March-April.. (1963)

Film-document №5807 1 part, Duration: 0:09:53, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gorchilin I.

Operators: Gorchilin I., Komarov V.


A view geographic film about the spring in the Moscow Region.

Temporary description

Landscapes: sunrise, morning in a snowy forest. Forest dwellers: deer, squirrels, wild boars, birds. Ice fishing on the river by amateur fishermen. Flowering willow, thawed patches in the forest, arriving cranes, starlings, rooks. Floating of ice on a river. Spring thaw, flooding. Men shoot rabbits with ice, ring them to produce a dry place in the woods. The farmers are preparing agricultural machines for spring sowing. Kolhoznicy attendant-fed chickens, collect eggs. Flowering trees: cherry, apple. The appearance of the first flowers.

Reel №1


Morning in winter snow-covered forest.

The sun's rays shine through the trees.

PNRM. trees.

Runs roe.

Owl in a tree - CU.

Trail in the sky from overflying aircraft.

From the tops of the trees showered snow.

Woodpecker on a tree.

PNRM. forest edges.

Running hare.

Hare tracks - CU.

Boys are the tracks.

Run deer, wild boar - LS.

Boy running on skis.

Squirrel sits on a tree - CU.

Titmouse on a branch - MS.

Ice fishing: sitting on hole fishermen, frozen fish.

Blossoming willow.

Boy with willow branches in their hands.

The boys beat the birch birdhouse.

High in the sky flying birds.

First thawed patches in the forest.


Birdhouse departs from Starling.

Starling on a tree.

Rooks on the trees and over their nests.

Spring thaw.

Tractor driver repairs drill.

Female hands with grain.

Machine-examine farm machinery.

Men's feet are in the boots in the mud - CU.

Stormy spring flows.

Ice drift on the river - different.

Frog primerzshaya paw to the ice.

In the sky, soaring bird.

The river free of ice - PNRM.

Hares in flood: land on the islands, surrounded by water on the ice.

Rangers catch these birds, ring them and released into the forest.

The river, over the banks.

PNRM. by birch trees and sky with cumulus clouds.

Trees in the water.

Floating duck and drake - MS., LS. (Evening).

Sunset over the water, in the water reflects the sun.

About Belarus.

Fighting two home white cock.

Attendant are carrying a basket of eggs, feed the chickens at a poultry farm.

PNRM. by birch trunks.

Snowdrops - MS.

Unfold birch buds.

The first leaves.

Droplets of resin on pine branches.

Cherry blossom, apple.

Plow plowed land, raw seams fall off the earth - CU.

Man in the box takes up the ground, rubbing her hands.

Plowed field.

Man looks into the distance.