NS Khrushchev during celebrations and international meetings (1937-1964)

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Scene №1 NS Khrushchev during celebrations and international meetings

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GM Malenkov of the floor on one of the pre-election meetings in the autumn of 1937 (synchronously).

Malenkov finishes his speech, leaving the platform, standing by NS Khrushchev applauds him.

Khrushchev speaking from the podium (synchronously).

Khrushchev in the Kremlin speaks during a meeting with foreign guests in the 1959-1960 year, the face of Khrushchev's interlocutor.

Khrushchev discussing the issue with an assistant during one of the international meetings.

Cameraman shoots Khrushchev.

Panorama of Red Square during May Day demonstration in 1963 (top).

Those demonstrators.

Demonstrators carry a portrait of Khrushchev embracing Castro F.

On the podium guest are people with the Cuban flag.

Khrushchev from the podium of the mausoleum welcomes the participants of the demonstration.

Demonstrators greet Khrushchev.

A general view of Red Square during a demonstration (the top).

Indian elephants bathing in the river.

Drovers of elephants greet the motorcade of the Soviet delegation during the visit of Khrushchev and Bulganin, NA India in November-December 1955.

Khrushchev and Bulganin out of the car, the people welcome them.

Khrushchev and Bulganin examine breeding bulls and cows of Indian breeds, Khrushchev asking questions.


Khrushchev holding hands on the cock.

Bulganin and Khrushchev climb on the elephant.

Bulganin and Khrushchev ride on an elephant.

Panorama citywide rally in honor of the Soviet guests in one of the cities of India.

Khrushchev goes to the podium with his hand sitting on a white dove.

In the sky fly a bunch of balloons.

A general view of the stadium during a citywide rally.

Khrushchev and Bulganin during an inspection of one of the farms.

Chickens peck grains.

Bulganin and Khrushchev visiting the Indian hens and chickens.

Types of land of one of India's agricultural cooperatives, tractors and combines, lined up along the road.

Panorama of the corn plantations and fields of one of the agricultural cooperatives.

The Soviet delegation during the examination of one of the cooperatives.

Presentation Bulganin symbol necklace guest of honor.

Drovers sit on elephants, standing along the road during the motorcade of the Soviet delegation.

Drovers ride on elephants.

Soviet delegation motorcade passes through one of the small towns of India, people on the roadsides welcomed the Soviet guests.

Panorama of the stadium grandstand in a city during a rally in honor of the Soviet guests.

Girl wears around his neck a necklace of flowers Khrushchev.

The Indians welcomed the Soviet guests.

Speech by children at the stadium before the Soviet visitors.

Panorama of one of the Indian ports.

Meeting Bulganin and Khrushchev population of Calcutta.

Bulganin and Khrushchev in the Kremlin during a meeting with leaders of manufacture.

The members of the Guidelines of the Ukrainian SSR on the podium during the May Day celebrations in 1938.

Khrushchev welcomed the participants from the podium Day demonstration, a general view of the rostrum.

The troops pass in front of the podium.

Khrushchev on the podium, held the Red Army with rifles at the ready.

Flies government plane.

View of UN building in New York.

Khrushchev in the studio during the telecast.

Interior view of the printing shop, the worker unwraps a fresh issue of the newspaper.

NS Khrushchev made a speech during a banquet in the Kremlin in 1964.

General view of the St.

George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace during the banquet (above).


Nikita Khrushchev [882] - a state and political figure Georgy Malenkov Maksimilianovich - state and political figure Nikolai Bulganin - state and political figure

Calendar: 1937 1938 1955 1964

Locations: Moscow [820] New York [856] India [103] Kiev [933]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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