Tonwoche № 698 (1945)

Newsreel №56568, 1 part, duration: 0:11:18
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. The oath of the newly formed units of the people's grenadiers in the hall.

In front of the rows of soldiers on the floor are pyramids of rifles.

The soldiers repeat the oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer in unison.

Individual soldiers.

Despite the terrorist attacks of the enemy, the German military industry fulfills its tasks in a timely manner.

The workers of the military factory give the young grenadiers a new combat weapon.

2. The Eastern Front.

Under the German leadership, parts of the Kalmyk brigade undergo military training.

Kalmyks on horseback.

Kalmyk prances on a horse.

The German general reviews the brigade.

Kalmyk cavalrymen demonstrate their skills.

3. The third Soviet attack on the fortified area of Courland (Latvia), which involved 25 infantry divisions and 15 tank formations of the Bolsheviks, was repulsed, and the enemy suffered heavy losses in people and left 500 destroyed tanks on the battlefield.

German artillery is firing.

The infantry is on the offensive, the soldier turns the handle of the fuse, mortars are fired.

With the support of tanks and assault guns, the German infantry goes on the offensive to eliminate the local breakthrough.

A German soldier with a faustpatron, fires it at a tank.

A damaged Soviet T-34 tank.

Sea speedboats support the struggle of the German land forces from the sea.

With great speed, they rush towards the enemy.

Observers look through binoculars.

The face of a young sailor.

Release of torpedoes from the boat.

4. The Western Front.

Only now, with the new German offensive, did the strategic importance of the Atlantic Rampart, which was surrounded by the German fortifications, become clear.

In one of the ports of the Atlantic Ocean, German prisoners of war are exchanged for Americans.

German prisoners leave the building, go to the pier, they are transported by boat.

The Americans are waiting for their wounded.

An officer and two soldiers shoot the arriving prisoners with a movie camera and cameras.

German soldiers get out of the boat on the shore, they are happy to return to their fortress.

On Christmas Eve, the fortress garrison communicates with the motherland.

The commander of the naval forces and the commandant of the fortress of Saint-Nazaire on the radio sends greetings to the motherland.

The generals are at headquarters.

In the same fortress, the sisters of the German Red Cross prepare a Christmas surprise for the soldiers in the form of gifts.

Mail from home for the soldiers of the garrison.

The soldiers sort the letters, read them, look at the photos.

A view from the plane of the English Channel and the broken Anglo-American harbors created to supply their troops.

Autumn storms and waves had reduced their reinforced concrete buildings to shapeless ruins.

PNRM. on the damaged American equipment and beached ships, ferries with broken equipment, ammunition, destroyed bridges.

German tanks are moving across the bridge.

5. The offensive of German infantry divisions and tank formations in southern Belgium in the Luxembourg area turned into maneuver battles of enormous proportions.

German tanks on the streets of the city, residents watch the movement of troops.

Field Marshal General Model watches the movement of his soldiers, he stops a soldier with a canister on his shoulder, talks to him.

Soldiers with faustpatrons at the cast-iron grate.

The model taps the young soldier on the shoulder.

German tanks are coming, the tankman leans out of the hatch.

There are soldiers with faustpatrons.

The city is taken back.

On the streets are destroyed anti-tank guns and enemy vehicles, tanks.

There are corpses of soldiers everywhere.

A column of Anglo-American prisoners is being led through the city.

A German soldier writes on the carriage of an American gun: "The end of dreams."

6. The advance of German troops in the Ardennes and in Belgium.

Trucks are driving along the forest road, masked by branches, the wheels are stuck in the mud.

Soldiers ride on mechanized artillery vehicles.

On the field, broken American tanks and planes.

Massive Allied air raids on the Western front.

The bomb carpet covers the country with fire and smoke.

German anti-aircraft artillery fires, a downed plane crashes, explodes on the ground.

German soldiers look at the sky.

German fighter jets deploy to attack.

Traces of air combat remain in the sky.

After destroying an American tank formation at a crossroads, the German advanced tanks break into the village, followed by soldiers.

PNRM. on the destroyed village, the corpses of soldiers lie.

In the early morning of January 1, the German Air Force attacked enemy airfields in Holland and Belgium.

Launch of attack aircraft and fighters.

The pilot is in the cockpit, he presses the trigger.

German planes dive into American airfields.

Fuel and shell depots explode.

View of the plane in the slot of the shooting hatch.

In the sky, American fighter jets and four-engine bombers are alerted.

American plane before falling to the ground.

A squadron of enemy bombers is destroyed in a few seconds.

Victory music sounds.

An American plane flies in the air.

Locations: Belgium [22] Netherlands [155] Germany [84] Latvia [122]

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