Tonwoche № 702 (1945)

Newsreel №57729, 1 part, duration: 0:10:31
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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1. Germany.

Alps in winter.

A huntsman in Tyrolean clothes lays out armfuls of hay on the snow, gives a signal to the deer with a tap of a stick, they come out of the forest, eat from feeders.

2. Slovakia.

Young people are taught the basics of first aid.

The instructor shows the drugs, the young men make a dressing.

Girls learn to dress wounds, knit things for the wounded at the table.

3. Visit of Norwegian Prime Minister Winkund Quisling to Hitler.

He enters the office with the officers, sits down at the table with Ribbentrop and the generals.

The Fuhrer enters the office, shakes hands with Quisling, and talks to him.

4. Arrival of the train with the wounded on the Eastern front in Germany.

Adults, children and young people run to the train, greeting the wounded.

Transfer of packages with treats from the Red Cross to the train.

The wounded with their relatives and friends.

Departure of the wounded in the bus.

5. The Western Front.

On the Aachen-Julich-Maastricht-Strasbourg line.

German troops enter the city recaptured from the Americans.

Fighting on the ground, artillery fires, soldiers hit from a grenade launcher.

Soldiers by the road.

Fires a six-barrelled mortar from the forest.

The faces of German soldiers.

There are British bombers in the sky, and soldiers are watching them from the ground.

German tanks are coming, masked by branches.

PNRM. through snow-covered terrain.

In the trench, the enemy's tanks are knocked out.

German submachine gunners in camouflage uniforms in the trenches.

6. The Eastern Front.

On the Danzig-Lodz line.

Retreating German units and German refugees on carts from East Prussia.

Trucks with people and things are passing by.

A column of prisoners is being led down the street.

Prisoners and Germans are building fortifications.

Refugees at the station, they get on the train, the soldiers wave their hands at them.

Reception of refugees at the German reception point, registration of their documents.

Nurses prepare and distribute food to the refugees.

7. Germany.

Volkssturm fighters, armband with the inscription "German Volkssturm of the Wehrmacht".

The soldiers at the train station take fuel canisters from the truck, they are given weapons, faustpatrons.

Mini-wedges roll down from trucks.

The soldiers pass the shells along the chain.

8. Poland, Silesia.

German tanks are moving forward.

Pointer to Katowice.

On the way to the city, soldiers-cyclists ride, children look at them.

Soldiers set up a cannon on the street, preparing for street battles.

Scouts in camouflage go against the background of the factory in the snow.

A propaganda poster hangs on the wall.

A squad of Volkssturm fighters with faustpatrons takes up a position.

A young soldier with a rifle at the parapet.

Mechanized artillery is coming.

The infantry goes through the snow-covered field behind the tanks.

The artillery starts firing.

View from the plane on the ground, roads and objects.

Trenches with soldiers near the coast.

A soldier with a rifle and grenades in a trench.

The corporal collects the money in the cap, which the soldiers throw, notes in the leaflet.

9. Kurland.

Scenes of the movement of German wagons in a blizzard.

Soldiers dig out a truck stuck in the snow.

The soldiers are clearing the road with shovels and kyle.

Signalmen in camouflage uniforms pass along the line, checking the connection.

10. Fighting in the vicinity of Budapest.

German panzer offensive south of Budapest.

Broken Soviet tanks on the outskirts of the city.

PNRM. hungarian city, on the road go tanks.

The population welcomes the German troops.

Locations: Germany [84] Slovakia [198] Poland [177] Hungary [100]

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