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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Russian volunteers who came to work in Germany, equal rights for all foreign workers.

The Berlin City Hall hosted a reception Belarusian workers who came to Germany to participate in the struggle against Bolshevism and in defense of European culture.

The workers sign new documents, the official congratulates them.

Life and culture of foreign workers living in Germany, as well as religion - the sacred and inviolable.

Two young couples Belarusian workers are going to be married after the town hall in Berlin's cathedral in a solemn and humble circumstances of wartime.

They drove up in two carriages, the cathedral held a wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony, the young sit in the carriage.

On the festive table took care of the administration of the factory.

There is a merry feast.

Close-up portrait of Hitler on the wall.

Cultural relations between Albania and Germany, in which the interests of both states, more and more stronger.

A large number of young Albanians from all walks of life sent to Germany for higher education.

Before leaving Tirana them warmly said goodbye to the representative of the Albanian Government and the German Consul General.

Young people listen to farewell, ate at the table at the German Embassy, ​​and then coming out with suitcases in hand.

Residents accompany them.

Suitcases are placed on the roof of the bus, through the window to say goodbye to his family.

The summer semester at German universities.

Students from different countries are sent to classes at the German Institute.

Many young soldiers received leave to study.

One of the professors, the very front-line participant, gave a lecture on the latest achievements in the field of chemistry.

Meeting Students' Society.

Friedrich Friesen, to discuss issues of current policy at maps and globes.

The classes on physical training, train fencers.

German cultural and educational film took the leading place in the world.

Herta JГјlich, who is the head of mikrosС‘mok, the microscope on the UFA studios in Babelsberg.

This studio is equipped with the most modern mikrotehnicheskimi devices, to create a film about the mysteries of nature that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Hertha Berlin takes a drop of water from the aquarium, considering it through a microscope.

Water flea magnified a thousand times, under a microscope.

Reproduction of water fleas.

Three riders go down the path of the park in Paris.

The famous German teacher Jose Moser riding on his Andalusian stallion Sultan shows at morning training samples of their skill.

Different types of gait, dancing to the music, the horse rises on his hind legs.

Shooting rocking.

In Paris, as in the whole of France, took a symbolic oath of the athletes.

On opening of the stadium are columns of athletes.

Past the bleachers with spectators are fencers with rapiers, tennis racket, the rowers with oars, skaters skates, skis skiers, cyclists, athletes.

Participants holding flags of various sports disciplines.

Bearers line up on the stairs, on the central platform raised athlete pulls the arm in a Nazi salute.

The old guard of Spanish freedom fighters on the march from Alicante - a city that is closely associated with memories of Primo de Rivera - Madrid, there to pass the diploma of honorary citizen of the caudillo of Alicante.

On the way they meet Franco, who rides in a car in Seville.

Phalange greet him.

Story Phalangists with backpacks, Franco talks with the commander of the detachment.

They escorted the car caudillo.

Madrid Franco meets with the Phalangists in the palace.

He made a speech which is broadcast on the radio.

On the waterfront are Phalangist ranks.

At one of the factories of the German defense industry, the damaged plaque Reich minister of defense industry workers Speer expressed his gratitude for the unexpectedly rapid recovery of production.

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migrant workers Russian speaker



Youth; Movie; Sport

Reel №2

On behalf of the Minister handed the Fuhrer Director Edmund defense plant Kaylenbergu Iron Cross of Military Merit chivalrous extent.

Speer runs through the crowd of workers, adolescents, shakes hands with them.

On the eastern front, in addition to the operations of local significance calm reigns.

Local residents under the supervision of German soldiers are engaged in felling and sawing logs men, loaded them on the platform.

Together with adults working teens.

Processing of logs at the sawmill.

Soldiers engaged in the manufacture of portable bins new type that have worked well in all weather changes.

According to the pattern cut out circles.

The machine parts are made of wood, collect them.

Ready shelters in the form of cylinders are transported on horses, set in a trench, nailed the door, output chimney outside.

Destruction in Rouen after the raid Anglo-American Aviation.

German soldiers with the French firefighters battling a fire, rescuing one of the most beautiful architectural monuments, famous throughout the world - Rouen Cathedral - from complete destruction.

The German air defense in May killed about 2,000 enemy aircraft, more than a thousand of them were four-engined bombers.

The remains of the destroyed aircraft and their valuable metal parts are available in the German industry for the new recycling.

Melting of the metal in the furnace.

Molten aluminum flows into the mold, ready to take out the bars on trolleys.

Massive raid Anglo-American bombers on German territory from the Atlantic Ocean.

German naval antiaircraft artillery opened fire.

Downed plane falls to the ground.

Take off German fighters who break the convoy of the enemy attack protection and four-engine bomber.

Automatic camera captures some moments of battle.

Damaged American plane falls apart in the air.

View of the earth from an airplane.

Hands on the wheel pilot.

Burns and falls an American plane.


the USSR

World War II; Industry