Tonwoche № 586 (1942)

Newsreel №57694, 4 parts, duration: 0:15:07
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Occupied Ukraine.

In connection with the economic recovery of the eastern regions of the choicest factory stallions go to the suburbs.

Inspection of stallions at the station, they give birth in cars.

Railroader Notes documents.

Stallions in cars eating hay.

The train hit the road.

In the presence of caudillos in Madrid opening policies Phalangist female youth.

Franco accompanied by women bypasses the audience sitting at the table girl, engaged in needlework.

Stand with samples of crafts: embroidery, clothing for dolls, cloth.

Caudillo with women, the military, the priest walks around the yard.

In the courtyard of courses built units falangistok.

In connection with the visit caudillo girls were taken to the women's corps phalanx, they are given badges.

The ceremonial passing of the new housing units.

Girls at the banners.

In Romania, the agricultural exhibition was held, which gave a picture of agricultural production Sibiu province.

Little girl in the national costume standing between two huge pumpkins.

Personally sewn costumes and headdresses Sibiu peasants.

The original headdresses of flowers and ribbons.

Parade peasants.

Young people in national costumes marching past the rostrum with officials, pull your hands in a Nazi salute.

Two young men in hats with peacock feathers.

Ride wagons drawn by oxen, they sit peasants.

The cart on which the girl with a spinning wheel and a loom house.

In Denmark, a number of new grafted plants.

tobacco crop growing every year, improving its quality.

Harvesting tobacco leaves are loaded onto carts.

Women make out the leaves, put them out to dry.

Raw materials in the factory, where there is a production of tobacco machinery.

Handmade cigars.

Cigar in hand.

Continuously growing and breeding of fur-bearing animals.

Type in the nursery.

Pictures from one of the farms.

In the hands of the employee's silver fox, valuable platinum fox, mink.

Mink collar on a female coat.

Production processes at one of the German hosiery factories.

Over the past year at this factory it was produced 15 million.

Km of thread, an amount sufficient to cover the globe 375 times.

Working for the machines.

Knitting machine, which produces 30 per hour stocking in one continuous workflow.

Checking finished stocking.

Woman putting on stockings thin legs.

Mannequin legs in stockings reflected in mirrors.


In the race the "Auteuil" Horse racing at the Big Autumn Prize.

Jockeys are jumping on horseback, horse racing moments.

Won jockey on race horse named Kargaev, ahead of 15 competitors.

Key words


Locations: Ukraine [229] Spain [205] Romania [182] Denmark [60] Germany [84] France [77] Hungary [100]

Reel №2

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Occupied Ukraine.

The program of road building Galicia includes the construction of numerous bridges.

Local residents in the construction of a large wooden bridge over the river Vorotina.

On carts drive up the forest, carry materials to the trolley.

Working sawing, ax work.

View of the wooden bridge of 15 meters in height and 120 meters in length.


Soldiers Volunteer Legion sent to the eastern front.

Each soldier carries in his knapsack a warm coat, which is very useful on arrival.

The battalion marching down the street, escorted residents volunteer military band played.

Military operations near Leningrad.

Artillery fire on Kronstadt fortress, located on an island in the bay in Leningrad.

The photos were taken at a distance of 15 km telephoto.

Explosions in the fortress.

Burning Power Plant.

German artillery shelled the Soviet battleship "Marat", battleship blanket trying to become invisible.

German and Croatian planes fly on bombing Leningrad.

Aerial view of the harbor and city neighborhoods.

In regions of the Don and Volga: aviation and infantry to repel the attacks of Soviet troops.

A direct hit to the Soviet tank of his tower falls on its side.

Stalingrad, was once the capital of the Volga, turned into a dead city.

Kind of ruined Stalingrad dominant, visible Volga.

German soldiers flee in ruins.

The streets are everywhere engaged bunkers and barricades.

Broken Soviet equipment, guns, tanks on the streets.

Burned trams on rails.

Captured by the Germans train with Soviet tanks, not come down to the front.

The ruins of the Tractor Plant named after Dzerzhinsky, are parts of tanks in warehouses.

Broken factory shop.

The earth's surface is covered entirely destroyed weave reinforcement, rails, wires, etc.

The soldiers in the trenches of Stalingrad, the observer looking through binoculars on the Volga.

Military operations in France, near the Mediterranean Sea.

The morning hours of November 11th at the German-French demarcation line.

a wrist watch shows 7:00.

By order of the Fuehrer German motorized units come in a non-occupied zone in response to the raid allies in North Africa.

Crossing the line of demarcation.

Movement to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Columns of trucks passing through Toulouse, Carcassonne, Narbonne and other cities in the south of France.

German tanks passing Narbonne, residents watched the movement of troops.

A German soldier next to a French policeman at the crossroads.

German soldiers at rest, they sit on the ground, reading newspapers.

Outdoor kitchen distributes lunch.

French schoolchildren near the German spinning machines.

Soldiers sitting on the parapet of the bridge, swinging her legs.

It takes a train carrying tanks with fuel.

Pointer to Marseille, the gate opens, the tanks go on the pavement.

People watching the movement of German troops.

Directions tanks at the Arc de Triomphe.

The southern coast of France, is protected from any possible enemy attack.

Locations: Ukraine [229] Italy [110] USSR [863] France [77]

Reel №3


Factory producing boots in Vilnius.

Detailed display of the production processes.

Teen strip coat, lays her in the car.

The felt is wound into rolls, weighed on scales in stock.

The manufacture of boots made of felt on the pattern, Cut out boots wrapped in cloth and stripped.

Then boots put on pads for shaping, repel, and align the edge of the item.

Ready boots to throw on the pile.

Of the Soviet Union.

Loading horses into boxcars to send them to Germany from the occupied Eastern territories.


Parade phalanx in Madrid,Franco on parade.


Street processions of the population in traditional costumes in Romania.

Racing on the racetrack.

Locations: Lithuania [128] USSR [863] Spain [205] Romania [182]

Reel №4


Work on the restoration and the construction of Railways in occupied Poland.

Work is performed by a special construction battalions under the supervision of the German guards.

Laying of track.

Of the Soviet Union.


Construction of a wooden bridge in Galicia.


Seeing the troops on the Eastern front in Italy.

Of the Soviet Union.

Military actions near Leningrad.

Artillery fire on Kronstadt.

Burning power plant.

German artillery shelled Soviet battleship Marat at Kronstadt RAID."Marat is responsible for the fire.

Plaque German and Croatian planes on Leningrad.

The bombing of the harbour of Leningrad/in the frame harbour views/.

Of the Soviet Union.

The battle of Stalingrad.

German tanks burst into the city.

The fighting on the outskirts of the city.

The Ruins Of Stalingrad.

Broken trams.

Destroyed Stalingrad tractor factory.


Military action in France.

Joining the Nazi troops in the area of the unoccupied part of France.

German troops cross demarcation line.

The movement of motorized columns to the Mediterranean coast.

The troops of the invaders pass through Toulon and others.

City in the South of France.

Come to Marseille.

The passages of troops on the streets of Marseilles.

German tanks at the arc de Triomphe

Key words

Eastern front

Locations: USSR [863] France [77] Italy [110] Poland [177] Ukraine [229]

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