Tonwoche № 552 (1942)

Newsreel №57705, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:18
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Arrival of the French state delegation led by Secretary of State Sechet (?).

The delegation is met by the colonial troops.

A parade in honor of the distinguished guests and the laying of a wreath at the grave of the British sailors who died at Mers-El-Kebir.

The delegation passes by a line of sailors.

In March 1942, after the resignation of the Bardoshi government, Miklos Kallai was appointed Prime Minister of Hungary.

Government building, new cabinet headed by Kallai.

THE USSR. Leningrad region.

Religious procession in Tikhvin, near the cathedral there is a crowd of residents with banners.

German soldiers near the rich salary of the icon of the Tikhvin Mother of God, which was given to the Pskov Cathedral.

The officer makes a speech, shakes hands with the priest.

A religious procession with a salary, people pass by the German commandant's office.

The priest speaks to the residents.


Landscape artist Academician Wilhelm Purvitis goes with an assistant to nature, paints a rural landscape.

The artist is in his studio.

Paintings by Purvitis in the Riga Art Gallery.

Visitors at an exhibition of his paintings.


In Copenhagen, the departure of Danish workers going to work in Germany took place, they are registered for the train.

Farewell to the family at the train station.

The train is on its way.

Advertising trip of French stars to Berlin.

French artists perform at the Berlin cabaret.

The poster of the actors ' performances in front of the French workers who left for Germany.

Daniel Darrier sings a humorous song.

Actors Vivian Romance and Albert Prejean are sitting in the audience.

The singer performs a German song accompanied by a quintet of girls playing accordions.


German actor and director Heinz Ruhman and actress Rada Stockelman visited Stockholm.

A walk around the city on a sleigh drawn by a pair of horses, a visit to the zoo.

Zoo residents: polar bears walk in the snow, cubs stand on their hind legs.

The actors have lunch at a local restaurant with customers sitting at long tables.

Locations: Algeria [4] Hungary [100] USSR [863] Latvia [122] Denmark [60] Germany [84] Sweden [211]

Reel №2

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Minister of the Civil Navy Chiron visits a steel plant.

He passes through the territory of the plant with accompanying persons, supervises the operation of blast furnaces, metal rolling.

In Berlin, an exhibition of contemporary art in Spain was held in the premises of the Academy of Arts on Unter den Linden.

Visitors in the halls of the exhibition inspect the exhibits: paintings on genre scenes and portraits, sculpture.

Bust of Franco in the uniform of a general.

The arrival of Goebbels in Vienna for the fascist demonstrations on the occasion of the anniversary of the Anschluss.

The car with Goebbels drives past a crowd of residents, columns of soldiers.

German soldiers with fascist banners.

Goebbels arrives at the Heroes ' Square in the Hofburg, and the crowd cheers wildly.

Goebbels and his entourage on the balcony of the building.

He leaves the building, children approach him with flowers.

Children in the crowd wave swastika flags.

Goebbels, standing in a car, drives down the street, responds to the cheers of the crowd.

In Brussels, the ceremony of sending the legionnaires of the Wallonia division to the eastern front is taking place.

Parts of the legionnaires are lined up on the square, and the ceremony of handing over the banner to the members of the youth organization is being held.

The march of the legionaries through the city, in front of the young men with banners.

Seeing off at the train station, the train departs.

Eastern Front.

Northern section, Leningrad.

German soldiers dig trenches in the frozen ground, carry out blasting operations.

Construction of dugouts made of logs.

The gunners are strengthening their position.

On alarm, the soldiers run along the trench to the battery, open fire from the cannon on the village, the church is visible in the distance.

Soldiers run through the snow, past burned-out houses and protruding chimneys.

Artillery bombardment of Leningrad.

Awarding the soldiers of the Spanish division with the Iron Cross.

Blue Division headquarters, sentry at the entrance.

German General Lindemann awards Spanish General Munoz Grande.

Delivery of ammunition on a snow-covered road.

Clearing roads of snow in 30-degree frost, soldiers remove snow.

Close-up of a German soldier with a frozen mustache and an icicle under his nose.

Snow-covered village, soldiers make passes in the snow.

On the feet of the soldier, homemade bast shoes made of matting are put on the boots.

Soldiers pass through the trenches.

Fighting in the Crimea.

Romanian artillery in action, the cannon fires in the forest area.

A horse runs through the smoke, shying away from the sounds of explosions.

German and Romanian soldiers comb the forest, conducting a joint operation against the partisans, enter the village.

Burning houses, soldiers carry out the demolition of the house.


General Rommel arrives at the front line in a car.

Together with the Italian General Cavaliero, he discusses the situation at the front.

Landing at the field airfield of the German ace pilot Marcel, he is greeted by his comrades.

Actions of the Italian anti-aircraft artillery.

An English plane in the sky, guns hitting the plane, it falls to the ground, engulfed in flames.

German fighter jets take off into the air, firing from the air at ground targets.

The radio operator in the plane transmits a message in Morse code, the marching radio station receives it.

Sandstorm in the desert in the war zone.

Soldiers reinforce the tents to save them from being destroyed by the sandstorm.

After the storm, the soldiers get out of hiding.

German tanks are on the offensive in the desert.

Locations: Spain [205] Germany [84] Austria [16] USSR [863] Belgium [22] Crimea [981] Africa

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