Soviet sport (1970-1979)

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Scene №1 Soviet sport

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The athlete-weightlifter Vlasov Yu walks in the park.

Photos of American weightlifting sport in magazines.

American weightlifter P. Anderson raises the bar in the competition in 1955, the audience faces.

Face Vlasov Yu Establishment of a record US weightlifter Szymanski N. Vlasov raises the bar on the platform during the competition, 1962, the audience faces.

Honoring Vlasov.

Vlasov Photos in Soviet and foreign sports magazines, face Vlasov.

Vlasov is in the form of the Soviet Air Force officer.

Training in swimming, Vlasov talking with the young swimmers.

Vlasov gives interviews (synchronously).

Vlasov raises the bar in the competition.

Vlasov gives interviews (synchronously).

Vlasov and his girlfriend are on the park path.

Basketball ball in the basket.

Basketball Belov AA gives interviews (synchronously).

Episodes basketball game on the screen in black and white TV, Petrov gives an interview after the match (synchronously).

Face Belova.

Competitions on rowing boats-singles in Melbourne at the Olympic Games in 1956.

Soviet athlete V. Ivanov It bypasses the Australian at the finish.

Ivanov after the race.

The audience applauded.

Face Ivanov.

Ivanova's mother and sister listening on the radio a message about his victory at the Olympics.

Face sister Ivanov.

Photographers take pictures of relatives Ivanov.

Ivanova Mother gives interviews.

Ivanov is working on a lathe in a repair workshop.

Ivanov car repairs.

Game footage: Indians sit in a canoe and float down the river.

Young gymnast Latynina LS He sits at a table and reads the letter.

Latynina in the bed of the theater watching the ballet.

A scene from the ballet "Giselle".

Latynina during training in 1955.

Speech Latynina in Melbourne in 1956, the audience and the judges applauded.

Coach riders driving a motor vehicle during a team workout.

Train riders on the highway.

Cyclists overtake each other.

Coach driving a motor vehicle.

The car rides on the highway for cyclists.

People relax in the woods next to the highway, cyclists pedaling.

Vlasov Yu gives interviews (synchronously), Vlasov photos after his retirement from the sport.

Rewarding Vlasov after the event, the audience applauded.

Medal in hand Vlasov.

A general view of the stadium (above).


Vlasov Yuri Petrovich - weightlifter, writer, politician Belov Alexander - basketball player Vyacheslav Ivanov - rower Latynina Larisa S. - gymnast Paul Anderson - American weightlifter Norbert Szymanski - American weightlifter

Calendar: 1955 1956 1970s

Locations: Moscow [820] Australia [15] USA [851]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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