The Sun, Rain and Smiles.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E., Makhnach L.

Script writers: Zorin L., Krivopalov A.

Operators: Akkuratov E., Buslav U., Generalov N., Kiselev V., Koloshin A., Khodyakov V.

Composers: Chistyakov V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Zorin L.


About the VII International Youth and Student Festival in Helsinki.

Temporary description

Film about the Eighth International Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki. 1962. Finland. City of Helsinki. Meeting participants (delegates) of the festival at the railway station, the seaport. Arrival of the Soviet delegation to the ship "Georgia". Press conference of the International Commission for the preparation of the festival. Parade participants of the festival. Pass the delegations of Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, India, USA, USSR, China, Hungary, Finland, Japan, Great Britain. Concerts, performances of the festival participants, the performance of songs, dances, including speeches by Soviet dance ensembles. Sports festival at the stadium. Speech by Soviet athletes J. Press, B. Brumel. Beauty contest. Winner - Bert CheRo Diaz (Cuba). Festival participants during the meetings with friends, rest, in a cafe on the sea walk, in the park. "Free forum "festival. Speeches delegates to the U.S., USSR, Japan (synchronously). The meeting of delegations of the USSR and the United States. The participants sing" Anthem of Youth "(synchronous). Present Eug. Yevtushenko. Exhibition of American Painting. Participants and delegates of the festival welcomes Gagarin . Gagarin favor (synchronously). Dance Festival participants at the city's central square. Antifestivalny Center at the Hotel Hans. "counter-advertising festival. antifestivalnogo made by members of the movement. Landscapes in Finland. Kinds of Helsinki. The streets and buildings. Traffic and pedestrians. Gen. residents. Rain. Painter X. Bitstrup sketched from life at the festival. Meeting of the Delegation of the USSR Pavlova with U. Kekkonenom and F. Karyalaynenom. Chronicles. France. The funeral of the victims of the shooting of protesters against the war in Algeria. 1954 - beg. 1960 (until 1962). Cuba. Ciudad de La Habana. The consequences of a terrorist act; burning building. The arrest of terrorists. 1959 - beg. the early 1960's.

Reel №1

Earth - LS. (From space).

Earth - LS. (The plane).

Japanese on the beach - LS., CU.

The sun goes behind a cloud - LS.

Railroad rails - LS. (With us).

Arrival of VIII World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki.

Faces of boys and girls of different nationalities - MS., CU.

Young man with a banner bearing the arms.

Wave the flag Youth Festival - CU.

Streets, squares, parks Helsinki - LS., MS. (Summer).

Residents of the city streets.

The outskirts of Helsinki.

Construction in the city.

A young man sleeping on a bench in the park.

Old man sweeping the street.

Beggar playing the accordion.

Poster "Christ crucified and resurrected our world."

Arrival in Helsinki Soviet youth delegation on the ship "Georgia."

Greeters welcome Soviet youth.

Meet friends, hug, kiss joy.

PNRM. the street and the building antifestivalnogo center - hotel "Hans."

Antifestivalnaya literature, posters.

Bustle of the hotel "Hans" in the days of antifestivalnogo center.

Passes machine antifestivalnoy advertising.

Press conference of the International Preparatory Committee.

PNRM. the room - LS., MS.

Correspondents around the world listen to recordings.

American radio reporters in West Berlin, drinking whiskey at a news conference.

The tables at the press conference yelling replica American journalist, nicknamed "Mr.


Bottle of whiskey on the table - MS.

Opening of the Youth Festival in Helsinki.

Participants of the festival are the emblem.

Go delegates of different nationalities.

On the streets there are city residents.

Adults and children welcome delegates.

Helsinki residents welcome the youth.

Festival participants dance through the streets of the city.

Reel №2

Parade participants of the festival in the streets of Helsinki.

Delegates held in Japan.

The people welcomed the delegates of Cuba and other countries.

Girls from India, Brazil and the Soviet Union.

People look young.

Antifestivalnogo center representatives in the crowds of people waving flags of the GDR, the burnt with cigarettes, shouting, waving their fists.

It takes a column of delegates of the festival.

"Antifestivalschikov" gone from the street.

Newsreel 1933-1945 gg.:

Hitler youth.

Participants of the festival at the Helsinki stadium - PNRM.

The stands filled with spectators.

Spectators from the stands greeting young people from different countries.

Carried through the stadium poster of a white dove.

Pass Hungarian, Finnish delegates.

Finnish President Urho Kekkonen in the stands.

Pass the Soviet, Japanese, Indian, Angolan delegation.

Japanese man with a baby - MS., CU.

Pass the American delegates.

Festival participant Eileen from New York pin icon to another delegate.

Landscapes of Finland.

Port of Helsinki.

At a concert in Port German girl sings a song about Hiroshima.

Finnish children - CU.

Reel №3

The head of the Soviet delegation, Sergei Pavlov and the Prime Minister of Finland Karjalainen day Youth Friendship Friendship plant a tree in Helsinki.

PNRM. Wood Friendship.

Finnish President Urho Kekkonen takes the envoys of the Soviet delegation at the festival: the personal representative LI Brezhnev - Sergei Romanovsky, Sergei Pavlov and Valery Brumel.

Danish artist Herluf Bidstrup festival making sketches from nature.

Figure Bidstrup.

Young Artist of the Soviet Amarantov performs pantomime.

Performed Khevsurian dance (synchronously).

The delegate of Colombia sings "Cuba - yes!

Yankees - no! "(Synchronous), the delegates dancing.

Performed Argentine dance "Sputnik" accompanied by musical instruments (synchronously).

Romanian youth performing dance (synchronously).

Athletes at the stadium: Valery Brumel jumping, jumping from sixth athlete, women's sprint distance hurdle (among running - Irina Press).

Tamara Press and other athletes are pushing the core.

The stadium Urho Kekkonen.

The audience applauded.

Championship girls for the title of the first beauty of the festival.

Correspondents Amarantov artist, cameraman for the competition.

Girls from Burma, Italy, from Cuba.

The audience at the competition.

The winner of the contest - a student from Havana What Bertha Diaz.

Bert handed the crown of beauty queen.

"The Queen" welcomes visitors.

Reel №4

Cafe youth sings Polish actress (synchronously).

The festival participants communicate with residents.

The festival participants relax in the park in the evening.

Carnival Night at the park.

On stage, Hungarian boys and girls perform the dance "Gardash."

Soviet actors perform a scene from the ballet "Don Quixote" - dances E. Ryabinkina.

Dancing Brazilian delegates, an Indian girl (rain).

Viewers under umbrellas.

Jorge sings Goluard.

French delegation meeting with a delegation from Algeria, a girl and boy kissing at the meeting.

Newsreel 1950.:

Funeral in France bury Daniel Ferry, who was killed for protesting against the war in Algeria.

In Helsinki, the French young man sings a song, banned in France (synchronously).

Sister of the murdered Daniel Ferry to Helsinki at the festival, she says French boy (synchronously).

Drunken "antifestivalschiki."

Serves Brazilian artist (pantomime).

Lying in a pool of rainwater antifestivalnaya brochure.

Helsinki (rain).

Cuban boys and girls prepare to meet American guests, sing songs (synchronously).

Beauty queen Bertha Gero Diaz among his countrymen with a friend Rogelio Acevedo.

Arrival of American youth to visit the Cubans in Helsinki.

Reel №5

American youth visiting Cubans in Helsinki.

Cubans treat guests cigars.

Cuban Rogelio Acevedo and Eileen from New York talking.

Newsreel of the 1959-1960-ies:

Cuban rebels Rogelio Acevedo and his brother Enrique in the Sierra Maestra.

Soldiers of the army of the revolution at the guns.

PNRM. the streets of Havana.

Burning buildings in Havana, set on fire by terrorists.

Go arrested terrorists.

The logo stands for a free festival - CU.

American says about his impressions of the festival (synchronously).

Japanese meets American (synchronously).

Russian student said in response to the words of an American (synchronously).

Second American speech condemns his compatriot (synchronously).

Meeting of the delegations of young people of the USSR and the USA in Helsinki - different.

Poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko talks with U.S. delegates.

Converse girls (synchronously).

Soviet and American delegates perform "Hymn of Democratic Youth" (synchronous).

The participants dance and sing (synchronously).

American guy sings (synchronously).

Voronezh Song and Dance Ensemble performs at the Port of Helsinki.

The audience at the concert, PNRM. with spectators on the American flag.

Reel №6

Exhibition of American abstract art - MS., CU.

Sings the young American - CU.

Voronezh dancing ensemble at the Port of Helsinki.

American and the girl go.

Helsinki residents welcome the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

Yuri Gagarin made a speech on the Square (synchronously).

Young people dancing in the square, musicians play.

With young people having fun on the streets of the older generation.

Sunset over the Baltic Sea - LS.

The waves of the sea - MS.

The sculpture "Blacksmiths» - MS., PNRM.

Waves breaking on the cliffs - MS.

Seagull in the air - MS.