Tonwoche № 540 (1941)

Newsreel №57611, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:03
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The head of Croatia, Ante Pavelic, is heading to the palace in a car to visit Prince Kirill.

Then he leaves the building and drives away.


Metallurgical plant, steelworkers work.

On November 14, 1941, in the Slovak town of Podbrezova, the foundation stone of a new metallurgical plant was laid, which became a shareholder of the German Joint Stock Company for Armament and Mechanical Engineering named after Hermann Goering.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Slovakia, Alexander Mach, who laid a commemorative cylinder in the foundation of the plant.

Construction plan, project of houses for workers.

Film director Hans Steinhoff shoots the film "The Life of Rembrandt" at the UFA film studio.

The film's set, extras in Rembrandt-era costumes.

The director is at the camera.

The makeup artist corrects the makeup of the actor.

Actor Ewald Balser, who plays Rembrandt in the scene near the house.


Four men sail on a yacht in the sea with equipment for spearfishing.

A masked man dives under the water with a harpoon in his hand.

Underwater shooting, swimming fish, stingray, octopus.

A man shoots a harpoon, hits a large fish, rises to the surface with it.


Military parade in Buyenos Aires.

State and political figures on the podium, applauding the troops passing through the parade march.

Personnel, equipment, cavalry and police units on parade.

The opening of the German exhibition on railway construction and bridge construction is being prepared in Paris.

Soldiers mount mock-ups of bridges on stands.

Construction of a railway bridge in occupied France by German sappers.

The German general inspects the construction, he welcomes the French construction workers-soldiers.

Start of the first train on the new section (a modern streamlined train), the train goes along the coast, over the bridge, through the tunnel.

German officers in the train car.

Eastern Front.

The northern section, near Lake Ladoga.

The advance of the Finnish wagons and soldiers on the winter road in the forest.

Rest by the campfire.

A squad of soldiers-scouts, dressed in camouflage, go on skis on a mission.

During the reconnaissance, there is a skirmish with Soviet units.

Calendar: 1941

Reel №2

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Eastern front.

The northern section, the Leningrad region.

German artillery firing on Soviet bunker.

Soldiers in helmets watched from the trenches of fire.

SS often willing to attack, they overcome the barbed wire and attack the Soviet bunker.

Finnish soldiers captured Soviet trenches.

Eastern front.

The central region, fights for Moscow.

A column of German convoys traveling on snowy roads.

In the distance is a monastery.

The wagons, field kitchen going on settlements.

Soldier-hour freezes on duty, showing his warm mittens, he wraps the face in the collar of his overcoat, wearing a balaclava under the helmet.

Close-up face of a soldier, who by snow frosted eyelashes.

On the ground sweeps drifting snow.

The signalers pull cable, climb the poles, establish a connection.

Soldiers signalers from the cold jump in place, clapping her arms.

The infantry enters the locality, soldiers drag a cannon, shoot.

Lights hut.

Shoot the German artillery.

In forest rides armored vehicle, the German tanks in the offensive.

For tanks goes infantry.

The entry of German troops into the village at night.

Burning houses in the dark.

On the snow-covered field lie the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Germans lead a column of Soviet prisoners of war, in a sleigh driven wounded.


German military transports sailing from Italy to North Africa, they are accompanied by Italian boats.

The soldiers on the deck of a ship, they sit, eat from the pot.

Arrival of transport in the port of destination, unloading troops and weapons.

General Rommel at the observation post at the forefront.

He discusses the situation with the officers on the map.

To Tobruk directed by German tanks and armored vehicles.

Rommel with binoculars watching the movement of troops.

Armored vehicles with guns hitched ride through the desert.

Italian soldiers dragging a box, the box sits on the Rommel, looking through a telescope.

Shoot the tanks and guns.

Antiaircraft guns firing at the English planes.

Aerial view of the ground.

English downed aircraft burning on the ground.

Italian artillery shooting until dusk, the smoke is in the air.

The Germans are the column captured the British and Americans, among them soldiers of the colonial troops.

The prisoners sit on the ground.

Close-ups of faces.

Key words

North Africa,

Calendar: 1941

Locations: Smolensk region [804] Tunisia [223] Leningrad region [785]

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