Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 539 (1941)

Newsreel №56560, 3 parts, duration: 0:07:10, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1


Comic performance for soldiers of the Reich.

The comedian dressed as the janitor sweeps the floor, sees on the table a bottle of wine and begins to make fun passes to take it.

In the hall of the laughing soldiers.


Hitler receives the new Soviet Ambassador, Vladimir Dekanozov with credentials.

Dekanozov, a close associate of Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Molotov.

The honor guard at the Reich Chancellery building, a car pulls up.

Dekanozov greeted the generals are in the building.

Meeting with the Fuhrer.


Arrival of Marshal Petain in Lyon during his trip in the unoccupied France.

Motorcade moves through the city, the population waving French flags.

Petain comes to veterans of the First world war, shaking hands with them, up the stairs in the building of the municipality.

Peten has a balcony.

The area filled with people, they greet Marshal.


Exhibition of German books in Madrid.

Building with a poster about the exhibition, the banners with the swastika.

Visitors to the exhibition consider books about Spain, Franco.


Mass rally in Tokyo on the occasion of the signing in Berlin of the Tripartite Pact with Germany and Italy from 27.09.1940.

The Japanese on the square with flags, slogans.

On the podium the German government officials held a meeting.

Through the ancient gate follows the ceremonial procession.

Young drummers, girl in kimono with flags with a swastika.

Japanese soldiers with banners.

The Japanese bow.

Italy (Italian language).

Visit the state leaders in the multi-purpose school for girls, which are ready to work on the farms of the occupied countries.

Girls in agricultural work in the field, weed the seedlings.

Laboratory, experimental field.

Girl feeding chickens.

Practical skills of veterinary medicine.

Girls combed wool from rabbits.

Girls milking cows.

In the kitchen learning to cook.


Skater on roller skates.

Train girls fencers.

Girls perform dance.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


At Wawel begin work to strengthen the banks of the River Vistula commissioned by the governor-general of Poland Hans Frank.

At the river are earthworks, workers dig, carry earth in wheelbarrows, pour the shore rocks and earth.

The works are under the supervision of German soldiers.

Working trolley filled with earth, on a track it is sent to the construction site.

Restoration of the bridge on the river.

Work on the beam hits a sledgehammer.

View the finished bridge.


As a surprise, Hitler soldiers arriving on the coast of the English Channel on a meeting of the Nativity.

He examines the captured French defenses.

The Fuhrer comes into the hopper, it passes through the tunnel.

Soldiers greet him.

According to the railway track going platform with heavy guns.

The barrel guns rises.

Hitler welcomed the gunners.

Meeting with the Dutch general conversation with him.

Surrounded by war, Hitler passes through the position looks to the dugout.

A crowd of men happily welcomed the Fuhrer, it bypasses the system.

Locations: Poland [177] France [77]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Christmas on the front.

German soldiers unloading a truck with Christmas gifts.

View of the table laid for the holiday, it lies apples, candy, cookies.

Soldiers poured beer at the table.

Christmas celebration in the hall, where there are long tables for the soldiers.

Hitler was among the soldiers sitting at the table, talking to them, he says, toast, all rise, pulling his hands.

Outside, visible military orchestra playing in the courtyard.

Hitler sits surrounded by pilots with him Adolf Galand.

At the table is lively conversation.

Hitler eats, drinks tea.

Fuhrer out of the building, the soldiers greeted him joyfully.

Photographers shoot the Fuhrer, he sits in the car.


German Todt construction team in the construction of the airfield for the Luftwaffe.

Soldiers marching down the road to the construction site.

Build soldiers to the commander on the ground are in the ranks of their helmets and uniforms.

Soldiers dismantled sledge hammer that breaks rocks in the gravel.

Go earthworks.

Piling logs in the form of flooring, leveling sledgehammers.

Not far from the work of soldiers landing aircraft.

The construction comes reyhsarbaytfyurer Girlie Constantine, he is surrounded by the military, visits the work front.


View of snow-covered city of Zakopane.

The German boarding school for children removed from areas affected by the bombing, coming training sessions.

In the class of guys sitting at tables in the form of boy meets at the blackboard.

Lunch guys come to the table with the large pot, the woman pours them soup.

The guys on skis go for a walk, go to a chain of snow.

They climb the hill and roll down.

Locations: France [77] Poland

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