Forest fires (1964)

Documentary №57009, 2 parts, duration: 0:28:20
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Ushakov A.
Screenwriters:Vikulina V.
Camera operators:Belov I., Boyarskij G.


The film tells about the causes of forest fires, types of fires considered in detail and how to deal with them. The film was shot by order of the State Committee for TSNIITEI timber, pulp and paper, wood industry and forestry under the USSR State Planning Committee.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Burning wood.

Smoke over the forest behind the lake.

Forest fire.

Roe on the slope.

Runaway bear.

Forest fire.

Dead wood.

An insect on a tree trunk.

Man breaks off a piece of bark, a bark fungus.

Old fumes.

Users manually lead the boat on the river.

Wetlands fumes.

Young deciduous trees on the ground fires.

Dead wood on a mountain slope.

Panorama of forest and burned areas.

Hunter throws a cigarette butt.

Around the stub lit moss.

The grass drops a burning match.

Coal fire.

Ground fire.

Peat fires.

Erupted on peat ground fire.

The wind spreads the fire, the fire horse.


Panorama of pine forest.

River View.

Timber cutting.

Cover of moss in the forest.

Young conifers.

Thickets of cranberries.

Coniferous forests.


Deciduous forests.

Forest Road.

Laying forest plow guard band.

Animation: the forest road network on the map.

The wide forest road.

The alignment of the road.

Construction of the bridge.

Fire-chemical station.

Employees of the station are loaded into the back of the equipment.

Woodward on horseback.

Patrol on a motorcycle.

Top view of the station.

The observer ascends the tower.

Man looking through binoculars.

Forest Panorama.

The smoke above the trees.

The observer reports of a fire in the forest.

Calculating the exact fire location on a map.

Foresters get out of the house.

People sit on the bike and go.

People knock grassroots fire branches.

He rides a motorcycle.

Foresters take out the shovel and ran toward the fire.

Foresters throw fire ground.

Locations: Russia [1]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ground fire.

Animation: the definition of boundaries and location of the fire.

Laying barrage band.

Clearing the road.


Fire out of the tractor.

Laying barrage band.

Firefighters pull hose and extinguish the fire with water.

He lit the fire.

Truck drives backwards to the lake.

People jump out of the body and open sides.

On the shore pumping station installed.

In the forest pulling the water supply line.

Fire opens the valve.

Putting out the fire.

Fire motor pump connected to the tank.

Extinguishing the fire chemical mixture.

On the edge of the fire, a team with a knapsack sprayer.

Recharging backpacks.

Fire helps someone put on a backpack.

Fire runs with knapsack.

Extinguishing the fire chemical mixture.

Man throws the remnants of the fire ground.

Steaming peat.

Extinguishing fires using underground water peak.

Laboratory experience to increase the penetrating ability of water.

Preparation of the solution to the site of the fire.

Extinguishing peat.

Forest Panoramas, patrol aircraft.

Smoke over the forest.

The observer determines the place and nature of the fire.

Preparation of reports.

Plane over forestry.

Pilot ejects pennant with a report.

Woodward picks pennant.

People running up and get in the truck.

The truck drives away.

Panorama taiga.

The aircraft in the sky.

The pilot at the controls.


The forest fire is burning.

Fire comes down from the tree.

Landing paratrooper.

Box of explosives on a parachute.

Firefighters dismantled explosives.

People go to the forest.

fire boundary.

Bookmark explosives to create a barrage band.

A shot of a flare gun.

Man presses a button.


The smoke dissipated.

A protective strip.

The fire on the edge of the strip.

Locations: Russia [1]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Airplane over forest.

a forest fire type.

Pilot-Observer is a report.

In forestry, to develop a plan based on the reports.

Animation: fire-fighting plan.

Descent from the helicopter landing.

The pilot at the controls.

Helicopter flies.

Helicopter lands on the bank of the river.

From the helicopter out fire and deploying hose.

The helicopter pilot.

Delivery of water to the forest.

Firefighters extinguish a fire.

Helicopter extinguish fire from the air.

View of the taiga on board a seaplane.

Seaplane sits on the water.

Fire out of the plane.

Squad goes into the forest.

Alternation: seaplane taking on water, fire-fighting from the air.

truck stops in the forest.

People with shovels run to the fire.

Firefighters ATVs.

Laying the protective strip.

The front of the fire.

Firefighters create oncoming fire.

Clash of fire.

Smoke on the fire place.

Putting out the fire with a mixture of chemical residues.

People knock the fire with branches.

Throwing fire ground.

Firefighters relaxing in the meadow.

A man lights a cigarette and throws the match.

Lights grass.

Lights moss around the stub.

Coal fire.

Coniferous and deciduous forests of central Russia.

River View.

Locations: Russia [1]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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