Fascism captures Europe (1935-1940)

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Scene №1 Fascism captures Europe

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Models demonstrate new styles women's fashion hats late 1930s.

Demonstration of new styles of dresses mannequins on the podium.

Children look "cat box".

Fighting on a small cat ring.

Children look "cat box". "Knocking out" the cat in the ring.

Cat in the ring (large).

General view of the roulette table in the casino, players are sitting at the table.

Players place their bets.

Panorama of the gambling hall.

The women at the table.

Persons roulette players.

The dealer opens the cards.

The player next to the spinning roulette spin.

The woman is going to win chips.

section view of barbed wire on the Franco-German border.

Straw men are one of the fortress garrisons France.

Soldiers walk past the ramparts.

Soldiers go into the castle.

View of the meeting in Italy.

Gala yield king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III. On the streets of Rome, the Italian fascists march in black uniforms and with rifles on their shoulders.

B. Mussolini of the floor.

Goering G. and I. Marshal Balbo in the boat during a trip to Tripoli in 1939.

Boat Hering approaches the dock.

Goering and Balbo rise to the marina.

A general view of the pier with a guard of honor.


Victor Emmanuel III - king of Italy Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and political figure Italo Balbo - captain, Aviation Worker Hermann Goering - German statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1939

Locations: Western Europe [911] Rome [874] Libya [126]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Scene №2

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View of the square during the parade of Nazi troops in occupied Prague in 1939 (top).

German infantry marching.

General welcomes the passing troops.

Above Prague fly German aircraft, flying a Nazi flag.

German battleship "Schleswig-Holstein" firing at Westerplatte in Gdansk in September 1939.

The explosions of shells in the city.

Battleship Gunners firing of deck guns.

Panorama of the burning city.

Battleship Gunners continue to fire.

View of the burning city block.

Bow Tower battleship firing.

Panorama of the burning city blocks.

A German officer observing telescope in the results of the shooting.

A pillar of smoke from a fire in the port of Gdansk.

French Prime Minister Daladier E. talking on the phone while sitting at a desk in his office.

Commander in Chief of the French Army, General Gamelin, Daladier G. responds by telephone.

Daladier signed the mobilization order.

The signature under the order of Daladier.

People read a mobilization order, pasted on the wall of a building.

Recruits to the recruiting office waiting for their turn.

Recruits to the prescriptions in the hands out of the call-up point.

Recruits come under the command of officers of the territory of the military unit.

Recruits, standing on the parade ground, talking to soldiers.

The face of the French soldier.

The soldiers talk to each other, smoking.


Edouard Daladier - French statesman and politician Maurice Gamelin - French military commander

Calendar: 09.1939

Locations: Prague [879] Poland [177] Paris [850] France [77]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Scene №3

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German officers greet marching in the ranks of new recruits.

Recruits in the line go under the command of non-commissioned officers on the streets of one of the German cities.

Recruits come to the area for building, come the military band.

Members of the Hitler Youth beat the drums.

Panorama of the town square lined with her recruits (from the top).

Officers recruits bypass operation.

The recruits stand in formation.

The officer standing before the line starts to make a speech.

Recruits listen to speech officer.

Those non-commissioned officers.

Those soldiers ribbon with the inscription in German on the cuff of the uniform of a soldier.

Calendar: 1939-1940

Locations: Germany [84]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Scene №4

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French Prime Minister Daladier E. signed a mobilization order.

Hand Daladier who puts signature.

Operate printing machines.

Headlines declare war.

On the bike ride the boys-paperboy.

Distribution of newspapers in the streets of Paris.

People read a mobilization order, plastered on newspaper stands for.

A man beats a drum.

People on the streets of the city.

A man reads aloud mobilization order.

Recruits are in service on the street.

People's faces, mourners recruits.

Recruits subcommand officers come to the territory of the military unit.

Rookie with a suitcase out of the taxi.

Enlisted in the army says goodbye to his wife at the station.

A sign on the wall of the car with "Strasbourg" inscription in French.

People from the platform waving goodbye hands leaving for the army.

Those mobilized in the windows of passing cars.

Women waved after the departing train.

Women with pier waving goodbye to the departing sailors at sea.

The sailors on board waved in response.

French warship go hiking.

The girls on the dock waving goodbye.

The face of the French infantry.

the girl's face.

A soldier lights a pipe.

soldier's face with a pipe in his mouth.

Those men and women, conversing with each other.

The soldiers run to the cars, get into them.

Kind of heavy weapons, which are pushing the gunners (bottom).

Loading artillery on railway platforms.

The military echelon with technique goes to the front.

Woman and girl waving from the window of passing soldiers.

A military band walking down the street French town.

Women stand on the balcony of the house with the national flag of France.

Infantry goes through the city.

Children look at the passing soldiers.

It takes a unit of French rangers.

General Gamelin with G. Staff officers studying a map of military operations.

Staff officers over the map.

fortress garrison soldiers took their seats in one of the forts.

Soldiers put forward the position of the fortress in the carriages of the underground railroad.

Construction of shelters of sandbags on one of the streets of Paris.

Bookmark bas-old church with sandbags.

They're coming cyclists with gas bags over her shoulder.

It takes a woman with a mask on his shoulder.

People with masks on the streets of Paris.

Woman puts baby in a special anti-gas mask case with built.

The face of a smiling child.

Women in masks holding their infants in anti-gas suits.

A police officer stops a car at an intersection during a training ad gas alarm.

Police show the passenger a taxi near the entrance to the shelter.

Abandoned after the fire drill automobiles.

Kind of the empty street.

Flying German bombers.

The navigator in the cockpit of a German aircraft.

Falling bombs.

Fires after the bombing.

Crying wounded girl with a bandaged eye.

Bombed building.

Part of the ruined church.

Keys broken body.

Portrait of a Woman on the ruins of the building, thrown blast.

Crucifix on the wall of a broken church.

Evacuation of church relics.

The evacuation of one of the libraries.

A woman carries belongings in a baby carriage.

Women and children go to the railway wagons.

The military carries a child in her arms.

Women and children sitting on the nodes and suitcases.

Queue evacuated people on the street near the station.

Landing in the cars of women and children.

Those women and children in the windows of passing cars.

Cityscape from a car window.


Edouard Daladier - French statesman and politician Maurice Gamelin - French military commander

Calendar: 1939

Locations: Paris [850] France [77]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Scene №5

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Car A. Hitler's motorcade is moving through the streets of Vienna in 1938.

The officers take the hands of children with bouquets of flowers and a tray of Hitler, Hitler takes the flowers, goes further.

Those German soldiers holding rifles "on guard."

Hitler goes along the guard of honor, she stops, raises his arm in a Nazi salute.

Types Berlin streets filled with people (from the top).

Fireworks in the sky of Berlin after the Anschluss of Austria.

German armored cars drive through the streets of Klaipeda (Memel) at the time of entry into the city of the German troops March 23, 1939.

Representatives of local Nazi organizations welcomed the German troops.

Soldiers waving flowers of the truck.

They fly planes, people on the streets welcomed the Germans.

Aircraft in the sky.

Those police officers, watching the flight of the aircraft.

People in the area welcomed the German troops.

View of the stern deck of a German warship.

Hitler walking on the deck of a ship.

View of the deck.

Hitler is on the commander's bridge, raised his arm in a Nazi salute.

Floats German warship.

Hitler goes up the gangway onto the deck of the torpedo boats.

Panorama of the port of Klaipeda.

Hitler speaks to the inhabitants of Klaipeda.

People in the square greet Hitler.

Map capture Germany European territories in 1938-1939, (animation).

Italy's King Victor Emmanuel III and Mussolini retinue are on the Palace Gallery in Rome.

Military court and stand on the balcony of the room in anticipation of the king.

King enters the room and sits on the throne.

In the hall greeted the king.

King read the text of the speech, sitting on the throne.

The deputies applauded the king.

King finishes the speech rises.

The deputies in the hall stand, raise their right hand up.

B. Mussolini goes to the podium before the start of the Nazi rally in Rome.

View of the rally (above).

Mussolini comes to the podium, greets his supporters.

Mussolini on the podium greets the participants of the rally.

Participants of the meeting welcomed Mussolini.

Mussolini on the podium before the performance.

Panorama of the rally.

Mussolini speaks from the podium.


Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and political figure Victor Emmanuel III - king of Italy

Calendar: 1938 03.1939

Locations: Vienna [913] Berlin [821] Rome [874] Klaipeda [955]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Spring [825] Summer [824]

Scene №6

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View of one of the castle in Czechoslovakia.

German armored car on a city street in the Sudetenland in October 1938.

Fire fighting.

German post in the damaged building.

View of the damaged building.

To one of the administrative buildings drove motorcade Hitler A. Hitler out of the car and goes to the entrance of the building.

View of the assembly hall, where the Hitler speech.

German troops move through the city streets, the people welcome them.

Passing convoy of anti-aircraft artillery.

Soldiers sitting in the back of prime mover, respond to people greeting.

German warships in the campaign.

View of the ship and the mast on which flies the flag with a swastika.

View of the bow of the ship deck (top).

Duty artillery crew from the deck gun.

Officers are looking through binoculars.

Calculation of the deck gun.

Officers at the captain's bridge.

View of the ship's deck and sides.

Waving a Nazi naval flag.

Aircraft flying over the port.

German soldiers unfurl a flag with a swastika in the town square.

A column of German armored vehicles moving on the street.

Aircraft in flight.

Hitler during a diplomatic reception in Berlin with the participation of representatives of the allied countries of Germany.

Hitler goes to the balcony of the building in Berlin.

People in the square greet Hitler.

Hitler on the balcony.

People greet Hitler.

Hitler from the balcony respond to greetings.

The stormtroopers march through the streets of Berlin in the early 1930s.

Brass band.

Stormtroopers marching with banners.

Those stormtroopers during the Nazi event.

Storm troopers marching down the street.

British Prime Minister Chamberlain N. out of the plane.

Entrance to the Palace in Munich, decorated with British and French flags.

Time and valets at the entrance to the main hall.

The signing of the Munich Agreement, Chamberlain, Daladier, E., B. Mussolini marching German soldiers.

Square View of Prague, along which the German troops in 1938.

Persons older women cheering Germans.

German infantry marching on Prague street.

Women raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

German soldiers walk past burning houses after the invasion of the Soviet Union.

View the burning village.

The corpses of the killed children.

Prisoners of concentration camps behind barbed wire.

Hitler of the floor.

The demonstrators raise their arms in a Nazi salute.


Adolf Hitler - a German statesman and political figure Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and political figure Edouard Daladier - French statesman and politician Neville Chamberlain - British statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1930s 1938 1941

Locations: Czech Republic [59] Prague [879] Berlin [821] Munich [872] USSR [863]

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