Stanislavsky.Pages Great Life. (1963)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Kozjminskij S., Mirimov Ya., Morgenshtern V.

Script writers: Komissarzhevskij V.

Operators: Slomyanskij B.

Composers: Muravlev A.

Anouncers: Hmara L.


The film is timed to the 100th anniversary of the famous theater director Stanislavsky. The film tells about the creative path of the director, on the establishment of the Moscow Art Theatre and the most important theater productions. The film draws Gosfilmofond and Goskinofotofonoarhiva.

Theatrical figures | Theater | Anniversaries

Reel №1

Storm surges.

Tree branches sway in the wind.

Lit candle lit lantern outside.

A dark room.

Interior, playbills on the floor.

Lit candle on and off the table.

Birthplace Stanislavsky, winter snowstorm.

Illuminated window.

On the table the candle burns.

The flood: a candle, a birch grove.

Theatrical outbuilding on the estate Lyubimovka.

Portraits on the walls.

Holiday in Ivan Kupala night in the woods.

Excerpts circus.

Spectators in the box.

A fragment of a theatrical production.

The artists behind the scenes.

Carriages in front of the theater.

Photo Stanislavsky in childhood.

A fragment of the play "The Blue Bird".

The photo.

Theatrical wing.

Makeup room.

Front wing.

Pages diary.

Ticker: Blog Entry.

It opens the curtain.

Photos Stanislavsky on the background of the toy scene.

The curtain closes.


Crimea [981] Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]


Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Dance of the comic opera "The Mikado, or the city Titipu".

The photo.

Dissolve: Photo rotating umbrella.

Stills of the film: the audience in the hall of the theater, applause.

The lighting of the room.

Dissolve: light patches, photos of famous theatrical figures.

Photos composers.

Valentin Serov Painting "Girl with Peaches".

Mamontov Manor in Abramtsevo, living in the house-museum.

The photo.


The photo.


Picture shut in a drawer.

Frames feature film "The Miserly Knight" (1958, directed by G.V.Kristi).

Dissolve: illustrations for the play, the gold coins.

Seating Area director.

Location of scenery and the actors on the stage.

Footage of silent feature films, examples of replay emotions.

Actors on stage.

Photo Stanislavsky on the background wall of the room.

Finding solutions for the stage by the example of the living room in the house Yermolova (rearrangement of furniture appear and disappear people during rehearsals).

Pages directing instance P.P.Gnedicha play "Burning the letter."

Ticker: Blog Entry.

Directing albums Stanislavsky.

Pictures of Venice.

Photos for the production of "Othello."

Animation: drawing in a notebook.

Pages books.

Frames feature film "Othello" (1952, directed by D.O.Uells).

Directing a copy of the tragedy with revisions.

Photo Stanislavsky in the image.


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]

Reel №3

The stones on the slope.

Dissolve: stones, Stanislavsky drawings.

Decorations for the tale G.I.R.Gauptmana "sunken bell."

The photo.

The restaurant "Slavic Bazaar".

The table in the office.

Entries in a notebook.

Silhouettes in the window.

Book, glasses and a glass on the table.

Frames feature film: horse-drawn carriage on the back roads, natural scenery.

Place the first meeting of the Moscow Art Theatre troupe in Pushkino.

Group Shot.

The monastery buildings.

Vintage household items, clothing, jewelry, armor.


Photos play by AK Tolstoy "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich."

A fragment of the play.

Dissolve: playbill, bells.

Group shot of the actors with the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Alternation: Autumn Park, defoliation, people walking, views from the windows.

Table clock and burning candles.

Raindrops on glass.

Types of Stanislavsky's office.

Pages plays of Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull" with drawings and records director.

Recalls O.L.Knipper-Chekhov.

Seagull over the sea.


IM Moskvin - Actor, theater director, master of artistic expression, the People's Artist of the USSR. Orlov VA - Film and theater actor, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR. Elanskaya KN - Film and stage actress, People's Artist of the USSR. Olga Knipper OL - Actress, People's Artist of the USSR.


Moscow [820] Moscow region [788]


Autumn [826]

Reel №4

Seagull flying over the sea.

Types of Yalta.

Anton Chekhov's Cottage.

Rooms House Museum.

Photos from the play by Anton Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya."

Theater curtain.

Above the sea gulls fly.

Swings in a night garden.

Photo of the writer in the office.

Burning candles and play "Three Sisters".

Statues on the table.

Stills of the film: the street is people, people warm themselves by fires (the story of the winter tour of the Moscow Art Theater in St.


Figure Stanislavsky.

Dissolve: Stanislavsky images, pages of newspapers.

Stills of the film: on the street passing sleigh, people are trying to break through a police barricade.

Portrait of Maxim Gorky.

Album with photos of the play "The Lower Depths".

A fragment of the play.


Vishnevsky AL (Vishnevetskii) - Russian actor, one of the founders of the Moscow Art Theatre, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Katchalov VI - Actor, People's Artist of the USSR. Popov VA - Film and theater actor. Popov VN - Actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR. AI Cheban - Actor, director, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Orlov VA


Crimea [981]


Summer [824]

Reel №5

Photo Stanislavsky in the image.

Stills of the film: people are trying to break through a police barricade, crush.

Storm on the sea.

Waves lapping on the shore.

On the shore is a man.

Coastal boulders.

Clouds over the sea.

Dissolve: portrait of Stanislavsky, surf.

Sea waves.

Footage of theater.

Children play on the beach.

on the shore of the forest type.


Marks on the pages of the book M. Schepkin.

Ticker: Blog Entry.


Photo Maxim Gorky on the background of the sea.

A fragment of the play "The Blue Bird".

A man walks along the seashore.

A fragment of the play "The Blue Bird".

Stanislavsky in the chronicle.

Theater curtain.

Animation: moving pictures.

Illustration for the play by Ivan Turgenev "A Month in the Country".

Photos of the performance.

Photos Stanislavsky hand, the story about the nuances of the created images.

Photos Stanislavsky in different roles.

Stanislavsky in the chronicle: the director reads the newspaper.


KS Stanislavsky - Actor, theater director, teacher and reformer of the theater, People's Artist of the USSR.


Crimea [981]


Summer [824]

Reel №6

Frames feature film: troops on the streets, the soldiers read the playbills, the audience in the hall.

The final play "The Cherry Orchard."


The scenery close the window.

Stills of the film: the revolutionary events of 1917.

Man playing the piano.

Rooms Moscow Stanislavsky home.

Portrait of Chaliapin.

Notes Stanislavsky.

A room in the house of the director.

Theater hall.

Dissolve: the characters of the play by Alexander Ostrovsky "Ardent Heart" performance footage.

Theater hall.

Tells I.M.Tarhanov.

Fragments of two different productions of "warm heart".

Sketches for a production of "The Marriage of Figaro."


Stepanov AI - Theater and film actress, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Tarhanov IM - Soviet film and theater actor, director, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, Honored Artist of Russia. Yanshin MM - Soviet film and theater actor, theater director, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR. Mushroom AN - Soviet film and theater actor, teacher, People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor.


Moscow [820]

Reel №7

The photo.

The flood: a scene from the play by V. Ivanov "Armored Train 14-69", the characters face.

A fragment of the play.


Stanislavsky receives flowers.

Lanterns on the facade of the theater.

Entrance to the theater.

Corridors MAT. A curtain.


Lights at work.

Property room.

The yield on the scene.

Stagehand signals.

Wooden floor.

Musical instruments and music stands.


Room Stanislavsky theater.

Performance Protocol.

Ticker: director records.

The emblem of the Moscow Art Theater.

The invitation letter to the 30th anniversary of the theater.

Chronicle 1928 year: People walk in the lobby.

Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko accept congratulations.

Actors Theatre and guests at the banquet.

Meeting the students of Moscow Art Theatre in front of the theater building.


Stanislavsky in the circle of friends and colleagues.

The photo.

A man removes the suit.

Costumes and props in the Stanislavsky room.

The man leaves the room, closes the door and leaves.

The door opens.

Rooms Stanislavsky House Museum.


Nemirovich-Danchenko VI - Theater director and critic, educator, playwright, writer, People's Artist of the USSR. LM Leonids (Vol'fenzon) - Soviet actor, director, teacher, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR and the USSR, Doctor of Arts. Korenev LM - Soviet actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR. Raevskaya EM - Russian actress, one of the founders of the Fourth Moscow Art Theater. Stanislavsky. IM Moskvin Olga Knipper OL Katchalov VI Vishnevsky AL




Moscow [820]

Reel №8

Personnel news:

Stanislavsky rehearsing at home Moliere play "Tartuffe".

Rooms home director.

Curtain rises, opens pane.

Chronicle of 1930: The Return of Chelyuskinites, motorcade guarded by mounted police moved along Tverskaya Street.


Aircraft in the sky.

People on the streets of Madrid.

The Spanish soldiers.

The workers of the Moscow Metro construction.

Residents of Moscow.

Valery Chkalov with colleagues.

Over the field plane takes off.

ID Papanin expedition members at the North Pole.

View from the window.

Encased furniture.

Lights a lamp.

Manuscripts Stanislavsky.

Personnel news: the director is working with texts.

Dissolve: Stanislavsky manuscript, book Pavlov, the director notes on the works of Sechenov.

Opens the manuscript.

Ticker: Blog Entry.

Texts with revisions.

Storage Stanislavsky manuscripts.


Chronicle 1938: Stanislavsky congratulated on his 75th birthday.

Holiday tea in the director's apartment.

Stanislavsky and his wife.


Stanislavsky and M.P.Lilina among the guests.

Encased furniture.

Lights a lamp, Stanislavsky manuscripts lay on the table.

Personnel news: the director is working with texts.

Moscow Art Theater celebrates a century of Stanislavsky.

On the podium are the theater and public figures.

At the microphone Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Chronicle of different years, heard the statements of the Stanislavsky: Maxim Gorky and R. Rollan. D.B.Shou. E.M.Heminguey.


Japanese Kabuki theater actor in the dressing room and on the stage.

M.S.Redgreyv on stage. E.De Filippo meeting with the Moscow actors.

Actors congratulate Zh.


Alternating: the applause of the auditorium, the stage of the performances.

Cast out the bows, greetings, presentation of colors.


A scene from the play "The Blue Bird".

Seagulls over the sea.


Stanislavsky. Nemirovich-Danchenko VI VP Chkalov - Test pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union. ID Papanin - Polar explorer, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Rear Admiral, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. MP Lilina - Actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR, the wife of Stanislavsky. R. Rolland - French writer, public figure, scientist-musicologist, Foreign Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, laureate for literature in 1915 of the Nobel Prize. Gorky AM - Writer, editor and publicist. DB Show - Irish playwright, writer and public figure, one of the founders of the London School of Economics and Political Science, Laureate in Literature Nobel Prize in 1925. EM Hemingway - American writer, journalist and Nobel Prize for Literature (1954). Chaplin CS - American and British film actor, screenwriter, director, producer and composer. Redgrave MS - British film and theater actor, director, writer. E. De Filippo - Italian playwright, actor and director. Jean Vilar - French theater director, actor, creator of the Avignon Theatre Festival.


01.1938 04.1934 1930s


Moscow [820] Madrid [873] Arctic [941]


Winter [823] Spring [825]