Time To Create. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Setkina I.

Script writers: Zenin S., Novogrudskiy A., Oslikovskaya E., Pisarzhevskiy O.

Operators: Gutman I.

Composers: Parchaladze M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Shergova G.


The preview trailer about results of year of 1962 which passed. A retrospective of main political, cultural and other events of the year of 1962 is given.

Temporary description

The creators of the film on the eve of the New 1963 Notes the achievements of 1962, events, heroes of the past year. Construction of the Krasnoyarsk, Sayan, Bratsk, Kremenchug hydropower, Voronezh nuclear power station, Lugano thermal power plant. Building cities: Baikalsk, Zheleznogorsk. Blast furnace, built in 1962: Cherepovets, Lipetsk, Krivoy Rog. Extraction of ore in the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly. New oil field, discovered in the taiga of the Irkutsk region. The building of the Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills, pioneer camp "Artek" international camp "Sputnik". City of Dubna. Says (synchronously), Academician LD Landau, Yu Prokoshkin. Production processes in the workshop of a new plant of synthetic fibers. Launching spacecraft. At the airfield, the astronauts are Popovich and Nikolayev are greeted with NS Khrushchev, with his family. Says (synchronously) B. Brumel. Rear Admiral A. Potemkin, who became in 1962 Hero of the Soviet Union, in a submarine. Meeting children with writer KI Chukovsky, who turned 80 years old. Inventors metallurgical plant in Rustavi P. Tsereteli, K. Grushetsky, I. Jordania, N. Andryukhin, awarded the Lenin Prize in 1962. Says (synchronously) NG Zaglada, Hero of Socialist Labor (Ukraine). Working staff radiobiological laboratory the Nikita Botanical Gardens, which in 1962 celebrated 150 years. Harvesting crops on virgin lands. Test of the new wide working corn harvester, developed by the design bureau of Kherson plant them. Petrovsky. Combine operator Tursunov Akhunov works at the cotton harvest. Construction of oil pipeline "Druzhba". Builder G. Maslennikov working on the construction of residential homes. Rewarding pilot I. Kunitsyn, crashed over the North Sea and within 3 days to swim to shore in a rubber boat. Speech by NS Khrushchev at the World Congress for universal disarmament and peace (9 - 14 July 1962). Delegation of the Soviet youth, who arrived at the youth festival in Helsinki (Finland). She dances a dance troupe of the Voronezh Russian Folk Choir. Stay Brezhnev in Yugoslavia. Stay Mikoyan to Cuba. The Japanese delegation visiting Khrushchev (in the country).

Reel №1

The clock on the Spassky tower shows five minutes to midnight - MS., CU.

Night Moscow: Kremlin towers are visible with the Stars - LS.

The Kremlin wall with seats - LS.

Sentries at the Mausoleum of VI Lenin - MS.

Blue spruce at the Kremlin, the branches - CU.

Storefront "Synthetic» - MS. (Evening).


Bitter - traffic - LS. (With a / t, evening).

The facade of the restaurant "Crystal" (evening).

MSU in lights - LS.

Window Cafe - MS., CU.

Lighted window radial home, in the silhouettes of doctors and nurses with baby in her arms - MS.

Sister takes the baby and transmits it to the doctor who examined the baby (wall clock: time at five minutes to twelve) - CU.

The doctor's face in a gauze bandage - CU.

PNRM. on hydropower - LS.

Spiderman-fitter in the construction of high voltage transmission lines - LS.

The doctor writes the date of childbirth - 12/31/1962 g - CU.

Welder does the inscription on the metal structure, "early. 1962 installers. "

PNRM. with a banner on the road "reshape the Yenisei in 1962" on the traveling machine (winter).

Construction of power plant (winter) - LS., MS.

The building of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - LS., Autumn.

On a winter road is a group of builders Krasnoyarsk GES go surveyors with the device, the girl with the rail: making measurements (winter) - CU.

Construction worker climbing up a flag on a wooden tower of the three pillars on the future site of the Sayan hydroelectric and strengthens the flag - MS., LS.

In the forest, the first tents builders (autumn) - LS.

Bratsk hydroelectric dam with water - LS.

The first builders of the Bratsk hydroelectric a fire on a snowy bank of the Angara - LS., MS.

Builder draws water from the bucket - MS.

Kremenchug HPP on the Dnieper - LS.

NS Khrushchev opens HPS: cuts the ribbon - CU.

Applaud builders - CU.

Construction of hydropower plants on the river Narym - LS.

Construction of the plant in Voronezh - LS.; Welder works - CU.

Heat pipes and sign Lugansk GRES.

The high-voltage power line (Summer) - Various.

Remote Control Power Plant - MS.

High-voltage electricity cables - PNRM. (Winter).

Passes composition with electric - LS.

Landscape: autumn forest, a strip of water (with movement, autumn).

Wires and power pylons - LS., MS. (Autumn).

Milker dairy farms of one of the Kherson region includes the switch.

To house the words "Rotary milking parlor."

Milking machine for cow udders - CU.

Parlor - LS.

Car drives off-tank with milk - MS.

Nurse and doctor with a newborn - MS.

Sleeping newborn - CU.

Swamp (autumn, removed from the aircraft).

Construction of the road in the Tundra - LS., MS.

Shore of Lake Baikal.

Construction of the town of Baikalsk - LS., MS., CU.

Bulldozer writhes plot - CU.; Excavator digging a pit (autumn).

Construction of the city Zheleznogorsk - LS., MS.

New city street, grocery store (facade) - MS.

PNRM. to the young garden - LS.

A sign on the building: "Palace of Happiness» - CU.

Come out of the palace wedding couple, accompanied by young people.

Newlyweds plant a tree - MS., CU.

Taiga, the Lena River (the plane).

Gusher - PNRM.

Oil rig (the plane).

Tents oil on the River (summer).

Working oil from Azerbaijan, Yusuf Hajiyev, Bayram Gurbanov Islam Salamov - CU.

Tractor on the field is "Kirovets» - LS.

Gorky car out of the gate leaves new trucks - MS.

Passing new cars - LS.

Racing boat hydrofoil "Comet» - LS.

Reel №2

Palace of Pioneers in the Lenin Hills: exterior and lobby - LS., MS.

Artek - LS. (With a / t).

Open dining room (no children) - LS.

The building of the international camp "Sputnik» - MS.

York Street (with motion).

Beach - LS., PNRM.

Face laughing girl - CU.

Smiling boy and two girls - MS.

The new Moscow store girl tries on a fur coat.

Demonstration of ladies, men's, women's fashion.

New silk weaving workshop combine them.

Sverdlov Cheryomushki (Moscow) - LS.

Work in the shop.

Cloth in the car - CU.

Two girls smiling - CU.

Steel blast furnaces - LS., MS., CU.

Construction Krivorozhskaya blast furnaces - different.

Installers work-altitude (boys and girls).

Welders working - MS., CU. (Summer).

Laboratory in Dubna - LS.

Out of the lab worker, closes the massive door.

Soviet physicist Lev Davidovich Landau is a bookshelf, sits in a chair with a book.

Medal of the Nobel Prize, which was awarded the Academy of Landau - CU.

Academician Landau interview (synchronously).

Stand with the tires at ENEA in chemical pavilion.

Synthetic fiber shop in Kiev - LS.

Running machine - MS.

The girl on the control panel includes tools, hands on the remote - MS., CU.

A worker removes the spool of thread.

Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, the ribbons of roads moving trucks - LS. (With a / t).

Manager Vsevolod Bartoshevich in the cockpit - CU. (Summer).

In a career working wheel excavator - LS.

Basil manages Redko - CU.; PNRM. your hands on the levers of control - MS.

The clock on the man's hand (at five minutes to twelve) - CU.

The doctor at the table (in the hospital), writes.

The clock on the Spasskaya Tower (without four minutes to twelve) - CU.

Molten metal in the furnace, the flame - MS., CU.

Steelmakers face, illuminated by the flame - CU.

Pouring steel, sparks fly.

Rocket launch - CU., LS.

Earth (filmed from space).

Cosmonauts Pavel Popovich and Nikolaev are on the red carpet at the Vnukovo airport during their meeting after returning from a space mission, greeted with NS Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev and friends meet with family and friends.

Astronauts passing through the streets of Moscow.

In Red Square Muscovites welcome the heroes.

On the mausoleum NS Khrushchev and cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin and Titov, Pavel Popovich, Nikolaev - MS.

Meeting Nikolaev in his native Chuvash village.

Woman astronaut presents carved wooden bucket with a drink.

Nikolaev drink from the bucket.

Villagers welcome guest.

Reel №3

Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich is a group of girls in native Ukrainian village.

The house where the parents live.

Astronaut speaks at school with his teacher.

Ukrainian village - LS.

Popovich hugs parents.

Plow - LS.

The field is Popovich (in uniform).

Sky with clouds - CU.

Animation: in flight interplanetary station "Mars - one."

Fighter in the air performs aerobatics.

A strip of light in the sky flew on a jet plane.

Hands on the control levers - CU.

Pilot Vladimir Ilyushin at the controls of an airplane - CU.

Jumping athlete Valery Brumel, says (synchronously) - MS.

Pouring steel - MS., LS., CU.

In the North Sea up to the surface the submarine (evening).

Rear Admiral Alexander Petelin - Hero of the Soviet Union - looking through the periscope - MS.

Tall stalks of corn.

For corn bush farm "political department" of the Uzbek SSR is team leader with farmers Love Lee, visiting corn.

Children over the age of kindergarten and primary school children draw - CU.

Children's drawings - CU.

Users of international children's drawing competition in Rome conquered Soviet children - CU.

Children's Room to the writer Korney Chukovsky.

KI Chukovsky, sitting at a table, talking about himself (synchronously), shows children hat and cloak Dr. literary sciences, handed to him by Oxford University in England.

Theatres in the restroom of the Leningrad singer Galina Kovaleva.


In the dressing room is G. Kovaleva, gives interviews (synchronously).

Acts with exercises Moscow champion in rhythmic gymnastics Lyudmila Savinkov.

Pouring steel - CU.

Face steelmaker - CU.

Kremlin Chimes: two minutes to twelve - CU.

A scientist in the lab, his hands holding a piece of mineral tweezers and a magnifying glass - CU.

Looks scientist - CU.

A group of scientists in the laboratory in Dubna.

Prokoshkin physicist Yuri talks about scientific advances in the field of nuclear forces (the decay of a particle pi-meson) - synchronously.

Counting on the machine running the girl - MS., CU.

Officer reads the tape with the numbers straight from the counting machine.

Shop metallurgical plant in Rustavi - LS.

Steelmakers, awarded in 1962, the Lenin Prize for the mechanization and automation of machine Pipe - 400, Paul Tsereteli Konstantin Grushetsky Irakli Zhordania Nicholas Andrjukhin - CU.

Automatic hand pulls out a red-hot stove pipe.

Pipe the auto unit - MS., CU.

Work - CU.

Reel №4

At the table, which is a lot of letters, sits Zhitomir Kolkhoz Hope G. Zaglada - hitting, CU.

Her hands hold a letter - CU.

The pond outside the village, "High", a small island with trees.

Branches of trees.

Autumn leaves on the water. (Early Autumn).

NG Zaglada talking with a group of girls.

In radiobiological laboratory NIKITINSKAYA Botanical Garden scientists conduct experiments studied the effect of ionizing radiation on the growth and development of plants - different.

Combine face - CU.

In the children playing by the river - MS., CU. (Summer).

Harvesting combines - different.

Go with the grain cars - LS.

The driver behind the wheel - CU.

Animation: the 1st page of the newspaper "Izvestia" and posts, articles and photography from other newspapers - MS.

Academician Arzumanyan at the table in his office, his interviews (synchronously).

New Wide-reaper.

Factory worker, engineer Sizov combiner test Parshintsev escort in the new header.

In the new work reaper - CU., MS.

Strewed grain - CU.

Working in the design office Kherson plant them.

Petrovsky - LS.

Hand with a pencil on the drawing - CU.

In the works corn harvester - MS., CU.

Mount corncobs - CU.

Works cotton harvesters - MS.

Uzbek noble at the helm a driver, a Hero of Socialist

Labour Tursunai Akhunova-CU.

Designer cotton harvesters Appolinary Prikhodko - CU.

Steppe - PNRM.

Cotton field - PNRM.

Brigade cotton farm them.

Titov with his foreman Empulatom Jumaev - CU.

Cotton belt.

Scientist in the laboratory experiments were conducted with the crystal - MS.

Construction of a canal in the steppe.

Excavator digging a channel - LS.

Tape channels with water (the plane).

The grapes on the plantations - LS.

Bunches of grapes, apples and pomegranates on trees - CU.

Birch trunks and crowns - MS.

Autumn leaves on the ground, on the parapet - CU.

Autumn landscape: forest, creek.

A group of students in the forest.

Maximizing student Shafigulin Rose, decided to cast their eyes of the American Communists, Henry Winston, blinded in prison - CU.

Students read a letter from Mr.


Letter - CU.

Autumn trees.

Reel №5

Kremlin Chimes (without 2 minutes 12) - CU.

New Year's Eve in a youth café.

A young man reads poetry - MS.

Mountain landscape.

Waterfall - MS., CU.

Pigeons in the air - MS., LS.

The pipeline in the sandy desert, in the mountains - MS., CU.

Pipe driven by the Georgian Military Highway - LS.

Welder Sergei Pogosov - CU.

Tubes of oil pipeline "Druzhba" in a wooden case fit the Dnieper - LS. (Summer).

The car carries the finished apartment on the building site - LS., MS.

Installation of prefabricated apartment buildings and construction of the panels - LS., MS. (Summer).

Reflection in the water under construction and existing residential building - LS.

New residential area of ​​Moscow (with motion).

Gennady Maslennikov builder with workers at the facility - MS.

Woman watering flowers in the balcony.

Yard and a new area (the top point).

Kunitsyn pilot that crashed over the North Sea and three days who was in the boat, in the hospital reads letters, talking to your doctor.

Stormy North Sea.

Rubber boat in the snow.

Beacon in the night - LS., MS.

Air Marshal VA Sudets hands pilot Kunitsyn Order of the Red Banner - MS.

Weather stations (booths with equipment) and boats in the snow (winter) - LS.

Boat of the bones in the hands of a skilled Nenets bone carver Tukai - CU.

Cut to the bone Toucan and his students - MS., CU.

Running in the snow Dog team - MS.

Small plane flew in the Nenets camp, unloaded at the airport.

On sledges loaded chairs, a radio, a typewriter.

Run dog sleds - LS.

Kremlin Chimes (no one 12 minutes) - CU.

In Red Square participants of the World Congress for Peace and Disarmament give flowers (summer).

The congress participants at the Convention: in the lobby and in the room - LS.

Ship with the Soviet delegates at the Youth Festival in Finland is Helsinki port.

Residents warmly Soviet youth.

Dancing in the square dance group Voronezh Choir - LS., MS.

A Soviet-Romanian friendship stadium in Bucharest.

On the podium, NS Khrushchev and the leaders of the Romanian Government - LS.

The people welcomed gostyaschego Yugoslavia LI Brezhnev.

LI Brezhnev, a group of workers.

Go AI Mikoyan, Fidel Castro and others (in Cuba).

Anti-aircraft and other weapons and armed Cubans in Cuba.

Military training for youth in Cuba.

NS stands Khrushchev - MS.

Reel №6

The business community in Japan visiting NS Khrushchev during his vacation in the Crimea.

NS Khrushchev and his grandson in his arms.

Arch with the words "Happy Childhood".

Preschoolers are running to the sea - LS.; Swimming, laughing - CU.

Kremlin Chimes: 12:00 - CU.

Pouring steel, sparks fly - CU.

Strewed grain - CU.

Lumps of coal in the car - CU.

Shop factories - CU., MS.

Stack of bags of sugar - LS.

Construction of the plant - LS., CU.

Sculptor ST Konenkov - CU.

The construction of the blast furnace - PNRM. the top point, are different.

Persons working people - CU.

E.Gilels at the piano.

Cosmonaut Pavel Popovich with the pioneers.

Cosmonaut Nikolayev with the girl.

Laughing faces of boys and girls.