work in agriculture.

In agricultural operations.

Girls with cattle.

Lessons on beekeeping.

Girls are taught various crafts: wood processing, shoemaking grandfather, craft carpentry, blacksmithing.

Baking bread.

Dairy plant.

The announcer speaks of comprehensive training of girls, who will become the wives of farmers.


Cleaning cabbage.

Used cars cabbage.

Bookmark cabbage in storage.

Cutting cabbage.

Cabbage on the conveyor.

Drying and sublimation cabbage.

Dried cabbage briquettes.

In one of the military academies.

Teacher speaks of the importance of cabbage for human nutrition.

Students try the cabbage.

Cook prepares cabbage with meat.


Speech pair skaters at the Sports Palace in Berlin.



Opening of the Imperial University.

View University, decorated with Nazi flags.

In the conference hall.

Make banners.

Speech Reich Minister of Education Bernhard Rust.

The appointment of a number of individuals as honorary members of the university.



The funeral of Colonel Molders German aviation.

An honor guard at the tomb.

Fuhrer and Goering expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

His awards.

Hitler and Goering.

Locations: Germ

Reel №2

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Carrying the coffin of Colonel Molders German aviation.

Guard of honor.

The coffin was set on the gun carriage.

Funeral procession follows the streets of Berlin.

Goering and officers.

The coffin was carried through by the grave of the famous aviator von Richthofen.


Goering with a rod.

The coffin was lowered into the grave.

Sounds weapons salute.

Wreaths from the Fuehrer and Goering.

Hering throws a clod of earth into the grave.



The celebration of the 5th anniversary of the signing of the Anti-Comintern Pact.

The arrival of foreign guests.

German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop meets Danish Foreign Minister Erik Skaveniusa, Slovak Prime Minister Vojtech Tuku, Croatian Foreign Minister Mladen Lorkovicha, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Laszlo Bardossy, Spanish Foreign Minister Ramon Serrano Sooner, Romanian marshal Ion Antonescu, Victor, the Japanese Ambassador Oshima.

Tempelhof airfield, the arrival of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland Rolf Witting, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivan Popov.

Conference Room conference dedicated to the anniversary.

Speech Ribbentrop on the theme: "Building a new Europe."

The crowd in front of the Chancellery.

The arrival of foreign guests.

Yard office.

Japanese Ambassador Oshima.

Italian Foreign Minister, Count Ciano, accompanied by the German Ambassador in Italy.

In the hall of the embassy of a new Reich Chancellery.

Ribbentrop and representatives of foreign states to the camera.

Press conference.

The ceremonial signing of the joint declaration.

Ribbetrop and guests.

Admission Fuhrer delegations Hungary and Finland / Bardossy and Wittig /.

Exchange handshakes with the countries participating in the conference.

Hitler in a conversation with foreign diplomats at the map.

General Jodl gives explanations.

Locations: Germ

Reel №3

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THE USSR. Eastern front.

Loading Finnish soldiers and military equipment sent to the North.

The soldiers on the ship, they are engaged in domestic employment: repair shoes, haircuts, shave.

Submarine and destroyer escort.

Soldiers at dinner, they play cards.

THE USSR. Military operations in the Leningrad area.

Shuttle ammunition for heavy weapons.

Soldiers carry the shells.

Shoot gun.

Type of attack Leningrad.

German settlement with guns, mortars, infantry in the trenches.

A machine gun, mortar.

German infantry attack.

Marines in maskhalatah jogging.

In the rear area.


Building a house out of logs harvested.

NDP "Blockhouse" Merry bug ", the Germans in the house.

German soldiers on a motorbike.

Set the oven in the dugout.

German soldiers with a gramophone, sounds the famous song "Lili Marleen", the soldiers listen to a song prepared parcels and letters to be sent home.

Mail being taken away on a motorcycle.

Sorting mail.

Loading in cars with the words "Berlin", "Bremen", "Hamburg".

Train departure.

Sorting letters and parcels.

Locations: USSR [863]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

THE USSR. Map of connections and channels of the German Reichspost.

Announcer about the volume of its operations.

Loading of mail items in cars.

Cars carry mail to the front, go on the road.

Soldiers read the mail.

THE USSR. The southern section of the Eastern Front.

Construction of a new road.

Soviet prisoners of war at the construction site.

Women bring water.

Ready-made road section.


Tatar moat.

A new railway laid by German railway builders.

Highway near the south coast.

Cars go on the highway, tunnel.

Horse-drawn trucks, soldiers on horseback.

Heavy artillery bombardment of Kerch.

Infantry, assault squads of sappers go on the attack.


North Africa.

In the Tobruk area.

German officers.

Soldiers in the desert.

The gun fires.

German observers.

Tanks are preparing to attack.


Fragments of the battle.

Overcoming wire barriers.


Night shooting.

Firing mortars.

Locations: USSR [863] North Africa

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