The Everyday Deed.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Babushkin Ya.

Script writers: Dalskiy L., Pridvorov S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The biography newsreel about the talented Soviet poet and fable writer Demyan Bedny.

Historical background

Demian poor (Pridvorov Efim Alekseevich) - was born April 13, 1883, died May 25, 1945.

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Temporary description

Portraits of the poet Demian poor (Efim Alekseevich Pridvorova) in different periods of life. Various biographical documents. Chronicle. Spring landscape. Parishioners at the service in the church. Poor peasant households, hut. Peasant plowing. Newspapers "The Star", "Work and soldiers", "Kiev word", "True", "Morning", Journal of Education, books, leaflets and posters with poems and fables D. Poor. Newsreel. City of Petrograd. Demonstrations on the streets (February 1917). Tver. Pass the Red Guards. The podium NIPodvoisky, D. Poor. Passes cavalry. They stand VI Chapayev, D. Poor. City of Moscow. Agricultural Exhibition. D. poor among the peasants. D. Poor in the Kremlin courtyard among the delegates to the 13th Party Congress. House of the Red Army. The ceremonial meeting on the day of 10-th anniversary of the Red Army. The presidium D. Poor, E. Yaroslavsky. D. Poor in the group of writers in the tunnel of the first subway line. House of Unions. First Congress of Soviet Writers. Passes Gorky, D. Poor, and others. In Conference Room Present: A. Fadeev, Sun Ivanov, Alexei Tolstoy, F. Gladkov, A. Novikov, Surf, A. Korneichuk, S. Mikhalkov, L. Kassil, D. Poor. D. Poor At a meeting of the Congress of atheists. The house where he lived D. Poor. His room, a desk, books. Operate printing machines. Driven conveyor with books D. Poor. Speech by Khrushchev at a meeting of party leaders and government figures from literature and art (synchronously).

Reel №1

PNRM. from the leaf of the calendar, April 16, 1911 by willow branches - CU. (Day of Easter).

Landscape of early spring in central Russia - LS.

Dome of the church - MS.

Newsreel beginning of 1910-1915gg.

Easter service at the church.

Newspaper "Official Gazette", "The St.

Petersburg leaf", "Petersburg Vedomosti", "Morning" with articles and reports of trading companies, the Easter holiday, the royal honors, that morning, April 16, 1911 the Moscow secret police discovered a new group of the RSDLP .

Pictures of the celebration of Easter in Russia.

Newsreel beginning of 1910-1916gg.

Peasant hut, covered with straw.

Broken window in the house.

Poor peasant households, plow in the yard.

The farmer plows plow mounted.

A poem in the newspaper "The Star" "On Demyan poor - man harmful" signed E. Pridvorova

Photo: House, the birthplace of Efim Alekseevich Pridvorov village Gubovye Kherson province, E. Pridvorov with his father.

Photo prerevolutionary Kiev, where youths E. Pridvorov came to learn.

Photo: military medical school, which he entered to study E. Pridvorov.

Photo: E. Pridvorov in his youth - NPL.

The newspaper "Kyiv word", which published poems Pridvorova.

Photo: St.

Petersburg, a monument to Peter I - NPL.

Petersburg University, which he entered to study E. Pridvorov.

Animation: E. Pridvorova petition to appoint him a scholarship and feed him for good intentions.

Portrait of E. Pridvorova - a university student - CU.

The collection "Russian Wealth" published Galaktionovich Vladimir Korolenko, which published poems E. Pridvorova.

Newspaper articles and pictures of the "Leninist" massacre in 1912.

The first issue of "Pravda" on April 22, 1912.

Poems E. Pridvorova in "Pravda" (signed Demian poor).

Pages of "Enlightenment" with tales Poor Damian.

Caption censor in the magazine with a translation of Aesop's fables D. Poor, "we know that Aesop."

Animation: Demian poor satirical fable.

Collection of fables Poor Damian - departure.

Revealed that the works of VI Lenin: Lenin's letter A. D. Poor bitter about his fables - 1913.

Newsreel 1914:

Petersburg in the early days of World War I.

Newspaper reports of the war.

On the way are old Russian soldiers.

Kharkov newspaper "Morning" with poems and D. Poor translations of Aesop's sent from the front.

Newsreel 1917:

Riots in the streets of Petrograd in February, a demonstration in the square.

Animation: Photo of the interim government, and documents.

Animation: Journal "Homeland" - edition of the bourgeois press - with a call to attack.

Animation: the newspaper "The Worker and soldier" with verses D. Poor "ordered, but the truth is told» - MS.

Bourgeois paper "Exchange news" article about the dangers of poetry D. Poor for Russian capitalists vpechatka in the newspaper - Club Futurists.

Portrait of the young Mayakovsky - CU.

Pictures of the 25 October 1917.

Reel №2

II Congress of Soviets - LS., MS.

"Pravda" newspaper with the story D. Poor "On the ground of the will of the working share."

The epigraph to the novel - MS.

Animation: line of the story.

Line of the story.

Photo D. Poor, 1917.

Thumbed through the pages of history of the CPSU - MS.

Newsreel, 1918-1923,.:

Pass the detachments of the Red Army.

Podvoisky and D. Poor Tver accompany troops to the front.

D. Poor the train.

D. Poor and legendary Division Commander Vasily Chapaev the train.

The soldier wrote on the wagon "to the front» - CU.

Red Army soldiers and sailors on the train leaving for the front.

Poster, signed poems D. Poor "How dear mother accompanied me ..."

Red Army troops pass.

D. Poor photo - MS.

Leaflets with verses D. Poor.

D. Poor works published during the Civil War.

Photo: V. Lenin and D. Poor - CU.

Books presented D. Poor VI Lenin and NK Krupskaya.

Appeal to the All D. Poor, D. Poor mention award from 1923.

Photo: D. Poor with the Order of the Red Banner.

Newsreel 1920.:

Streets of Moscow - LS., MS., PNRM.

The first agricultural show in Moscow - LS.

D. Poor guests of honor at the show.

D. Poor - Delegate 13th Party Congress.

House of the Red Army in Moscow.

Demian poor and Yemelyan Yaroslavl on the podium the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Soviet Army.

Newsreel 1930.:

D. Poor, along with other writers in the construction of the Moscow Metro inspects tunnel.

House unions in the days of the Congress of Soviet Writers I - MS.

AM Gorky, who came to the House of Unions to the Congress.

In the entry hall D. Poor, etc.

Delegates Congress of Writers: AM Gorky, Aleksandr Fadeev, Vsevolod Ivanov, Alexei Tolstoy, Fyodor Gladkov, Novikov-Surf, Alexander Korneichuk, Sergei Mikhalkov, L. Kassil, Demian poor - at a meeting of the Congress.

D. Poor at the meeting of the Congress ungodly speech.

Antireligious book D. Poor.

Friendly cartoons by artist Denis D. Poor.

Photo 30's: D. Poor in its library. D. Poor desktop.

PNRM. the library collected D. Poor.

The house in which he lived D. Poor - MS. (Winter).

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

The anti-war, anti-fascist posters "Window TASS" with verses D. Poor.

Fireworks over the Kremlin's Spassky Tower on the Victory Day.

D. Poor poem in the newspaper "Pravda" in honor of the victory over Nazi Germany.

The report in the newspaper "Pravda" of the death of D. Poor May 25, 1945.

Operate printing presses.

Moving conveyor with volumes of works D. Poor.

At the meeting, party and government leaders with writers and artists March 8, 1963. NS Khrushchev speaks of the importance of creativity D. Poor (synchronously).

Photo: Portrait of D. Poor - CU.