Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1945 № 751

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Reel №1

1. Germany.

The arrival of the train with the wounded on the Eastern Front in Germany.

Adults, children and young people welcome the wounded.

Packet with refreshments from the Red Cross.

Wounded with family and friends.

Check out the wounded in the bus. 2. Western Front.

The retreat of the German troops to new positions.

Shoot the German artillery.

Shoot rocket launchers.

The sky over the battlefield striated traces of British bombers and abandoned them to meet German fighters.

Enemy occupied the village is under fire from German tanks.

It sends tanks to break through the enemy, and that the German heavy tanks resist the forces from the east.

Fierce battle military equipment.

Traces of heavy fighting.

The anti-tank ditches to fill up the trenches tanks.

German infantry in action. 3. Poland.

Eastern front.

On-line Danzig Lodz.

The retreating German troops and the Germans refugees in carts from East Prussia.

Cities overflowing crowds of refugees and Soviet prisoners.

Soviet prisoners of war and Germans are building fortifications.

The reception of refugees in the German reception center.

Distribution of documents.

Refugees eat.

Soldiers Volkssturm front of the camera.

They handed out weapons and equipment.

With mini-trucks roll wedgies "Goliaths", self-propelled guns.

Unloading shells.

4. Poland, Silesia.

German tanks are going forward.


Preparing for street fighting, building barricades in Katowice.

A squad of fighters Volkssturm faustpatrona to occupy the position.

German tanks. 5. East Prussia.

German artillery shells Soviet positions.

Delivery bombs and faustpatrona to transport aircraft.

Ammunition dropped from aircraft on parachutes to the location of German troops.

6. Kurland.

Scenes of movement of German convoys in the blizzard.

Soldiers dig truck stuck in snow. 7. Hungary.

Already two months defenders of Budapest, cut off from the main army, are hard grueling battles.

The population for the construction of barricades in the streets.

German and Hungarian anti-aircraft gunners fired on Soviet tanks.

Destroyed Soviet tanks near Budapest.

The offensive of the German armored forces to the south-west of Budapest in the area between Budapest and Lake Plattenzee (Balaton), access to the Danube.

Padded Soviet assault guns and tanks.

Freed Hungarian city, the population welcomed the Germans.

City Shtulveysenburg (Szekesfehervar) after the release of the German troops, a view of the town hall.

Soviet cavalry patrol was in the area of ​​German artillery fire.

Start a shootout.

Shoot German guns.

German tanks in the forest.



World War II