The Siberian True Story.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bobrov G.

Script writers: Dobrodeev B.

Operators: Medynskiy S., Mikheev I.


About the Siberian department of the Science Academy of the USSR.

Reel №1

Villagers Moshkovo Alex Fedorov - party contest for young mathematicians and physicists - solves the problem.

New Siberian city streets - LS., MS.

Taiga - LS., MS.

Impenetrable thickets in the forest - MS.

Cabin Academician MA Lavrentiev in the taiga.

Academician MA Lavrentiev home, at work.

Siberian taiga - LS.

Construction of housing, office space in the academic town in the Siberian taiga.

Winter - LS.

Scientists working in homes during the construction of buildings of institutions.

Professor KP Karandeyev, who came from the city, the work of the Institute of Automation and resistivity, which is located in a residential apartment.

Professor Meshalkin - head of the Institute of Experimental Biology and Medicine, situated temporarily in a public hospital, at work in the operating room.

Academician Trofimuk - the head of the Institute of Geology of the future in the forest - MS.

Taiga summer - LS.

Scientific expedition on horseback goes back taiga.

Geological expedition crossing the taiga river in boats.

Building construction service appointment in an academic town.

Constructed building, which are institutions.

Khrushchev in Science City talks with Siberian scientists Lavrent'ev EN Meshalkin.

Sobolev and others.

Science city streets on a summer morning - LS., MS. (Top).

Building of the Institute of Hydrodynamics, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR - LS.

Academician Mikhail Lavrentiev Institute arrived in hydrodynamics.

Residents of a new town (who had come from Leningrad, Kiev and other cities) through the streets.

The building of the Siberian Academy - MS., CU.

Director of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, a member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR AV Nikolaev, and his colleague investigate alleged connection.

Setting for the study of high-and ultrahigh-energy made in the Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences.

Scientists at the instruments.

Apparatus for the synthesis of new forms of matter of high temperature and pressure at the Institute of Thermal Physics.

Electronic computers in the computer center of the Siberian Academy - PNRM., LS.

The signals on the board electronic computer.

Scientists at the car.

Young scientist looking characters and drawings of ancient Mayans.

Electronic machine explores Maya writing.

The test result of the computer.

Take off the helicopter.

The helicopter using special devices determine abnormalities in the ground.

Instrument for determining anomalies - MS.

The device records the - MS.

Scientist AA Trofimuk in the laboratory.

Drillers drill hole by the river Lena, where oil has been discovered.

Rig - MS. PNRM.

Academician Trofimuk have towers - CU.

Fountain of oil.

Academician Kochina Cochin talking to scientists.

Field with poor crop seedlings in Kulunda - LS.

Dandelion on parched earth - CU.

Well with two in the field.

Woman watering the field, pulling water from wells - LS., MS.

PY Kogina in the desert talking to a woman.

Tower to study the availability of groundwater.

Water flowing out of the pipe from underground reserves.

Other settings in the field - LS.

Young Garden Kulunda.

Reel №2

Insect gnat on clothes man and a horse - MS., CU.

Destruction of gnats with an aerosol generator, created by Siberian scientists - LS., MS.

Aerosol generator produces a wave of smoke, killing mosquitoes in the woods, fields and water.

Designer Novikov experiences aerosol generator on the lake.

The Institute of Hydrodynamics Academician MA Lavrentiev and his students are studying in the layout problem Tsunami.

The Pacific Tsunami - LS., MS.

Doctor of Engineering B. Wojciechowski perform the test he created impulsive jet.

Gidropushka turn to sand concrete a powerful jet of water.

Scientist AV Nikolaev watches with BV Voitsekhovskii gidropushki at work.

Electronic device, created in laboratories Siberian Academy, in the shop of the plant automatically controls the radio components.

Head of the Institute of Automation member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Konstantin Borisovich Karandeyev at work in the home office.

On the TV screen - the wife of the scientist - Honoured Artist of the Ukrainian SSR Anna Yurovskaya acting on the stage of the Novosibirsk Opera (synchronously).

Eminent mathematician Sobolev and his wife Ariadne D. Sobolev at home.

AD Sobolev working with a microscope, is preparing to defend his doctoral dissertation.

Academician Sobolev and his students in the audience solve complex mathematical problems, they argue.

Newsreel 30's.:


A young scientist, Dr.

Stepan boys in the chemical laboratory.

Monograph on the problems of chemical bonding S. Patsanova - CU.

Candidate of Technical Sciences Yevgeny Abrahamian and other scientists are working on a particle accelerator.

The accelerator is designed Abrahamyan.

Zoe Muzykantova at work in the laboratory of the platinum metals.

Associate Professor of the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Igor Medvedev on Sunday on the beach of the Ob Sea, talking to the girl, which he recently made a major heart surgery.

Designer gidropushki Bogdan V. Wojciechowski on the beach in the sand draws a diagram of the new invention.

General view of the beach on an artificial Ob Sea.

Stroller with a child on the beach.

The little girl on a beach doing exercises with a hoop.

A man rushes to the sea, water skiing - LS.

Sailing boats at sea - LS.

New homes and yard - LS.

Boys ride bicycles in the yard.

The girl in the yard collecting strawberries.

PNRM. with daisies on houses - LS.

New homes and office buildings in the academic town.

Meeting of the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Academicians Lavrent'ev, Sobolev, AV Nikolaev, Michirenko and other scientists at the meeting.

University building.

The building includes students.

Engaged students.

Sasha says Fedorov.