Lights Of Moscow Metropolitan.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Nebylickiy B.

Script writers: Kozyrev E.

Operators: Serov G.

Composers: Solovev-Sedoy V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


About the building of Moscow metropolitan.

Temporary description

The train moves along the train tunnel (Moscow). Station Arbatskaya. Trackman inspect the road surface. Repairmen at work. Master Antonov checks the quality of work is included in the center, said on the microphone (synchronously). In the park there are electric. Pass machinists. The engineer inspects the train. Train wash. Employees clean room station. Manager Says (synchronously). Manager for remote control. Energized. Flashing light on trains and around stations. Passengers descend on the escalator, pass on the metro station. Types of Moscow underground stations: Mayakovskaya "," Kropotkin "," Arbat "," Elektrozavodskaya "," Avtozavodskaya, Leninsky Prospekt, Lenin Hills. Newsreel. City of Moscow. Outdoors. Builders of the underground, drillers. NS Khrushchev visiting metrostroevtsev. People are the first subway car. Barrages in the streets (1941).. Down the street riding a tank. Subway "Mayakovskaya, sleeping children. They shoot guns, machine guns. Metrobudivnikiv working in the mine. Station Izmailovsky. People go. The tunnel are working. Says career builder metro TA Fedorova (synchronously). Working during work. They're coming train. Brezhnev Metrobudivnikiv presenting awards, including: I. Pavlov, M. Esakova, I. Filimonov, V. Polezhayev. Along the street are metrostroevtsy. Types of districts of Moscow: Kuzminki, Mnevniki. Types of subway stations. They're sitting passengers. Vending machines dispensing coins, selling newspapers. Subway. Trains are machinists E. Abramov, AI Vetrova. Taken with a movement: rails, station wagon train. People go in the car. The tunnel are working.

Reel №1

Tunnel and rails of the Moscow metro - hitting, CU. (With motion).

The tunnel is a train - LS.

Metro station "Arbat".

Duty at the station to meet the train and sends.

Departing train from the station "Arbat» - LS.

Deserted at night station "Arbat» - LS.

Specialists at night bypass tunnels and test track conditions by sensitive instruments.

Maintenance workers change lash rails.

Watch "Victory" on the hand men - time 2 hours 05 minutes. - CU.

Maintenance workers at work in the subway tunnels - CU.

Road Master Anton Ivanovich Antonov checks the quality refurbished paths.

Radiodinamik wall - CU.

AI Antonov control tower by radio to announce the availability of the rail supply voltage (synchronous).

Metros are in the depot (night) - LS.

Machinists prepared to travel to the line, inspecting trains.

Morning toilet train - the train is washed in the mechanical cleaning with water jets and brushes.

Electric washing water jets track tunnel.

Cleaning the underground station "Kiev" - a ring - LS.

Wall elektrochasy - 5 h 25 min. - CU.

Metro train car before going to the line - MS., CU.

Escalators, station "Arbat" (without passengers) - LS.

Underground subway station "Kiev» - LS.

Passengers pass through the automatic controllers - LS.

Manager Prirodin radio requests apply voltage to the contact on the ring rail line (synchronous).

Elektrodispetcher Moskalenko communicate the order to submit current (synchronous).

Manager for remote power management - MS.

Typist in the cabin includes electric voltage.

Flashing lights in the carriages of the train - CU.

Lit chandeliers in subway stations - LS., CU.

Trains leave from the park on the line.

Passengers pass through the automatic controllers, go down the escalator to the trains - LS., MS.

Passengers of all ages - different.

Passengers coming to train at various subway stations - LS., MS.

Underground metro station "Pushkinskaya", "Kropotkin", "Arbat", "Electrozavodskaya", "Avtozavodskaya", "Leninsky Prospect» - LS., MS.

Metro station "Lenin Hills" in the span metro bridge over the Moscow River - LS., MS.

Pick up in subway stations - LS., MS.

General view of the metro bridge "Lenin Hills" and the bridge station "Kiev".

Kutuzovsky - LS. (Summer).

Streets in the new districts of Moscow - LS.


Moscow - LS.

The potent combination of tram lines.

Large crowd of people on the tram stops.

The hard landing on the tram to "rush hour» - MS.

The first Komsomol metrostroevtsy - CU., MS.

Metrostroevtsy descend into the mine tunnel under construction.

Construction of the metro by a technique drills.

Metrostroevtsy with flowers, presenting them for the labor progress.

Secretary of the Moscow Party Committee, NS Khrushchev visiting metrostroevtsev, talking to workers, gives them advice.

Metro Builders get on the first train the first line of the Moscow metro.

The first commuters - CU.

NS Khrushchev metrostroevtsev welcomes the opening of the first subway line - MS., CU.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Streets of Moscow: the anti-tank barriers in the streets, the military have balloons on Gorky Street, past the monument to Alexander Pushkin are tanks.

Moscow residents down in the subway, which served as a bomb shelter during the air raid.

Children sleep on the station "Pushkinskaya» - LS., MS., CU.

Detachment of soldiers of the Soviet Army in camouflage clothing is on the battlefield (in winter).

Shooting guns, machine guns - MS., CU.

Metrostroevtsy build the subway in Moscow during the war - MS., LS.

Metro station "Ismail" (internal view), built during the war.

Sculptures of the Soviet people in work and in action at the central station.

Tatyana Fedorova (last metrostroevets) shares memories of the beginning of construction of the Moscow Metro (synchronously).

Builders of the underground tunnel to listen T. Fedorov - MS., CU.

Metro construction in today using the latest equipment, mechanized shields.

Laying tubing.

Brigade Michael Akinshina tunnel leads to the Khimki river port.

The cars with the ground in the tunnel.

Metrostroevtsy work in knee-deep water in the mine underground.

Works foreman drifters Iliya Pavlov.

Brigadier Michael Esakov drifters, drifters Brigadier Ivan Filimonov, a former sinker, now head Metrostroi, Basil Polezhaev - CU.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, LI Brezhnev in the Kremlin metrostroevtsev presents the Order of Lenin and medal of the Hero of Socialist Labor: Ilya Pavlov, Ivan Filimonov, Vasily Polezhayev, the Order of Lenin - Michael Yesakova and congratulates them on their award.

Metrostroevtsy pass on the street of Moscow, are unanimous squad to work - LS., CU., PNRM.

District of Moscow Kuzminki - LS., Summer.

New area of ​​Moscow Horoshovo-Mnevniki - LS., PNRM. (Summer).

Subway train passes through a land line.

Passengers in the car subway trains.

Children look out the window subway car - CU. (Open land line).

Moscow transport goes through tunnels on the streets.

Pedestrians pass through the transition tunnels.

The emblem of the Moscow metro "M» - CU., Hitting, MS.

Subway station Park Kultury, Fili, Lermontov, Arbat, Revolution Square, Sverdlov Square - LS., MS. (Summer).

Passengers exit the subway entrances.

Boys and girls are expected to interview at Metro stations - CU.

Passengers - the Soviet people and foreign visitors with interest the architecture and decoration in subway stations - MS., CU.

Coin-changing machines and automatic controllers in the subway - MS., CU.

Hand down a coin in the cash machine controller - CU.

Automatic, selling newspapers on the subway - LS., MS.

Box Office in the lobby of the metro - MS.

Passengers are browsing books bought at kiosks Metro - CU.

Passengers have glowing circuit study routes - MS., CU.

Rushing subway train - LS.

Rail, subway trains - LS. (With motion).

Machinist Eugene Abramov is a train - CU.

Passengers on the train reading - LS., MS.

Machinist Anna Vetrova train is on the line between the stations "Falcon" and "Avtozavodskaya» - MS.

Avtomashinist train in the subway - LS., MS.

Passengers on the train reading the old woman smiled, the pioneers are, replaced by a senior - LS., MS., CU.

Train at the station "Pushkinskaya".

Moscow at night, covered with electric lights - LS. (With a / t).

Antonov lineman checks subway line.

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