Tonwoche № 663 (1944)

Newsreel №57708, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:32
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Easter service in one of the Russian refugee camps.

The announcer emphasizes that these are people who voluntarily left from the east to the west together with the German army.

The priest blesses the crowd, leads the procession around the church.

After the service, the faithful are introduced together with their guests.

Adults and children at the table, according to custom, they break eggs, kiss.

A girl on the camp commandant's lap.

French President Marshal Petain arrives in Paris to attend a memorial service for the victims of the Anglo-American bombing raid.

A motorcade of cars and motorcycles rides down the street.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Paris meets Petain at the portal of the cathedral of Notre-Dame, they enter the cathedral.

The memorial service is attended by leading figures of Vichy France and the German occupation authorities.

After the memorial service, Marshal Petain goes to the city hall.

A crowd of people on the square in front of the building greets Petain, who came out on the balcony of the town hall.

Despite all the difficulties of wartime in Bulgaria, the construction of a modern sanatorium was completed in due time.

The Bulgarian Queen Mother takes part in the opening ceremony of the sanatorium.

The priest conducts the rite of blessing.

The staff meets the Queen Mother, takes her through the interior of the sanatorium, which bears the name of Tsar Boris III.

A boxing match between Dutch middleweight champion Van Damme and Belgian champion Felix Guters took place at the Brussels Sports Palace.

Moments of the match, the faces of the fans.

Van Damme wins by knockout.

The first horse races of this year were held in Belgrade in front of 8 thousand spectators.

Racetrack, people at the ticket office.

The bell rings, and the race begins.

The military among the spectators.

Winner close-up.

Locations: Germany [84] France [77] Bulgaria [34] Belgium [22] Yugoslavia [247]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The first spring match racing cyclists are in Berlin, in a circle of 1700 meters.

Cyclists ride through the streets wet with rain.

Winner Angern.

Lieutenant General Specht, holder of the Iron Cross Knight's degree with oak leaves, the inspector general of the army command generates views of the future officers who are serving the state labor service.

Marching workers' detachments with shovels in their hands.

General stands in front of soldiers, sitting on a bench.

Specht shoots from a rifle at the target.

Students demonstrate the general athletic skills, they pull the rope, performing sports exercises, conducted steeplechase cross-country, are struggling.

The squadron "Immelmann" in one of the German front-line airfields on the Eastern Front combat flight marks the one hundred thousandth.

The commander of one of the compounds of general aviation Tesla accompanied by Colonel Staefa detachment commander bypass operation pilots.

Rewarding pilots, in the unit, two new Knight of the Iron Cross Knight's degree.

Squadron takes off on another job.

Cavalier of the Iron Cross Knight's degree of Lieutenant General Grossi is sworn newly formed Italian naval units.

Story of seafarers in the square held a ceremony for the blessing of a priest.

The newly formed Serb volunteer regiments sent to the eastern front.

Residents of the town of escort soldiers among the crowds seen Muslim women in veils.

Before the departure of the military echelon.

The soldier is writing a letter home.

Playing a military band and soldiers in the dance.

Eastern front.

Grenadier, SS troops and volunteers Latvians discourage all attempts to break through the Soviet troops on the Narva front.

Shoot the German artillery.

Soviet planes bombed German artillery position.

Soviet anti-aircraft guns shot down the plane. 4:00 continues German counterattack artillery, flamethrowers firing at Soviet positions.

The tanks are on the attack on the snow, followed by the grenadiers.

View from the slot on the tank area.

The captured Soviet trenches, the prisoners, the show captured persons.

Burning away the house.

Go scout in camouflage.

Rest of German soldiers, they smoke.

One soldier shows his helmet with a hole punched in it.

Awarding of grenadiers and Latvian volunteers orders at the forefront.

Locations: Germany [84] Italy [110] Serbia

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