Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 723 (1944)

Newsreel №57612, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:31
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Germany. 70th anniversary of the writer Wilhelm von Scholz, an honorary doctorate from the University of Heidelberg.

He was in the garden with the dog.

He's in the library, on the walls hang photos of scenes from performances from his books.

Scholz in his office.


In wartime, the four sisters became mistresses at the sawmill of his brother, who had gone to the front.

They have cars.

On the bike rides the postman gives a letter from his brother, they read.

Performing various operations.

Finished goods warehouse / boards, commercial timber /.

The girls rolled logs.


Female instructors in schools of horse Wehrmacht.

Here prepare notation and rideable horses for the front.


Women on horseback.

A walk on the ground, overcoming obstacles.



The opening of the German Art Exhibition "RAD - 1944" / Imperial Service Labour /.

The exhibition features works by artists from imerskoy service labor service, the best of which were awarded the prize.

Head RAD Girlie Constantine and Reich Minister Hans Frank up the stairs.

In the exhibition hall: sculptures, paintings, reflecting the life and life RAD fighters.

Knight Knight's Cross oberfeldmeyster Fittsler became the prototype of the hero of one of the paintings.


Speech by Goebbels in Breslau, July 8, 1944.


Znamenonostsy walk down the aisle.

PNRM. hall.

The emergence of Goebbels.

He was on the podium.

Goebbels speaks about a large-scale attack of the enemy at Europe, the prevention of which requires each person individually and the entire nation as a whole considerable effort.

A storm of applause greeted the audience a message about the use of new weapons V-1. Dlinnnaya Goebbels speech in a direct recording.

Ovation Hall.

Eastern Front, Karelia.

Transportation of the German troops to the front to support the Finnish troops.

Shuttle and unloading of food and ammunition.

The German company of mountain shooters on the ferry.

Crossing the lake, the soldiers are resting, sleeping, using the moment.

German boat.


Finnish "son of regiment" - a teenage boy named Teppo at the Finnish part.

He mounts his horse, he sat down on it, jumping from soldier back rides.

Teppo - one of the fastest and most agile couriers that provide immense help to the soldiers.

He talks to women, they are embracing the boy.

On the Finnish artillery positions.

Meeting of officers of the card.

The shelling of the Soviet position.

Calculation with guns.

Key words




Calendar: 1944

Locations: France [77] Germany [84] Czech Republic [59]

Reel №2

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Western Front.

Coast Map.


Reservists are sent to the front.

Cars on the highway.

Those Marines.

Rear view of the column.

Distribution Front newspaper.

Soldiers reading a newspaper.

Title "Eisenhower did not catch us by surprise."

Marines on bicycles.

Overturn cars.


Air raid.

Machinery and infantry in the shelter.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft battery.

Drop downed American four-engine plane.

German units destroyed in the French city of Avranches.


German soldiers playing the organ.

Interior damaged by bombing cathedral.

Discussion of martial law in parts of the Waffen-SS. Officers of the map.

Tanks and infantry moving forward.

Tank, camouflaged with branches.

German observer.

shells toe.

Uncovered guns.

Infantrymen in a pause.

They have something to eat.

German to get caught in the woods kabanenkom.

German infantryman in the swamp.

Waffen-SS squad inspects the area.

The observer on the tree.

Start a firefight with the enemy.

Tanks go to the counter.

Shoot German guns.



Infantry attacks Anglo-American position.

Destroyed by American tanks.

Rewarding distinguished fighters Iron Crosses.

One of the heroes - the senior lieutenant Lustig.

The attack of German tanks.

The Germans in the burning city.

Key words

armored car SdKfz 234, Panther Tank, Sturmgeschutz III, M4 Sherman

Calendar: 1944

Locations: France [77]

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