Tonwoche № 542 (1942)

Newsreel №57698, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:57
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Celebration of the 8th anniversary of the coming to power of the phalanx.

Torchlight procession in the night.

The grand ceremony at the Escorial.

Prime Minister Serrano Sunier at the grave of Primo de Rivera, lays flowers at the slab.

Arrival of Caudillo Franco for the ceremony in the Basilica of the Escorial, he is inside the basilica.

The parade of troops in front of Franco.

German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop arrives in Budapest on a visit, he is met by the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Bardoshi.

Bypass of the guard of honor.

The anthems of the two countries are played.

A motorcade of cars follows the snow-covered streets of the capital, residents greet the guest.

Laying a wreath at the monument to the German and Hungarian soldiers who died in the First World War.

The soldiers lower their banners.

The Parliament is meeting in Lisbon.

Delegations are arriving.

The head of the Portuguese government, Salazar António de Oliveira, protests against the violation of Portuguese neutrality by the British, who seized the island of Timor.

The audience is in the hall.

Residents listen to the speech on the radio in the square, clap.


Production processes at the factory for processing sheep leather and fur for the production of winter clothing for front-line soldiers.

There are men and women in the shop behind the machines.

Processing of skins, men clean off the skins of mezdra.

Bales of prepared hides in the warehouse.

Shop for cutting skins according to patterns.

Women sew skins on typewriters.

Ready-made overcoats with a fur lining are tried on by soldiers.

Opening of a new suspension road in the French Alps, snow-covered mountains (altitude 2000 m), climbing the mountain in a cab.

Skiers go out on the platform, go down.

Berlin hosted the Berlin-Bratislava ice hockey match, highlights of the game.

There are many soldiers among the spectators.

The score is 11: 1 in favor of Germany.

Locations: Spain [205] Hungary [100] Portugal [178] Latvia [122] France [77] Germany [84]

Reel №2

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Delivery of winter clothes and skis for the soldiers of the Eastern front by the population.

The population is sent to the collection point.

Sorting and packing things at the collection point.

Loading of things and skis in cars.

Arriving at the front, things are unloaded into trucks.

A caravan of cars goes to the position.

Trucks in the unit, soldiers unload things.

Delivery of items from the warehouse.

Soldiers try on warm clothes, boots, scarves, march with skis.

Finnish soldiers in camouflage uniforms walk through the snow.

The appearance of a Soviet fighter, the Finnish anti-aircraft gun fires.

The squad continues on its way.

Finns in the area of the White Sea-Baltic Canal.


Corpses of Soviet soldiers in the snow.

Fragments of a battle in a locality.

A soldier runs with a sledge, carrying a wounded man.

A soldier fires a machine gun.

A soldier near the vegetable storage building, looks in the door.

Captured Soviet soldiers.

Eastern Front.

The central section of the Smolensk-Bryansk-Kursk-Moscow line.

View of the estate of Leo Tolstoy in Yasnaya Polyana.

On a snow-covered field and road, German tanks, mechanized artillery are driving, soldiers are running after them.

The gunners deploy the cannon, shoot.

A Soviet tank is burning.

PNRM. on the burning city, on the street there are burning tanks.

The southern section of the eastern front.

On the line Kremenchug-Stalino-Dnepropetrovsk.

Italian troops in battle.

The gun fires.

The machine gunner hits from the broken window of the house.

View of the ruined city, the railway.

German soldiers cross the railway line.


Airfield, there are German planes.

Departure of German fighters.

Air combat with Anglo-American aircraft.

The downed English plane is flying down.

General Rommel is watching the air battle through binoculars.

The artillery is preparing for battle.

Radio operator at the radio.

Tanks are coming, artillery is firing.

Locations: Germany [84] USSR [863] Africa

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