Tonwoche 1940 № 502

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Military operations in Denmark and Norway.

German warships are sent to Denmark.

On deck, the sailors stand in front of them stands the commander.

An observer with binoculars.

Court at dusk in the harbor of Copenhagen.

There is a discharge of troops, ammunition, ammunition.

Soldiers marching to the gates of the citadel, stronghold of the Nazi flag blows.

German soldiers removed the Danish flag, they spread it on the ground.

German planes are flying to Denmark, they were over the city.

A resident holding a leaflet in Danish.

German soldiers in the city, they are resting, smoking.

Deserted streets of the city, are German soldiers.

In a sign of the German commandant's office building, a car drives.

Generals Regenfind and Nima accept surrender.

Local police in order, as the weapons they take the baton.

They talk to the German and Danish soldiers.

On the car sit a family of diplomats, leaving the city.

German soldiers drive through the streets in cars, the people watching the movement of troops.

The streets of Copenhagen, the sculpture of a lion on a pedestal, the town hall.

Local residents ride bikes down the street.

German soldier holding a Danish newspaper, it is surrounded by local girls, smiling.

Residents welcome the passing troops.

Square with a fountain in the background the building with German inscription.

The street passing the King Christian X on horseback, residents and a German officer greeted him.

German regulator directs the flow of cars and cyclists.

In the port are German court.

On the waterfront ride people on bicycles, on foot are residents.

The troops sit on the court.

Transport ships glide along the coast, people on the banks waving their hands.

Two German naval officers say goodbye to the friendly Danish couple at home.

German soldiers guarding the bridge, make check passing vehicles.

At the station, the German soldiers unload ammunition and various materials are shells in a box.

Trucks on the road.

Index: Kebernhern, Roskyude, Golbak.

German trucks going through the city, followed by mechanized artillery, watching residents.

German planes are flying to Norway are over the mountains.

Pilot plots the map.

In the cabin of the aircraft sitting paratroopers.

Below the water are seen seaplanes.

The aircraft sits on Aalborg Airfield, Marines unloaded.

Oslo, the building stands sentry.

Flying airplanes.

German soldiers watched over the wood smoke from the explosion.

At sea, the German squadron, ship beat guns, planes bombed Oslo.



World War II

Reel №2

German transport vessels in Oslo goes unloading vehicles.

View of the city from a height.

In the port are Norwegian ships.

German soldiers with bicycles on the pier.

The German fleet in the sea, on the deck of the soldiers.

There are British aircraft.

With courts beat him guns, anti-aircraft guns.

In the dark traces of tracer bullets.

Vessels approaching to the coast of Norway.

City of Bergen.

The Germans on the barge examined shore, looking through binoculars.

Mountain View.

Soldiers passed backpacks from the ship into the boat.

German soldiers in the port, they talk with Norwegian dockers.

Soldiers marching into the city.

Another part went to the vessel.

On the pier troops, equipment, unloaded tanks, carts, artillery.

In the hold of the horse's face, the soldier pats horse's face, calming her.

Horses discharged into containers.

Soldiers take this opportunity to have a rest, lying on the ground.

German soldiers marching on the road with the song.

The parade of troops on the streets of Oslo, there is a military band.

Look residents.

German soldier talks to a resident, laughs.

The orchestra gives a concert for the people in the square.

The soldier with the dog in his arms talking to local girls.

In Denmark and Norway are the German trains, marching troops riding tanks and equipment.

Personnel military might of the German Wehrmacht.

Shoot guns, fly planes.

Planes in the sky, the German fleet in the sea.

Close up of a Nazi flag.



World War II