Tonwoche № 697 (1945)

Newsreel №56589, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:55
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

German women have created for children Eastern workers kindergarten.

The garden runs a Christmas tree, child leaves Santa Claus with a bag of gifts behind.

Sit parents.

Santa Claus handing out gifts to children.

The children sing the chorus of the Christmas tree.

Soldiers volunteer units surrounded in their hospitals as much care, as well as German soldiers.

Resting, soldiers engaged in a light craft, made toys for German children.

The name of the workshop in Russian: "I do not get bored."

Wounded soldiers receive Christmas gifts, recovering at the club, the patients - in their beds.

At the hospital, women and children come with gifts.

Volunteers peoples of Russia in their spare time have made a large number of toys for German children who were evacuated from the areas of air bombing, gifts on the table in the hall, the soldiers handed out to their children.

Map of Hungary and Romania.

The famous German fighter pilot Colonel Rudel, holder of the Iron Cross Knight's degree with swords and diamonds, talking on the phone at the headquarters.

His car is flying in squadrons of Soviet tanks in the bombing.

Rudel 2400 combat flight has already destroyed 457 tanks.

German infantry on the ground watching the air battle.

Despite the thaw, German and Hungarian units provide fierce resistance from the advancing Soviet troops.

Burning city, artillery in action.

Key words

Russian speaker

Locations: Hungary [100] Germany [84]

Reel №2

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Western Front.

Points on the map north of Europe: Aachen, Arnheim, Strasbourg.

December 16 early in the morning, German troops go on the offensive.

Shells V-1 rocket launcher and produce destructive actions in the enemy rear.

Hundreds of batteries of various calibers were firing.

German soldiers hiding in craters, waiting for the signal to attack.

Explosions in the village.

Go prisoners with their hands up.

On the way to the west moving columns of soldiers with faustpatrona.

Lie the corpses of American soldiers.

German tanks and assault guns burst into Allies busy locality.

The tanks break through the wire fence.

German paratroopers creep up to the village, occupied by the Americans, are street battles with tanks and occupy it.

Lying broken American tanks "Sherman".

The captured German soldiers checking the car phone field.

Colonel General SS Sepp Dietrich out of the car, he was among the soldiers during the offensive.

Over troops howling rush missiles V-1. Lie the remains of the Anglo-American military equipment.

Accumulation tanks "Sherman" at their bases destroyed by artillery fire.

They're coming German tanks in the trunk of the front tank hanging toy monkey.

German trucks on the road.

The attack Allied bombers, anti-aircraft guns take them under fire.

German fighters in a dogfight.

The population of one of the German villages, captured from Allied forces joyfully greeted the Germans, children waving their hands.

Field Marshal models can be found on any part of the front, he is among the soldiers.

Columns of US prisoners stretch of muddy roads, among them colored.

PNRM. the faces of the prisoners.

Meeting at the front of one of the roads of the German troops and prisoners of war.

Smiling faces of German soldiers, they smoke, drink, eat on the go.

They're coming German tanks.

Locations: Netherlands [155] Germany [84] France [77]

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