Soviet-Japanese Negotiations in Moscow. (1962)

Documentary №5742, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:05, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Zenyakin A.
Screenwriters:Zenyakin A.
Camera operators:Zenyakin A., Semin A.
Composers:Ledenev R.
Text authors:Braslavskiy L.


On the construction of a ship for Japan, the Soviet Union, Japan, the Soviet Union for help in the fight against polio epidemic of the ballet school of them. Tchaikovsky.

Temporary description:

Landscapes of Japan. Manufacturing processes at the shipyard Hitachi. The descent of the new ship "Omsk", built by order of the Soviet Union. Doctor one of the hospitals in Japan examining a child affected by polio. Demonstration of Japanese women with the requirement to provide polio vaccine, manufactured in the USSR. Delivery of polio vaccine from the Soviet Union. Doctors do children immunized. Types of Tokyo. Movement of vehicles, cyclists on city streets. The crowd in the streets. Performers kabuki perform Japanese folk dance. Ballet school students in the classroom under the guidance of the Soviet ballerina SM Messerer. Graduates them. Sing the waltz from Tchaikovsky's ballet of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker (synchronously).

Reel №1

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Landscapes and monuments of Japan.

The sea washes ashore in Japan.

Port and city in Japan.

Working on bikes going to work on sudoferari Company Hitachi.

Construction of a large vessel commissioned by the USSR at the shipyard Hitachi.

Finishing work on the ship "Omsa to Vladivostok."

Launch of the ship "Omsa-Vladivostok" in the water.

The Soviet ambassador to Japan Fedorenko shipyard during the descent of the ship.

Ship, decorated with colored ribbons down to the water.

Novella II. "For the children's lives."

Seagull winds in the air.

Kenji Japanese boy, struck infantile paralysis - polio, lying in bed in a hospital ward.

A doctor examines a child with paralyzed handle.

A woman with a sick child in her arms.

Japanese women are on the streets of Tokyo demanding polio vaccine for the salvation of their children.

Many letters sent by the Japanese in the USSR, with a request to send them the vaccine.

The streets are rare passers-by during the polio epidemic.

Are empty children's bicycles.

Deserted streets.

Women pray.

Sitting in meditation doctor.

Japanese disinfect the streets of the city.

Women require government assistance.

In Japan unpacked boxes with a vaccine derived from the USSR. The inscription on the box with the vaccine "Made in the USSR."

Japanese children do polio vaccination.

Healthy Japanese children play.

Plays, walks the boy over, recovered after polio.

Smiling happy mother.

Are women with their children.

Women, children on the street feeding pigeons.

Flying flock of pigeons.

Reel №2

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Novella III. "Tchaikovsky in Tokyo."

City of Tokyo.

Traffic in Tokyo.

On stage stands an ancient Japanese Drama Theatre Kabuki - performs a dance with umbrellas.

Girls go to school them.

PI Tchaikovsky.

Bas PI Tchaikovsky at the entrance to a music school.

Famous Soviet ballerina Sulamith Messerer deals with his students in the class of ballet.

The girls in the classroom for classical ballet.

Advertising American cowboy films on the streets of Tokyo - the image on posters killers.

Actors cowboy school on a street in Tokyo depict the scene of the murder.

The streets of Tokyo, decorated with illuminated advertising.

Tokyo Ginza in multicolored lights advertisements.

Advertising on the model of New York's Broadway.

Young Japanese artists - graduates of the School.

Tchaikovsky act ballet "The Nutcracker".

Monument PI Tchaikovsky.

Evening plans Tokyo.

Movie №1

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