The Civil War in Russia (1918-1920)

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Scene №1 The Civil War in Russia

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Battles with the anarchists on the streets of Moscow in 1918.

Machine-gun fire on the sidewalk is for anarchists.

The bodies of those killed during the fighting in Yaroslavl in 1918.

First aid to the wounded.

Removal of the wounded during street battles.

Soldiers and sailors on the streets of Yaroslavl, a homemade bomb with a fuse laid out.

The remains of burnt houses in Yaroslavl.

The building of the Yaroslavl Theological Seminary, has suffered from the shelling.

Damaged buildings of Yaroslavl.

The terrorist Savinkov BV Destroyed building shopping malls in Yaroslavl.

Uritsky MS coming out of the Smolny.

Face Uritsky.

Photo VI Lenin during a meeting of the CPC in October 1918, working telegraph.

Part of the Red Army during the parade.

Portraits Tukhachevsky MN, VV Kuibyshev, soldiers and commanders of the Red Army.

The leaflet with the message about Samaria was taken.

The ships of the Volga Flotilla.

Unloading sacks of grain from the ship.

Cartage on the Volga river in anticipation of loading.

Loading grain wagons.

Part of the Red Army in the campaign.

Photos country roads.

Photos VK Blucher, the scenery outside the window of the car.

Portrait IE Yakir Education recruits possession of a rifle sight installation.

Photo of the Red Army.

Part of the Red Army marching through the streets of villages and towns.

The soldiers who go to the Polish front in 1920, located on Theater Square in Moscow.

Part of the Red Army pass in front of MI Kalinin Artillery guns and limbers during transportation by rail.

Pass the units of the Red Army.

Paintings depicting the send-off of the Red Army at the front.

Those Red Army.

Landing troops in echelon.

The Red Army is writing on the board of an armored train its name.

armored command runs along the train by alarm.

The sailors and ship platform boxes of ammunition.

The soldiers sit in cars.

Seeing Red Army units at the railway station.

Division of the Red Army crosses the railroad tracks.

The soldiers jump into the departing train.

The military echelon sent to the front.

The soldiers on the train, on the platform.

Passing improvised armored artillery platform.

View of the bronevagona and technical armored platform.

Leaving the front echelon, the sailor jumps on the bandwagon of the last car.

Lenin speaks from the balcony of the Moscow City Council January 19, 1919 at a rally to protest against the murder of K. Liebknecht and R. Luxemburg, Lenin's Red Army soldiers listen.

Kind of a city street on which the horse artillery (top) moves.

Admiral Kolchak, AV It bypasses the operation of one of the Cossack troops during a visit to the troops in 1919.

Kolchak on the deck of one of the ships of the Siberian Flotilla.

Kolchak talks with officers.

Panorama railway station from Skopje to her military cargo.

Tanks sent to the British, standing on platforms.

Photo AI Denikin, bypassing the system of the military unit.

The inscription "In Moscow" on board the armored train of the White Guard.

View of the armored train.

Pass the white guard and armored troop trains.

The division of the White Army attacks an enemy of the cars.

Cossack hundred fifty to wade the stream, turns to attack.

The explosion of the bridge over the river.

Attacks a white horse.

General Yudenich NN at your desk.

Review of one of the Cossack units of the White Army.

Armored leave the position.

A column of armored vehicles moving on the road.

Posters calling for the defense of Petrograd.

Humming factory whistles.

Wire fence on the square in front of St.

Isaac's Cathedral in the days of the offensive Yudenich on Petrograd.

A tram with guns on platforms.

Fire red artillery position near Petrograd, snowstorm sweeps.

Red cavalry makes a forced march, goes on the attack, machine-gunners firing at the enemy.

The cavalry attack by the railway bridge.

View of the field from advancing on him by the Red Army.


Lenin Vladimir Ilyich [841] - a state and political figure Uritsky Moses Solomonovich - revolutionary and politician Savinkov Boris Viktorovich - the revolutionary and political leader, the terrorist Alexander Kolchak - Naval, state and political figure, polar explorer Nikolai Yudenich - commander

Calendar: 1918 1919 1920

Locations: Moscow [820] Yaroslavl region [812] Petrograd [959] Siberia [926]

Seasons: Winter [823] Summer [824] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

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