Tonwoche № 592 (1942)

Newsreel №57723, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:54
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Across the country there are numerous celebrations, devoted to the 6th anniversary of the murder of the founder of the Spanish phalanx Antonio Primo de Rivera.

Members are under the banner of the phalanx.

Young people carry a huge wreath.

A number of student groups sent on foot into the Escorial, located 50 km from Madrid, to honor Rivera.

They come to the palace, go to the gym with tombstones, raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

In the evening, held a torchlight procession, accompanying the crown of the Spanish people to the Escorial.

In Madrid, in the presence of Franco caudillo, the public and representatives of friendly countries held a solemn service in the church.

The Romanian community Vitsirka consecrated a new church.

The people at the church.

There is a godfather move.

Two years ago on the orders of the Fuhrer in Paris were transported the mortal remains of the son of Napoleon 1st Duke Reyhshtadskogo, who died in Vienna in 1832.

The memory of that day at the Palais des Invalides solemn liturgy.

The sarcophagus in the hall, wreaths, standing guard of honor.

To connect the railway network in Transylvania to Hungary for two years 27 thousand workers were building the railway length is 50 km from the Cheretfalvy to Santa.

At the opening of the route comes Admiral Horthy, he cut the ribbon.

The priest holds the blessing ceremony.

Horthy a train, the train arrives at the station.

The people welcomed Horthy, there is a solemn meeting.

Bakery plant near Kiev has been brought into complete disrepair Bolsheviks.

German troops put in order the factory, which now supplies the bread as the civil population and the troops are in Kiev.

Manufacturing processes in the factory.

In Bordeaux goes great bullfight.

In the arena there are bullfighters.

Most of the audience is made up of the German soldiers and the Spanish workers who work in the south of France.

In the arena woman rides a horse, welcomed the audience.

Begins a bullfight, the bull defeated.

Reel №2

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The Berlin Sports Palace held a contest between Berlin hockey club skaters and the Hungarian national team.

Moments of the game, it is a draw.

The head of Portugal, President Antonio di Oshkar Frangozu Carmona celebrated the 73rd anniversary of his birth.

In Lisbon, the President congratulated the delegation.

The houses were decorated with flags, portraits of Carmona.

In memory of this event to the house where he was born president, was nailed a board with a memorable date - November 22, 1942.


Farmers plow oxen.

The announcer said that the population located in areas occupied by German troops, could easily continue their work.

Knight Iron Cross, General Fisher is sent to the forefront in Teburba area.

He sits in the armored vehicle that travels on the road.

Fisher looking through binoculars from a height.

in the foothills of the mountains view.

He walks past the wrecked US tanks that were destroyed during the first attack, broken tools of the enemy.

Tank, bogged down in the mud, the tank is drawn US flag "Ben-Hur", "Tiger".

Eastern front.

The northern section, forests in Karelia.

General Dietl on the cutting edge inspection with the officers, he gives instructions, produces award Iron Crosses of German soldiers in honor of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Finland.

Northern Section.

Soldiers produce camouflage painting helmets in white.

Passing by a German rider, he also paint over the helmet.

Soldiers in camouflage erect strengthening of snow blocks.

At the headquarters of the desk officer working with the map.

German signalers under fire from Soviet snipers pass link, eliminate damage.

Sniper wounded soldiers, comrades carried him on a stretcher.


Floods in Kuban, the Germans in a rubber boat.

Slovak soldiers are knee-deep in water.

Cavalry overcomes an overflowing creek by footbridge.

German observer looking through binoculars.

German weapon strikes on a residential house, which scatters in the air.

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