This is Our Fleet. (1962)

Documentary №5739, 5 parts, duration: 0:19:55
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)


The film tells the story of the Soviet Navy, heroic pages of its history and military traditions.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flying the naval flag of the USSR. Column sailors held on Red Square.

Game footage from x / film "October": Red Guard detachments of revolutionary sailors go to the Smolny. \ Cruiser "Aurora" is part of the Neva.

The name of the cruiser on its board.

The painting, depicting VI Lenin during a meeting in Smolny.

Game footage from x / film "October": are the revolutionary sailors, cruiser "Aurora" gives you a shot at the Winter Palace, the storming of the Winter Palace.

Newsreel of 1919-1920: warships in the campaign.

Division sailors goes along the railway tracks.

The sailors on the armored artillery site.

Game footage from x / film "We are from Kronstadt": the men are in a bayonet charge.

Newsreel 1942-1944 years: the landing Marines.

Lying dead sailor.

Gunners roll out gun on the high bank.

The men are going to attack.

The commander of the submarine Lunin NA watch the enemy through the periscope.

Burning a German ship in the crosshairs of the periscope of a submarine.

Submarine returns from the campaign.

Submariners give shots of deck gun on the number of sunken enemy vessels.

Lunin among submarine commanders, after returning from a hike.

Sailors divers greet each other with the end of the campaign.

The pilot of the Northern Fleet BF Safonov from his plane.

Exploding shells.

The pilots climb into the cockpit.

Planes taking off from the airfield.

The plane in a dogfight.

A monument to Admiral Nakhimov PS Sevastopol in days of fighting in 1942.

Types of Sevastopol during the defense.

Black Sea Fleet ships are firing at the enemy.

Sailors rescued from fire wounded comrade.

The political leader before the battle presents party cards sailors aboard the warship.

The men greet each other with the entry into the ranks of the CPSU (b).

Ships and torpedo boats Black Sea Fleet are fighting.

Calculation deck gun firing.

Naval artillery firing at the enemy.


Marines take the defense during the battles for Sevastopol in 1942.

The machine-gunners firing at the enemy.

Black Sea sailors go on the attack.

Sailor's peakless cap coastal waves.

Sailors lay wreaths on the grave of a dead comrade.

Stove in the mass grave defenders Konstantinovsky Ravelin 1941-1942 years.

Monuments to Soviet sailors who died during the Great Patriotic War.

Seagull in the sky.

The waves beat against the shore.

Monument to the fallen sailors.

Red poppies on the seashore.

Eternal Flame in Sevastopol.

Type part of Sevastopol.

Monument to Lenin in Sevastopol.

View of the Sevastopol Bay.

Warships during a sea parade.

Admiral boat goes to one of the ships.

The crew of the warship, built on the deck.

The submarine during the parade.

The boat goes past the submarine.

The crew of the submarine of the Northern Fleet, built on the deck.

Story warships.

The submarine during the parade.

The crew of the submarine in the parade on the deck.

Face the Admiral.

The crew of the submarine in the parade on the deck.

Newsreel, 1962: view of Northern Fleet cruiser "Admiral Ushakov".

The sailors on parade on deck.

NS Khrushchev He lifted onto the deck of the cruiser "Admiral Ushakov" during his stay in the Northern Fleet in July 1962.

The admiral gave a report to Khrushchev.

Khrushchev receives a report of Admiral, behind it, Marshal Rodion Malinovsky Admiral Gorshkov SG The crew is on deck in order.

Officers Khrushchev presented bouquets of flowers.

Khrushchev talks to sailors.

Khrushchev and Admiral Gorshkov on the deck of the ship.

Khrushchev's face.

Khrushchev and his entourage descend into the lower deck through the trapdoor.

Khrushchev visits the forecastle.

View of the bow deck of the cruiser.

Khrushchev, Malinovsky and persons accompanying them go by naval officers through a cheering auditorium.

Admirals applauded.

Khrushchev presents awards to participants of the campaign, one of the perfect nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet.

Malinowski applauds.

Khrushchev congratulated submarine officers with rewards.

Admiral Gorshkov applauds.

Khrushchev presents awards to members of the crew of a nuclear submarine.

Submarine returns from fighting campaign.

The officer's face.

Type of boat dive.


Nikita Khrushchev - statesman and political figure [882] Rodion Malinovsky - commander Lunin Nikolai - Navy activist Sergei G. Gorshkov - Navy activist Safonov Boris Feoktistovich - Pilot

Calendar: 1919-1920 1942-1944 07.1962

Locations: Murmansk region [789] Crimea [981]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

Reel №2


Reel №3


Reel №4


Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rotating radar antenna on the mast of a warship.

The officer announces alarm.

Crew Combat takes place in accordance with the schedule.

Mechanics took place in the engine room.

The calculation takes place anti-aircraft guns, leading tool in the firing position.

Rangefinder oversees air target.

Simulated enemy aircraft in the sky.

Start flak missiles.

Face range finder.

Airborne anti-aircraft guns firing at targets.

Crew conditionally contaminated warship carries Chemical resistant measures.

Special Court going to help the infected ship.

Sailors in the set of cables Chemical resistant protective measures.

Special Court watered ship anti-gas composition.

Splash ocean waves.

Float submarine.

Sailors aboard the submarine boat.

Missile silo hatch is opened.

The officers put the coordinates of the target on the remote control.

Missile launch from a submarine.

The commander of one of the warheads boats give start command.

Start rocket.

Radio operators keeping in touch with the base.

Boat sinks.

Aircraft naval aviation combat training flight.

Aircraft gunner.

Airplane in flight.

The pilot in the cockpit.

Navigator sets the rocket launcher mode.

Rocket planes separated from missile.

View girokursoukazatelya on board the submarine.

Submarine radio operator transmits the coordinates of the target in the central office.

Torpedo placed according combat schedule.

Calculation torpedoman spends launch torpedoes.

View the bow deck of a warship.

The torpedo room aboard a surface ship.

The chief aim of watches ranging post.

Volley-board rocket launcher.

The battle is the rocket ship.

The commander gives the command to defeat the purpose.

Opens airborne mine missile launcher.

The rocket is served by directing the trigger position.

The hand presses the start button officer missiles.

Start of rockets from the ship.

The rocket with the coastal position.

Missile boats go to the place of combat training.

Face the commander of one of the boats.

Preparing the rocket for launch on board the boat.

The hand presses the start button on the remote.

Start of missiles on board the boat.

Type missile boats from the top.

View deck boat and place the steering.

The waves behind the boat.

Sailor-torpedoman at the edge of the board is preparing to launch a torpedo.

Boat launches a torpedo.

The torpedo is the goal.

Start of rockets from the ship.

The missile in flight.

Felling submarine.

Start missile from a submarine.

The missile in flight.

View aft warship.

View of the ship's side.

Warships are returned to teaching.

Go missile boats.

Submarines are on the surface.

Boats go system.

Sun over the sea storm.

View the nose of the submarine (top).

Officers are night watch.

The officer's face, powdered sleet.

The waves beat against the shore rocks.

Black Sea Fleet ships in the combat campaign.

The ship of the Baltic Fleet.

A submarine of the Northern Fleet goes through the broken ice.

Type of stern of the boat.

The submarines of the Pacific Fleet in battle campaign.

Submarines are in the wake column.

Submarine officer in the captain's bridge.

Fly missile.

Go submarines.

Flying missile.

Go submarines.

Kind of the bow of the submarine (top).

The person submarine officer.

Kind of floating submarine (top).

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