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Reel №1


In Lisbon, in the presence of the President, General Carmona, a parade of troops at the government building.

Swiss Red Cross to send parcels to charity via the eastern front.

Loading packages into the train in Bern.

Seeing the volunteer soldiers, they look out of the windows of cars, General salutes.

Among the soldiers go female nurses.

To the wounded Spanish soldiers volunteers at a hospital in Karelia come representatives of public organizations, talk with them.

Reporters interviewed.


Representatives of the Latvian population at a reception at the Ministry of the eastern territories of propaganda in Berlin, takes them Dr.

Palatinate Antarctica.

Polar Expedition Admiral Byrd.

Man barely moves in a blizzard in the snow, expedition members go to the dogs.

The construction of the caves in the snow, in which humans and dogs hiding from the weather.

The ship in the ice, polar ice, the penguins walk around near them.


Humorous scene like a monkey movie camera takes their fellow zoo.

Muzzle walrus.

In the aviary are polar bears, penguins.

The minister throws pet food.

Brown bears, zebras.

Elephants for a walk.

Monkey "removes" the giraffe.

The monkeys jumping from branch to branch, spinning on a horizontal bar.

Aviary with llamas, hippos.

Parrots on a tree.

Monkey falls with a Movie Camera.

Mass swim in Barcelona.

Swimmers jump into the sea.

The champion Jose Labayya.

Spectators on the shore watching the swimmers.


The province of Champagne, there is a collection of the grape harvest.

Women cut bunches of grapes, carry them in baskets and poured into a large vat.

Baskets of grapes driven in carts.

View of the grape plantations on the slopes of the mountains.

Harvest Festival in the village.

Girls in national costumes.

People drink wine.

The fascist demonstration in Bucharest on the occasion of the capture of Odessa.

Hang Nazi flags.

People are pulling arms in a Nazi salute.

The rally in the square.

On the balcony of a government building, Marshal Antonescu.

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Port viticulture Red Cross Latvia Zoo swimming




Portugal Switzerland Latvia Antarctica Spain France Romania

Sporting events; Political figures

Reel №2

The visit of the Slovak national leaders, President Tiso and Prime Minister Tuka, Germany.

Hitler met them at the station, shakes hand Tiso.

Guests are welcomed Goering, Ribbentrop, Keitel.

Goering near the car, Tiso looks out the window, they talk.

Farewell, the train hit the road.


Departure Tiso and Tuka from Germany.

Tiso from a car window saying goodbye to Goering.

Map of the northern sector of the front, District Onega and Ladoga lakes.

Captured Soviet tanks coming toward the city.

Horse artillery passes by the ruins.

On the beach German anti-aircraft fire.

Flying flares.

German soldiers in Petrozavodsk.

Rest between battles.

They receive lunch from the field kitchen.

Finnish female body at the front.

Women soldiers hand out food.

General Geynriks awards soldiers Iron Crosses.

Military operations near Leningrad.

German soldiers of labor services RAD are railway track, they knocked bent rails.

By riding the trolley track with new rails, there is a stacking them soldiers.

The train goes over the bridge.

The German position near Leningrad.

Alarm gunners ran out of the dugout, dismantled boards, covering the weapon, cook it and shoot through the city across the river.

Damaged and destroyed Soviet tanks on the road, in the field.

Central eastern sector of the front.

Map District Vyazma-Smolensk, Kalinin.

Frustrated railway station of the city of Vyazma, the name of the station building.

The ruins of the city.

The soldiers are moving on the destroyed wooden bridge, the German military equipment goes through the shallow water.

Cars, motorcycles riding through the mud.

Moving German tanks.

Above the destroyed houses flying Soviet bombers, explosions in the vicinity of the bridge.

German anti-aircraft guns hit the Soviet aircrafts.

The wreckage of the aircraft on the ground.

Artillery shelling Kalinin.

The attack comes infantry supported by tanks.

Soldiers in an antitank ditch, they climb the ladder up, throw grenades.

The announcer said that the army General Tymoshenko broken.

Soviet prisoners of war are huge colonies on the road.

The camera captures the face of prisoners.

Ride-Hungarian soldiers cyclists.

Horse rides on the road, the shelling is scattered on both sides.

Soldiers on the field with stacks running, lie and shoot.

Shooting from guns on the field guns hit the river.

The southern section of the eastern front.

On the map Odessa, Nikolaev.

German and Romanian fleet at sea.

Romanian destroyer leads mining maritime territory.

Miners on deck preparing to descend mines, team-mines discharged into the sea.

Romanian troops enter Odessa, October 16, 1941.

Soldiers walk past barricades of bags.

Next to the soldiers comes a woman with a boy.

The city lights fires.

On the building strengthens the Romanian flag.

Port Area, PNRM. abandoned equipment, machines and tools.

In the water are machines, materials, debris.

To the east of Odessa on the line Taganrog-Mariupol-Stalin.

German offensive on Taganrog.

Tanks sent to the city, there is a firing of guns.

Two soldiers with a pipe in his mouth lie with a machine gun at the railway.

In the distance the fires.

Spectacular picture: German soldiers on a tank look at half the sky in thick smoke from burning nefteskladov.

Gunners deploying cannon fire.

German armored vehicles traveling through the city.

Burning Taganrog, on the streets are broken machines, barrels, debris.

German troops in the city.

Soldiers marching down the road.

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Jozef Tiso Vojtech Tuka




Leningrad region Smolensk region

World War II; Political figures