Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 43 (1935)

Newsreel №56578, 1 part, duration: 0:12:04
Production: Foks

Reel №1

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1. Inauguration of the building of the Ministry of Air Fleet.

The first public building of the new Reich opens General Aviation Hermann Goering.


The speaker on the podium with a glass in his hand.

Goering and accompanying.

She drinking glass and throws it.


On the roof is raised wreath.

Goering of the floor.

The building of the Ministry in the woods.

The area on which the meeting is being held. 2. Roosevelt visited Boulder Dam.

The dam in the gorge of the Colorado River.

Dam under construction.


Roosevelt speaking at the rally. 3. The test aircraft.


On aircraft factory installed wind tunnel.

Test model aircraft in the pipe.

4. The monarchy in Greece.

Decorated building of the National Assembly in Athens, the walls of which was eliminated a republican form of government.

Members of the National Assembly.

General Kondylis, who until his retirement King George will perform regency as prime minister.

Demonstration in the streets of Athens.

Are portraits of the king.

5. The events in the Mediterranean.

After the outbreak of hostilities in Abyssinia England strengthens its naval base in Alexandria.

The harbor of Alexandria.

British warships.

Parade of British troops in the city.

Crowds on the street decorations. 6. Abyssinia.

A rally in front of the residence of Negus.

He stands on the balcony.

The soldiers expressed their loyalty to him.

Check out the soldiers on the train to the front.

In wagons warriors in traditional dress with rifles.

Train in Harare, an important strategic point, which brings together units.

The caravan of cars leaving the city and goes to the front.

The troops are on the road.

Air raid.

Antiaircraft guns are firing.

The fighting at the front.

Italian troops in the battle of Adwa.

Abyssinians are artillery fire.

Tank attack. 7. Sunday lunch together "eintopf" in Berlin.

Outdoor kitchen.

Distribution dinner.


Berliners dine. 8. Opening of the winter campaign of assistance in 1935 / 36gg.


The Reichstag building (Crown of the Opera).

Hitler makes a speech to the German nation.


The audience applauded.

Goering and other dignitaries.

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Locations: Germany [84] Egypt [65] Greece [87] USA [851] Abyssinia

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