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1. On the River Scheldt in France go to rescue poluzatonuvshem ship "Amsterdam".

People watching from the shore to the damaged vessel, the boat swim to it.

The vessel is transported to the port. 2. Acceptance of the German delegation in Italy (10-11.3.1940).

German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop and Interior Minister Frick arrive at the train station in Rome.

Ribbentrop and Mussolini bypass the guard of honor guard.

Count Ciano welcomed Frick, shakes his hand.

Guests sit in a car, riding around the city.

The population welcomed the distinguished guests.

3. International Industrial Fair in Vienna.

The flags of the participating countries.

Visitors walk through the exhibition.

Company Name: "Otto," Reno "and others.

Exhibits are presented in open areas.

Work demonstrates the drill, the other two - a power saw.

Woodworking machines in action.

Near the pavilion of the German company "Klöckner-Humboldt" are construction cranes.

4. The ice drift on the Danube, piling up ice floes.

The dog stands on the ice hummocks.

In Hamburg, the river gaffs men try to push the ice from the shore.

The boy goes for a drive on an ice floe.

On the river there is a vessel "Konigsberg", held under the drawbridge.

The ship "Vulture" from Stettin floats on the channel. 5. West Wall.

General von Brauchitsch on the western front of the train it is transplanted into a car driving on the road by the river.

In a way he overtakes carts, cavalry.

General von Brauchitsch inspects construction of fortifications of the West Wall.

Soldiers of the labor organization "Todt" welcomed the general.

Soldiers dig trenches, do a flooring of boards.

Brauchitsch officers oversee the work.

View of the finished tank.

Brauchitsch talking with the soldiers, produces rewarding soldiers who distinguished themselves in the construction

6. Building of the University of Freiburg.

The facade of the Latin inscription with the name of Frederick II. Go students, among them soldiers and officers from the Western Front.

Classroom Learning in Chemistry.

7. Medical Board "Luftwaffe".

Pilot a doctor on physical examination.

Future pilots tested for swivel chair.

In his hand the doctor stopwatch hand moves.

The student goes to the pressure chamber.

The technician looks readings.

The doctor gives the team writes in the student worksheet.

His record in the normal state and under conditions that simulate the overload in the cabin of the aircraft.

Tests on the centrifuge.

The plane in the sky performing various stunts. 8. Campaign "Winter aid" in Berlin by the Wehrmacht.

Children throw a coin into the cup.

Entertainment for the residents in order to attract them to raise funds.

Soldiers rolled children on ponies.

Sporting performances Wehrmacht: jumping through burning hoops, racing with wheelbarrows in which the soldiers sit with cast-iron balls in hand, cars overturned.

Soldier pins on girl costume with a swastika symbol.

Civilians from the barracks, people see armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns.

Soldiers demonstrate the firing of anti-aircraft guns, all tremble.

Parade of the Wehrmacht in Berlin, soldiers are under the Brandenburg Gate, marching down Unter den Linden.

The residents welcomed the soldiers, played by an orchestra.

Light plane lands on the street and again takes off into the sky.

9. Western Front.

Actions signal alarm.

The observer looks through binoculars at the sky.

Anxiety in the artillery battery.

The duty signals the alarm.

Guns are prepared for night combat.

Shining a powerful spotlight.

With camouflage flak remove twigs, shoot at enemy aircraft. 10. Western Front.

Heavy artillery in transit.

The train with four huge guns heavy artillery on the platform arrives at the destination station.

German soldiers run to the train, prepare for combat guns, driving up the shells, charged.

Cannon raised trunks up.



World War II; Disasters; Industry