Tonwoche № 504 (1940)

Newsreel №56587, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:11
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

In the West the shaft in the absence of military operations conducted exercises.

At the river galloping cavalry.

The blast blown the bridge up the board fly.

The cavalry rides in shallow water.

When the enemy planes soldiers ran off the road onto the shoulder, firing machine gunner.

Signalers pull the wire through the river.

Sappers set a temporary bridge across the river at his fleeing soldiers, riding horse artillery.

Soldiers on the edge of the forest, far away village is visible.

The soldiers fired from a cannon, machine gun, grenade launcher.

Alarm tanks are included in the combat zone.

Tanks during the break trees, bush autumn leaves fall off on the tank.

Tank runs over the moat.

Massive Attack tanks, they enter the village.

The tank breaks through the wall of the hut, the tank rams barn with hay bales of hay before flying tank.

Soldiers load a gun and shoot.

Tanks come down a steep hill.

Soldiers in the attack, they jump down from the hill, the soldiers with grenades in the trenches.

The soldiers rush to the attack.

It shoots a flamethrower.

The success of military operations lies in the totality of the actions of all branches of service.

Berlin, Reich Chancellery enter the yard vehicles with foreign diplomats and representatives of the international press.

On the porch beyond the German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

Guests and journalists climb the stairs to the building.

The hall welcomes guests Ribbentrop, shakes their hands, speech, explaining the objectives of the government in relation to the Scandinavian countries.

Military operations in Norway.

The German fleet in the North Sea establishes a blockade on the outskirts of Norway, increasing its military presence.

Sailors watching from the ship to the shore.

Port, PNRM. the courts.

Soldiers go down to the shore.

Locations: USSR [863] Germany [84] NOK

Reel №2

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On the ship there is a discharge of ammunition.

Soldiers marching to the front, riding trucks with ammunition.

The destroyed bridge near Oslo, sappers restore it.

German advance north of Oslo.

The movement of convoys on the road.

Mountain landscape.

On a wooden bridge crossing over the river goes, riding trucks, cars.

German units comply with an order to take the height north of Oslo.

German soldiers in camouflage overalls moving on snow-covered terrain on the sled dragged ammunition.

The search suspicious lodge: found weapons and ammunition confiscated everything.

Norwegian troops are defensive battles in the valley.

German artillery battery leads fire on the city.

Further promotion of the German troops and convoys.

View of the smoldering wreckage protruding chimneys.


The attack on the town of Elverum.

The German air force maintains troops on the outskirts of the town of Elverum.

View of the city after the bombing, PNRM. the ruins of houses, churches.

German troops march on the road.

View of the frozen fjord.


German troops in Lillehammer.

English and Norwegian prisoners are along the town houses.

Close-up of a person captured in helmets, ear flaps, prisoners smoke.


The airfield at Trondheim.

View of the German combat aircraft.

The ambulance plane on a stretcher carried the wounded.

Air raid, the German anti-aircraft gunners preparing to repel the enemy.

British aircraft bombed the vicinity of the airport.

Outbreaks of fires at the airport, broken homes.


Fortress Oskarborg (south-west of Oslo).

Captured by German troops fortress turned into a strong defensive point.

View of the medieval walls, guards at the entrance.

Battery coastal heavy artillery captured by German troops.

View of the fortifications.

German soldiers are learning to serve the Norwegian guns.

The shells are transported to the gun on the rails, lifted using special devices charged.

The German fleet in Norway.

The Norwegian port is a German submarine.

View of the sea approaches to the city.

An observer with binoculars looking to the sea, in the frame side with the barrel of a weapon aimed at the sky.

German reconnaissance boat moves away from the coast, ships on the high seas.

On warship declared anxiety: detect enemy submarine.

Dropping bombs deep, visible above the water surface explosions.

Locations: NOK

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