The Mexico Which we Love. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Koloshin A.

Operators: Kaspiy D., Kublickiy G., Opryshko P.


A film about the life of the modern Mexico: everyday life, agriculture, outstanding art workers.

Temporary description

The work of Mexican artist Pablo O, Higgens, Diego Rivera, David A. Siqueiros. Landscapes mountains, volcano. Types of city streets. People on the streets, roads. They come on horses, bicycles. Mexico City. Types of streets and monuments. Speech by President of Mexico, Adolfo López Mateos in the square. Jubilant people. Fireworks. Types of oil rigs. Workers in the shops at the bench. Mikoyan during his visit to Mexico, examines the new factories, talking to workers. Actors Ensemble of the Soviet Army on stage theater "Belyas Artes. Construction of new homes. Children in the classroom. Tourists visiting the pyramids, the frescoes. Drawings on the rocks, the Mayan calendar. Objects of folk art: pottery vase. People from the church. Types of Churches. Rodeo. Parade torero. Matador with a bull in the arena. Mexicans celebrate the "Day of the Dead. Farmers in the field perform agricultural work. Type prints on the history of the national liberation struggle of the Mexican people.

Reel №1

Palma - PNRM.,

Two peasants on horseback.

Mexican artist Pablo O 'Higgins, PNRM. face in his arms and hands to portray the face - CU., MS.

Old photo of Soviet filmmakers Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori Aleksandrov and Edward Thiessen, in 1931, makes a movie about Mexico, preserved by O `Higgins.

Photo: working time of shooting the film.

Photo: Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky and Mexican.

Artist Diego Rivera - CU.

Drawing Hands D. Rivera - CU.

Frescoes of Diego Rivera.

Portrait of another great artist Jose Clemente Orozco Mexico - hitting.

Orozco murals.

Portrait of the third of the great artists David Alfaro Siqueiros.

His murals.

Chapter 1.

The inscription "Motto".

The rider on the road.

Students go with the drums.

Old Mexican.

PNRM. the mountains.

Evening landscape.

Volcano - LS.



On the way, passing adults and children - riding, biking, is a woman - different.

Street of the city (with traffic).

Pedestrians on the streets - are different.

Monument-road construction work near the capital Mexico City - MS. (With motion).

Several plans streets of Mexico City and the general appearance of the city (above).

The theater building.

Christopher Columbus Monument - LS.

Indian Monument Cuauhtemoc, to raise the people against the Spaniards - LS.

Reel №2

Cathedral Square, built by the Spaniards.

Monument in honor of the revolt against the Spanish conquerors raised a half-century ago patriot Miguel Hidalgo in the village of Dolores.

Portrait of Hidalgo.

According to the custom of the country Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos once a year, on September 15, repeats the "Cry of Dolores", "Mexicans!

Viva Mexico!

Long live independence! "

President with a banner on the balcony.

Jubilant people.

Fireworks in honor of a national holiday.

Monument president of the past half century, Benito Juarez.

Monument dedicated to the nationalization of oil.

Oil rigs.


Seen AI Mikoyan new plant.

AI Mikoyan with workers.

Masons working on the site.

LS. appearance of streets of Mexico City.

A police officer on the street.

Pedestrians and vehicles in the city.

Street (with motion).

Showcase bookstore, which displays books of Russian classics.

The street artists Ensemble of the Soviet Army give autographs.

Igor Moiseyev Ensemble dancers at the hotel.

Guerrilla dance performed by an ensemble of Moses in the theater "Bellas Artes" (synchronous).

Applauding audience.

Street scenes.

Slums - LS., MS.

Building a house - LS., PNRM.

Children playing near the school.

Children are engaged in the classroom.

Mexican market.

Trade tomatoes, corn, etc.

Here make tortillas and sell them.

Reel №3

Various scenes in the market.

Boat on the lake.

Washerwomen on the bank of the creek.

On the way, men are unemployed.

Man plows and sows.

Chapter 2.

The inscription "Motto".

Pyramid - LS., MS.

Details of the pyramids.

Tourists at the pyramids.

Mexican dance with feathers (synchronously).

Drawings and paintings.

Diego Rivera murals on the walls of the museum, the former palace of the adventurer Cortés - head of the Spanish conquerors.

People in masks, alien invaders (during popular carnivals).

An Indian - CU.

Ruins and parts of the pyramids.

Stone figures (ancient).

Drawing on a rock.

Detail of the ancient Mayan calendar.

Three extant manuscripts of the ancient Maya.

Leningrad - LS.

Yuri Knorozov of adventure writing system of the ancient Maya.

Maya figurine.

In the Science City of Novosibirsk group of mathematicians using electronic machine deciphering Maya manuscript.

Reel №4

Direct work on deciphering Mayan manuscripts Yuri Kosarev Edward Evreinov Valentin Ustinov.

Maya manuscript.

Figures depicting the Mayan representatives and their god Chac-Moola.

Chapter 3.

The inscription "Motto.

Unusual spirit of cordiality and tied me to Mexico ... "(V.

Mayakovsky). "

The building of the University of Mexico, in the mosaic wall which displays the motives of the ancient artists - CU., MS.

Murals on city buildings.

Trade advertising (with motion).

A woman selling handicraft clay vases.


Rodeo Mexican holiday (combat riders with the bulls).

Viewing audience.

Group of dancers of the ensemble Igor Moiseyev visiting artists of Mexican folk ballet.

Mexican dance and Soviet artists.

Repetition of the Soviet masters taught artists ensemble Mexican dances.

Soloist performs a Mexican dance (synchronously).

Boats in the "Venice of Mexico" on channels Sochimilko on outskirts of the capital, where residents spend their Sunday afternoon.

Church - MS., LS.

"Corrida de Toros" - bullfighting.

Reel №5

Bullfight - different.


Celebrating the "Day of the Dead" (November 2) - a mockery of death, eternal life affirmation.

Dancing skeletons.

Dancers in masks.

Skulls against the carousel.


Workers work in factories.

Farmers in the field.

Boys work in the field.


Mexican landscape.

Chapter 4.

The inscription "Motto".

Singing folk singer.

Listen to the Mexicans.

The road, oil rigs (with motion).

City of San Francisco - LS. (With motion).

Mexican landscapes.


Eagle in the sky - LS.

A castle Chapultanek.

Guns in the fortress.

The monument to the defenders of the fortress - the heroes of the struggle for independence against the American Yankee.

Wreaths at the monument.

Annals of the revolutionary years in folk chart Mexico (picture against the invaders).

Jubilant people.

Mexicans on horseback.


The village street are students with drums, are people.

Mexicans at work, portrait shots - CU.,