Tonwoche № 673 (1944)

Newsreel №57722, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:56
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Estonian Commissar General Ober Gruppenfuhrer SA Litzman receives a delegation of Estonian peasants who worked in Germany.

They report on their work and share their impressions of the Reich.

The director of the Estonian Land Administration, Miae, talks to the peasants at the table.


Ruins of houses after the bombing, chimneys sticking out.

German soldiers walk along the cobblestone pavement past the ruins of the city.

On the wall of the building hangs a propaganda poster: a drawing of a soldier with a bandaged hand and the inscription - " How do you help to win?".

Mobilization of Latvians in the volunteer legion "Latvia", admission committee.

Medical examination of volunteers, issuance of a document.

Recruits try on uniforms.

Latvian soldier wearing a helmet with the SS emblem.

Patch on the sleeve: "Latvia".

Lines of volunteers on the square.

Residents see off the volunteers who are leaving for the eastern front, girls in national costumes throw flowers into the columns.

Soldiers march down the street.

Latvian soldiers on exercises.

They march along the road to the place of study.

The soldiers study the artillery pieces on the battery, learn how to handle the devices.

Anti-aircraft crew at the gun.

The officer sets another task for the soldiers.

They go up the applied ladder through the embankment, take out the cartridges, load the rifles, shoot at the target.

Latvian soldiers arrive at the front on a ship, they descend from the ramp, march along the pier.

The passage of the division along the street of the city, in front of the orchestra.

Residents watch the movement of the column.

Fight against speculation in one of the occupied eastern cities.

The patrol on the street checks the documents of passers-by.

The stopped man opens a briefcase, in it two boxes with products with inscriptions in German.

The man drops his briefcase and runs, but the patrol stops him.

Police headquarters building, criminal records.

The arrested person is fingerprinted and checked against a database.

Propaganda posters with appeals: "What have you done for Latvia?", posters calling for vigilance.

The cabinet on the street is covered with posters, which the residents look at.

A Latvian soldier-artist draws another poster, it is printed in a printing house.

Cultural and social life continues in occupied Latvia.

A cabaret performance, two girls dancing.

Women are employed in earthworks for the construction of fortifications and ditches.

Men work on construction sites, cleaning the banks of the river.

Construction of shelters in the village.

Works on the installation of fortifications are being carried out near Riga.

Marching youth labor groups in East Prussia, the guys go to work on bicycles.

Students at work.

Teenagers, old people, and women are working on the construction of the defensive line.

View from the plane on the fortifications and the defensive line.

The northern section of the front - Narva, Dunaburg.

The Soviet troops are completely broken, everywhere you can see broken guns, equipment, shells are lying.

Captured Soviet soldiers in the ranks.

German soldiers ride bicycles on the road past the broken Soviet guns, overturned cars.

A German truck with soldiers is driving.

Soldiers near a Soviet tank, looking at the holes in the armor.

Inspection of a captured American tank with Russian inscriptions.

Mechanized artillery, masked by branches, rides on the road in the forest.

Artillery is firing across the river, burning buildings are visible.

German tanks in the attack on the village.

The soldiers lead the prisoner.

SS Grenadiers are discussing a plan of attack, they are in a village.

SS Gruppenfuhrer, defender of Kovel Gille confers with the officers at headquarters near the map.

Movement of mechanized troops on the road, field.

German soldiers walk through a blooming field.

German tanks are coming.

Soldiers run across the field, hiding behind the haystacks.

Tanks and artillery are firing, houses are burning.

German soldiers advance in the village past burning huts, broken Soviet tanks.

They climb on top of the tank, look at the holes.

View of the scorched and burning area.

Locations: Estonia [70] Latvia [122]

Reel №2

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Flight school for Latvian volunteers.

Story cadets near the German planes.

The officer gives the job.

On the sleeve badge, "Ostland".

A student sits in a light plane in the air performs aerobatics.

On the ground the flight of watching comrades.

Planting, cadet instructor gives a report.

Comrades congratulate him on the successful flight, throw in her arms, and then carry out a kind of baptism - poured a bucket of water on him.

In Riga charities arrange hot meals to refugees.

Women from the organization clean vegetables, cook them soup.

The woman opens the oven gets the meat, which is put into the soup.

The boy comes to a woman sitting at a table, it removes voucher coupon.

For tables, refugees, women poured into soup plates.

Woman pours soup bidonchik that stretches girl.

From the entrance of the mission come from old granddaughter with a basket in her hand.

Latvian women sew clothes on machines, felt slippers.

Manufacturing in studio packs of tissues.

Latvian Volksdeutsche go to Germany.

Families in carts loaded with utensils, go down the street to the train station.

Soldiers help load stuff into the car.

The soldier submits baby doll.

Women with small children in the car.

At the station, organized distribution of hot food from the field kitchen, dry rations.

Women from the charity come with buckets and boxes to the carriages, teenagers from the youth organizations have a drawer.

Distribution of food to people on the train.

Departure of the train, view from the train window at the countryside.

Stop in Sasnietse, people go on the platform.

Passengers near the wash column.

A line of carts with things and people is directed to a new location, they meet other immigrants.

Children playing with a dog, visiting the courtyard.


The concert for the soldiers volunteer troops Ostland.

Clown Klaus Fritsch takes a humorous number in the role of a waiter-drinkers.

He cleared the table, he sees one of them left the bottle and begins to actively fight the urge to drink it.

Spectators soldiers laughing and clapping.

Locations: Latvia [122] Germany [84]

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