The Law of Meanness. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.


About the struggle against colonialism in Africa.

Temporary description

Africa. Production processes of oil (Sahara Desert), iron ore. Production processes in coffee, banana, rubber plantations. Harvesting fruit, sugar cane. Loading of goods on ships in one of the ports, loading leopards. Extraction of water. Living in different countries in Africa, different sex, age at work in the home. African people in colonial countries for work. Priest among the population of one of the villages in the home with his family. Medical examination of the population of a country. Building the Bank of West Africa "and" Credit Lyonnais ". Businessmen are building. Ghana. State holiday. Demonstration. The people welcomed K. Nkrumah. City of Accra. Townscape. City Theme. Mayor talks with the Soviet architects. Construction of the railway, houses, airport. New seaport. Unloading of Soviet ships in the port. Fishing boats in the sea. Lead Women's Movement of Ghana A. Kuzhno with children in kindergarten. Somalia. Young scientists at work. The National Library. Mali. Storage of old books and manuscripts. A scientist at work. Northern Rhodesia. Dictator Roy Vilensky. The police arrested blacks. South Africa (South Africa). City Sharpeville. Urban transport, pedestrians. A meeting of protest against the policy of racism. Speakers. Punitive actions against the police Blacks. Concentration Camp. Black prisoners, including children. Congo. June-September 1960. Lumumba with his associates Savubu and Baudouin, welcomed the troops and the people, speaks at a rally in the UN Security Council. Belgian paratroopers landing at the airfield, the Mopoldvill. Punitive actions of the soldiers of Mobutu against Lumumba and his companions, the people of the Congo. UN troops in Congo. M. Tshombe accepts military parade, gives DY Hammarskjold leopard skin. Algeria. National-liberation war 1954-62 period. Fighting. Soldiers of the National Liberation Front. USA. City of New York. The building of the UN. Building Security Council. Stands DY Hammarskjold. Exchange. Operating room. Brokers at work.

Reel №1

Close-ups of black children.

Portrait of Patrice Lumumba - MS.

Wife Pauline Lumumba and child (crying).

Protests against the murder of Lumumba.

Rally participants throw rocks at the windows of the U.S. Embassy, ​​protest against the murder of Lumumba - MS.

The American Stock Exchange.

Multrabota - U.S. amid cemeteries, slaves, crying children, etc.

African nations celebrate their independence from the colonialists - LS., MS.

Jubilant black people- MS., CU.

Jubilant people welcome Kwale Nkrumah - the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Ghana.

A conference of representatives of African countries in Casablanca.

In Ghana, the Soviet architects talk with Mayor Joe Maine New Topic - heads of city construction.

PNRM. City New Topic.

Construction of houses in the city.

Young scientists are developing a national Somali literature and its official language.

The building of the National Library of the Republic of Mali.

Older scientists are working on a library of works on the history of the ancient culture of Africa.

PNRM. The theme.

Played by small children.

Anna Kuja, organizer of the women's movement in the Republic of Ghana, children, and plays them, singing (synchronously).

Children sleep, wake up, play, dance (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Reel №2

Children free African states go to school.

Young Africans are engaged in the Naval School.

Doctor, chauffeur, nurse - the national staff of the African state - MS., CU.

black child sleeps - CU.

black mother sings a lullaby (synchronously).

Lumumba's wife crying with a baby in her arms.

Portrait of Patrice Lumumba.

Africans celebrate their liberation from colonial bondage.

Former. colonialists on the podium during the national celebration.

Down flag colonialists, raise the flag of free African state.

Engravings - loading slaves in the holds of ships, the slave trade.

Rab puts fingerprints on paper.

The owner gives money slave.

Foreign warships from takeoff aviaploschadkoy.

Foreign soldiers in Kenya.

Engraving of King Leopold of Belgium II - owner of the Congo.

African soldiers, bought by the colonialists.

Slaves to pray.

On the podium of Chiang Kai Shek.

Engravings of British economic management in Ashanti.

White officer trains black soldiers .

White selling trinkets in the African city.

Colonialist army conquers a new African state.

Sheikh Arabian camels checks for the colonial cavalry.

Portraits of African invaders Petain, Marshal Fota, General Mozhin.

Medical selection of Africans to colonial army.

They receive weapons.

Parade led by General Sheikh - conqueror.

Colonial troops fighting the defenseless peaceful Africans.


Soldiers firing machine guns, with rifles.

Civilians flee the tribe.

Reel №3

They run wild animals such as wild boars, kangaroos, and others.

Work slaves, carry heavy baskets of goods.

Overseer following the work of slaves.

Slaves on logging.

Sisal plantation.

The slaves on the plantation sisal.

Harvesting coffee.

PNRM. Rubber plantations.

Collecting rubber.

Banana plantation.

Packing bananas for the withdrawal of French companies.

Collect fruit in the gardens of British firms in Africa.

Harvesting sugar cane in the Italian possessions.

Loading on foreign ships wealth of African states.

PNRM. New York - LS., With a / t

Farmers work the land by hand.

The clerk is calculated pennies for their work on the plantations.

Black family in their camps in a primitive way cook, collect water, spun thread.

Black children pray to God.

The priest celebrating the service.

Shepherd in the village among the people of the tribe.

Epidemic in the African-American settlement in the jungle.

Doctors - devotees, who went voluntarily to fight the epidemic in the black villages - MS.

Doctors provide care for sick children (their photos).

Children work on colonialism.

Children receive a salary, stand in line.

Shepherd about children.

Deceitful Verwoerd - racist welcomes blacks - CU., MS.

Reel №4

The dictator of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Roy Wilensky.

Police force driven Africans to vote for the British colonialists.

Residents of Northern Rhodesia protest against the oppressors.

Portrait of an executioner of Angola - Salazar.

Photo - children on the streets, armed with sticks.

Episode of the Sharpeville massacre - black people South African Republic came out openly to fight for the dignity of blacks, demand equality with whites.

The police, armed with pistols, stop the rebels.

black people - the uprising - the barbed wire.

The funeral of murdered blacks in the collision of the rebels with the police.

Children - prisoners.

Film documents the death of Patrice Lumumba.

New York - LS., MS., With different. points.

Photos Shareholders Harry Oppencheymera etc.

Multrabota - Exchange.

Lumumba speaks in Parliament, signed an agreement on independence.

The people welcomed Lumumba.

Colonial mansions in the Congo, abandoned them after the declaration of independence of the Republic.

Belgians are in a panic get on airplanes.

On the ground, an independent Belgian Congo planted Troopers (Leopoldville).

PNRM. on the UN building in New York City Hall and fight UN meeting in connection with the murder of Lumumba.

DHL stands in the UN.

Algerian patriots fighting the colonialists.

Patriots and UN troops in Algeria.

UN troops in Congo.

Reel №5

Gangs colonialist mercenaries in the Congo made short work of the people.

Soldiers mock arrested Patrice Lumumba.

Gombe in the aircraft at the airport meet with DHL, takes the salute, playing on the radio.

A fire in the village of Baluba tribe.

Tshombe presents Hammarskjold leopard skin.

Antoine Gizenga in prison.

Prison building.

Prison - MS., Inside.

Tanks in the United States, foreign banks in Africa.

Extraction of the oil Americans in the Sahara.

Ore mined by U.S. monopoly in Africa.

PNRM. on the streets of the city of Accra.

Port in

Topic (Ghana).

Railway construction, homes in new free African states.

Porters working in the old port Themes.

Black porters working in the new mechanized port free republic of Ghana.

PNRM. Accra - LS., With a / t

Soviet ship in the port of Accra.

The port unloaded Soviet machine.

Soviet Socialist talks with an African in the construction of the airport.

Arrival in Moscow Head of the Republic of Mali Modibo Keita.

Muscovites heat prisetstvuyut guest.

NS Khrushchev speaks of struggle of the African people for their independence (synchronous) - at a Soviet-Mali Friendship May 30, 1962 in Moscow.

NS Khrushchev embraces Modibo Keita.

Meeting of African States in Cairo.

Bas-relief depicting tortured Africans.

Africans throw monument French General.

Monuments colonialists in Africa (various).

Discarded, broken monuments oppressors.

Close-ups of African children.