Outcasts (1989)

Documentary №58, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:23
Production: Krasnoyarsk studio
Director:Bolotin A.
Camera operators:S. Tishkevich
Sound mixer:V. Starokozheva
Other authors:A. Mihajlov


On the shores of a tundra lake, several people have been living for more than 10 years.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The film tells about the people who are tired of living in big cities and settled in the extreme conditions of the Far North, with hunters on the Taimyr Peninsula - A. Kopitova, Protasov, Yu Tyumentseva, VA police department, E. Vereshchynsky.

Hunters come in the house, talking to each other (synchronous); A. Kopitov playing guitar (synchronously).

Landscapes of the North.

Protasov, Yu Tyumentsev talk about themselves (synchronously).

Yu Tyumentsev talks with tourists in the house (synchronously).

Hunters engaged chores: carrying water from the river, work in the greenhouse, bread baking in the oven.

Hunters extinguish a fire in the forest.

Type the northern village: children playing in the yard.

Hunters talk to the receptionist Hantayskogo executive committee of the village council of people's deputies

Dudinka Taimyr Autonomous Okrug (synchronously).

Key words

Social and family life and leisure.
Local public authorities and institutions.
Protection of nature and environment.
Social and family life and leisure.
Local public authorities and institutions.
Protection of nature and environment.


Kopytov Protasov Tyumentsev Rovda

Locations: Taimyr

Seasons: Spring Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Forest fire.

Cloudy sky.

The hunter enters the hut.

View of the bay and hilly terrain.

On the river kayak.

The river reflects the mountains.

There are three men paddling in a kayak.

Ripples on the water.

Hunters and a dog at the tent.

Kayak on the water.

Hunters at a wooden table.

View of the river through the branches of trees.

The hunters at the table are talking, looking at the map.

Hunters drink tea.

Cards on the table, an old-style passport.

Panorama of the coast with wooden buildings and a hunter's hut.

Hunters at the table.

Mountain view.

Forest fire.

A hunter with a bucket climbs the hillock.

Small greenhouse, fenced garden.

The hunter collects radishes, washes them in a bucket of water.

Panorama of the mountain range.

View of the river.

The hunter covers the bed with a film.

A bowl of radishes.

A butterfly sits on the hunter's head.

The hunter treats the beds from weeds.

View of the river.

Hunter about life and work in the Far North.

Panorama of snow-capped mountains and rivers.

The hunter covers the seedlings with a film.

A pile of stones and a view of the chimneys of the city's factories.

The ceiling is made of wooden beams, a wood-burning stove.

The hunter scoops a cup of flour from the box, pours it into a sieve.

The hunter sifts the flour.

On the walls are utensils of rural life.

Hunter kneads the dough.

Kerosene lamps, packs of cigarettes on the stove.

Proofing the dough.

Panorama of the mountains.

The hunter looks at the river, smokes a cigarette.

The hunter opens the oven flap, takes out the bread forms, turns the loaves on the newspaper.

The hunter covers the loaves with a towel.

Newspaper article: "So who won't finish the house?"

Key words

Forest, mountains, river, tundra, forest fires, agriculture


Anatolij Kopitov, Vladimir Protasov, Yurij Tyumencev, Vladimir Rovda, Evgenij Vereschincev

Locations: Taimyr

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A hunter with a gun lands on the beach, he is met by a dog.

The hunter shakes hands with a colleague.

Another hunter hugs the dog.

The dog gives a paw to the hunter.

The other two watch, laughing.

The hunter adjusts the tarp on the woodcutter, jumps to the ground.

The hunters go to the back of the yard.

A barge is moving along the river.

Hunters watch from the shore, smoke.

A wooden table covered with utensils.

The hunter changes the motor in the boat.

The hunter discusses the working moments.

Kirza boots are drying.

The hunters are preparing for dinner.

The hunter slices dried red fish.

Hunters communicate.

Hunter on the shore, sitting on a snag, near the boat.

Water surface.

The snag.

Panorama of the mountain range on the other side of the bay.

The sun's rays.

The window of the hut.

The sun is setting in the mountains.

A quick movement of the clouds.

Helicopter in the sky.

View from the helicopter.

Helicopter over the village.

A woman saws a log.

Another woman pulls out a child whose boots are stuck in the clay.

Boys and a pack of dogs run after the tractor.

An old lady with an axe.

Hunters go through the village, off-road.

Rural residents.

Dogs at the porch of the local Executive Committee.

Hunters in the Executive Committee, a female secretary accepts documents.

Rural off-road, men at the barn.

Female secretary.

The persons of the hunters, they ask to consider their application for the provision of land for their own construction.

Female secretary.


The female secretary says goodbye to the hunters.

From the authors of the film: "The issue of land allocation has been resolved positively."

The branches of the fir tree shake in the wind.

The hunter's face.

Picturesque view of the river bay.

Panorama of the mountain range.

Mountains are reflected in the water.

The movement of a motor boat on the water.

The names of the fishers of the Taimyr Peninsula: A. Kopytov, Vladimir Protasov, Yuriy Tyumentsev, Uladzimir Rouda, Eugene Virescence.

Key words

River, forest, tundra, dog, mountains, hunters, countryside.


Anatolij Kopitov, Vladimir Protasov, Yurij Tyumencev, Vladimir Rovda, Evgenij Vereschincev

Locations: Taimyr

Seasons: Summer [824]

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