Tonwoche 1943 № 641

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Reel №1


The exhibition of the German charts in the General Government.

The exhibition was attended by the Governor-General Frank and gaulyater.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Exhibits on contemporary themes: working people, landscapes, portraits.


Potter works and round, sculpts pitcher.

She paints the product.

Finished products made of ceramics: a set of pitchers and cups, toys.

The boy sculpts figure of a horse.

The celebration of the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, headed by President Emile Gahoy.

Delegations of the president, young people dressed in national costumes, Reichsprotektor Dr.

Wilhelm Frick, SS-ObergruppenfГјhrer Brankas shake his hand.

Frick read a welcome address.

Hacha and officials come out to the balcony at the bottom of the square stands the crowd welcoming slogans, plays a military band.

The inscription on the banner: "Young people thank you for 5 years for the people."

In Prague, a concert of a large children's choir, performing oratorio composer Smetana.

The leader of the Dutch Nazi Mussert present at the graduation ceremony at the school fanfaristov, he gives pennants to fanfare young buglers.

It bypasses the system.

Young people on stage with fanfare in his hands in front of them a drummer.

Mussert and other officials listening to the drummer and fanfaristov.


Czech Republic

Culture and Arts; Military Education; National culture

Reel №2

On the streets of the Italian marching sailors.

A pointer to the field kitchen.

Soldiers reading the menu, written in chalk on the blackboard, get food. 89th Legion "Etrusca" is built at the site, the general bypass operation.

Legion leaves the barracks, sent to the station, there is a loading of wagons.

The train goes to the front.

Eastern front.

Military Attache Manchukuo arrive in Latvian artillery division.

For them, conducted demonstration maneuvers.

The headquarters of defense of Berlin, at the table girl signaller.

Staff Staff noted on a map the place of appearance of the enemy.

Night shooting.

Anti-aircraft gunners firing on enemy bombers, aircraft searchlight found in the sky, are his.

Air battle.

English downed plane near Berlin in the forest.

The wreckage of the aircraft, pilots are dead bodies.

Military Meeting Goebbels on the defense of the capital from the employees air defenses, the Wehrmacht and the police in connection with the massive bombing of Berlin Anglo-American aviation.

Measures to aid the victims of the bombing.

Kitchen, arranged on barge.

Men carry the ladder cans of food. "Train aid Fuchs", the distribution of food to victims of the bombing.

People poured into vats of soup, along with residents of the soldiers eat.

Goebbels among workers of service to the population, he tries to eat, talking with residents.

Public distribution points dinners.

Unloading wagons with food.

National Socialist organizations hold charity events for the population.

Unloading boxes with potatoes, sausage, bacon, cigarettes, fruit.

Sisters of charity give residents foods.

Soldiers dismantled rubble on the streets.

Among the ruins lies the statue, portrait of Beethoven.

Woman removes glass shards from broken shop windows.

Men repairing broken windows, carry bricks.

Restoration of the railway line, worked as a welder.

Berliners rushing to work.

The girl in an overcoat carries a thermos and sandwiches.

Residents come out of the subway, riding in cars.

Passers-by and soldiers in the streets.

Electronic Woman laughs and slaps on the back, returns to duty.

Newsstand on the street.

Loader puts boxes with apples on the machine.

She sets the empty boxes.

Selling bread in the store, people are buying vegetables.

A woman carries a grid with vegetables on a scooter.

Special concert for the victims of the bombing, performances of circus artists.

Among the spectators many wounded people.

Military action in the Greek Islands.

The islands of Samos and Leros in the Aegean Sea, occupied by German troops.

Broken English military equipment, soldiers killed.

German soldiers read the newspaper.



Muller among the soldiers.

Close-up of a bottle of wine from the island of Samos.

Soldiers poured wine from the bottle, eat bananas, pluck fruit from the trees.

Sending the rear of the British prisoners, a huge column marching on the road, they are on the vessel.

The landing of the prisoners and their passage through the streets of Athens.

The Atlantic coast of France.

German anti-aircraft guns at the planes hit the enemy.

German patrol boats in the sea.

In the sky barrage balloons.

Patrol seaplane takes off into the air, pilots of the ships.

Span low over ships.

Searchlight signal from the vessel.

The guns of the German warship preparing for battle, they fired at the enemy.

The ship's crew were scattered in places.

In the engine room there is a seal holes.

The fight continues.

Anti-aircraft guns shooting at the planes.

Removing the remnants of the downed plane out of the water on the ship.

There is a German squadron.



World War II