Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 646 (1943)

Newsreel №56585, 2 parts, duration: 0:22:38
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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City Stettin.

Hanseatic Museum.


City streets.


King's Gate.

The front area.


Palace of Sports.

Dancers perform on the ice - Maxi Herber and Ernst Baier.



Learning the basics of shipbuilding Hitler Youth.

Young modelers at work.

They carved model boats.

Mount the layout of high-speed boat and destroyer.


Home Apartment Fuhrer.

The arrival of Marshal Ion Antonescu, Victor Deputy Prime Minister Mihai Antonescu (namesake).

Hitler personally met them on the platform at the train.

Antonescu visiting Ribbentrop.

THE USSR. The northern section of the Eastern Front.

The road, built by the Todt Organization.

Various means of transportation used in the German part.

Soldiers on clearing the road of snow.

Construction of wooden structures, tunnels, protecting the road from the drifts.

In the Leningrad area.

German convoy on the road in the cold.

Spanish soldiers "Blue Division" on the way to the front.

They welcomed General Emilio Infantes.

Colonel-General Georg Lindemann examines the position of the Spanish soldiers.

Presentation of the Iron Cross distinguished Spanish soldiers.

Artbatareya near Leningrad.

The shelling of the Soviet position.


THE USSR. Volkhov Front.

Germans go to the horse drawn carriages.

German soldiers in the trenches.

Soldiers on alert run through the trenches, are under fire.

The soldiers returned fire from the trenches.

Behind the soldiers do reserve sleepers for railway construction.

Sawing logs, dispatch sleepers to the rear.

The construction of the narrow-gauge railway, the laying of rails.

Locations: USSR [863] Germany [84]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

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THE USSR. Volkhov Front.

Pile crutches.

Soldiers on the construction.

Drying blankets in the snow.

Soldiers carry the hay into the hopper.

Work field kitchen.

The dinner menu.

Distribution of food.

The soldiers are in the soup kettles, feed the dog.

Soldiers at their leisure, they shave, engaged in mending clothes.

The bridge, built by the soldiers.

Snow-covered trench.

The appearance of enemy fighters.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

The soldiers fired their rifles on Soviet aircraft.

Downed Soviet aircraft.

Fires antitank gun.

Direct hit on a Soviet tank.

Shoot gun.

Padded Soviet tanks.

PNRM. battlefield dead Soviet soldiers in the snow.

North Africa.

The offensive in the desert motorized German units.

Soldiers move through the desert.

The study tracks the enemy transport.

German observers.

The Germans occupied the oasis.

Local people welcomed them.

Medical aid to local residents by a German doctor.

PNRM. African village.

Rommel, the generals Cavallero, Zeydeman and Kesselring at the meeting.

Kesselring with the Italian officers.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft artillery.

The Americans bombed the African village.

Downed British bombers.

Rommel and Kesselring talk.

Seen by British tanks.

Shoot the German anti-tank guns.

Calculation with guns, explosions.


German warship.

The attack on the British ship.

Admission crew of the English ship.

Sinking English ship.

German ship continues on his way.

Another enemy ship.

Admission crew.

The ship on the docks at the uninhabited island, its fauna: seals, penguins.

Sailor with a dog.

View of the Falls.

The ship continued to journey north.

The sinking of another British ship.

Locations: USSR [863] North Africa

Seasons: Winter

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