Jubilee II copaline.. (1962)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)


Movie cartoon for the anniversary of the director TSSDF Ilya Petrovich Kopalin

Temporary description

Muscovites are on the winter streets of Moscow. Harvesters remove snow from the Manege Square, cleaners clean subway station. Customers in the store shopping, women in hairdressing hairstyles, fashion model shows a new dress. Fragments of a film producer I. copaline "In the village Zemetchino." Film director I. Kopalin passes through the streets of Moscow. I. Kopalin at home with the child.

Reel №1

Moscow Street, pedestrians, Kopalin through the streets past the various buildings, signs on the buildings of the Union of Cinema "," organizing committee ", the editors of the magazine" Cinema Art ", State Institute of Cinematography," House of creativity Bolshevo "," Home Movies ", TSSDF.

Weightlifter raises the bar, runners jump over the barrier, a jump from a springboard into the water, athlete, water skiing, skiers, skaters, blooming garden, mountain climber climbs to the summit.

Photo: Vladimir son Kopalin Kopalin.

Film critic Galina Kopalin wrote a note.

Grandson Kopalin - Ilya.

Family Kopalin home.

Kopalin puts his grandson in a pot.

Kopalin in the hall at the International Film Festival.

On stage are J. Marais, ZH.P. Belmondo and other French actors.

Dance and song from the French variety show.

Kremlin - summer.

On the streets of Moscow winter people go, snow machine rides at the Moskva Hotel, cleaning metro station Mayakovskaya, sale of crystal in the store.

Woman trying on earrings, a woman in a barber's shop "Soviet champagne", from the store with bottles of champagne out people.

Telegraph at work.

Poster "60 years IA Kopalin" ...

Apartment Kopalin: interiors.

Newsreel 1900-1917 years.:

Pre-revolutionary village, a demonstration model of women's clothing.

Images from the film Kopalin "Moscow" in 1927

Photo Kopalin creative card.

PDP "branch of the Maly Theatre in Zemetchine, peasants in the play" The Inspector ".

A scene from the play.

Passing cart with the peasants.

Building Little Theatre.

Posters with the names of movies Kopalin.

Applauding the audience.

Kopalin talking with a man Kopalin in mounting.



Kopalin I.P. -- operator, documentary filmmaker



Culture and Arts

Reel №2

Moscow Street, pedestrians (fast mode).

I. Kopalin filmmaker goes through the streets and squares of Moscow by the various buildings, signs on the buildings' Workers Union of Cinematography.

The organizing committee, "" The editors "Film Art", All-Union State Institute of Cinematography, "" House of Bolszewo ", Central House of Cinema", "Central Documentary Film Studio", etc.

Title "TseeSDaFeta."

Weightlifter raises the bar, runners jumping over a hurdle, jump from a springboard into the water, athlete skis, skiers, skaters, a lush garden, the climber climbs to the top.

Photo: Vladimir Kopalin Kopalin son.

Film critic Galina Kopalin writes notes.

Grandson Kopalin - Ilya. I. Kopalin family home.

I. Kopalin with grandson - different plans.

Title "abroad."

I. Kopalin, Sergei Gerasimov in the hall at the international film festival.

On stage are Jean Marais, J. Belmondo and other French actors.

Variety of French artists and bands (synchronously).


Kopalin I.P. Gerasimov S.A.



Sport; Culture and Arts