Everyday life and the life of Muscovites (1923-1924)

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Scene №1 Everyday life and the life of Muscovites

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Many children work for the family dinner table.

Meetings with representatives of the local committee of a medical assistant in the medical section of the plant.

Girl walking with a dog, the dog breaks the leash.

the girl's face.

Examination of the child's doctor.

Mother and children queue to see a doctor.

Workers of a hospital kitchen soup poured into the tanks.

Distributing food in the hospital room.

The girl on a hospital bed reading a book.

Those young people conversing.

He speaks from the podium.

Typist's hands on the keyboard of the machine.

Employees of one of the institutions at work.

Secretariat of the 12th Congress of the RCP (b) at work.

The woman at the dinner table.

The woman's face.

Family in the kitchen, a woman melt furnace.

People climb the stairs in one of the entrances of residential buildings.

Sellers shoe department of a company.

The family in the communal kitchen, wife, husband robs bottle.

Sellers shoe department put on a shelf in the shoe box.

The woman holding the baby in her lap.

People take out a pack of newspapers from the office door.

The woman in the shoe department store while trying on shoes.

Woman arguing with a man.

A child plays with a cat sitting under the table.

Woman putting on a glove.

Countertop shoe store.

The face of an old woman.

A man washes his hands at the washstand.

Those boys and girls.

The family at the table, a woman holding a child on her lap.

Those young workers, women, the seller shoe department.

New shoes on the counter.

A woman comes to the kitchen shelf, pours out of the bottle, drank a glass.

The woman's face.

Woman sniffing the contents of the bottle, pours from one of them.

The man's face with a beard.

Serving New Year's table.

Elderly woman greets guests at the door.

Kind of a Christmas tree.

The shoe department store, people's faces, the guests sit down for New Year's table.

The buyer in the shoe department is considering new shoes.

The parents of a sick child.

People at the Christmas tree.

People are waiting for guests at the New Year's table.

Dog playing with Christmas toys.

The girl catches a dog under the tree.

An elderly woman at a table.

Hands of woman cooking cakes.

Dog playing with Christmas toys.

the girl's face.

Family at dinner time, the boy's face.

People at the New Year's table.

the girl's face.

View Corridor communal apartment.

The woman's face, the people standing back and applauding.

Girls come from a working squad.

Men and women think the money while sitting at the office.

Working family at home, the man leaves.

Buyers and sellers in the shoe department, trying on shoes.

Women are engaged in a communal apartment cleaning.

Employees come from an institution door.

The child sees the sleeping old man.

Buyers and sellers in the shoe department.

Working during commissioning of equipment in the shop one of the plants.

A child under the table playing with a cat.

Sellers shoe department laid out the box with the product.

On a snowy street passing-drawn sleigh.

A person Seller shoe department.

Those working the shoe factory.

Sold over the counter shoe.

Girl in a smart dress welcomes visitors.

Dog playing with Christmas toys.

Women at the Christmas tree.

People's faces.

View Corridor communal apartment.

Calendar: 1923-1924

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Winter [823]

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