The Victory of Friendship in Djakarta.. (1963)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Venzher I.

Operators: Kopalin V., Troshkin V. P.

Anouncers: Voynovskiy S.

Text writers: Gurkov G.


About the Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO) in Indonesia in 1963.

Temporary description

General view of Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia. Receive athletes - participants in international sports games, Indonesian President Sukarno in the palace Nigara. The opening games Ganefo (Friendship) at the central stadium. Athletes train before games. Among athletes: boxers, gymnasts, archers, athletes and others Home sporting events. Competitions runners, discus thrower, archers, gymnasts, tennis players, swimmers, volleyball players. Award winners. The cultural program for participants in international games: Speeches Japanese, Georgian, Chinese, Indonesian dancers. Inspection by competitors of ancient temples, rubber plantations. Landscapes of Indonesia.

Reel №2

The opening games Ganefo pass in review the delegation of Cuba, China, Morocco, Mali, Czechoslovakia, Mexico - LS.

Passes the Soviet delegation - LS.

Spectators in the stands greeting Soviet athletes.

Indonesian delegation completes solemn march delegations.

Ceremonial march with the flag Ganefo.

Raising the flag Ganefo - PNRM., LS.

The young man is a fire, a fire ignites in the bowl.

Is a fire.

Spectators allowed in the air colored balls - LS., PNRM.

Starter signals the start of the Games.

Men running a short distance, wins Indonesian athlete.

Indonesian throwing spear - LS.

Indonesian throwing disc.

Meet women in archery.

Affected target arrows - MS.

Athletes looking through binoculars - CU.

Judges at the targets.

Athletes congratulate Chinese archer Li Shu Lan.

Archers Soviet team that won the silver medal - PNRM., LS.

Gymnasium: athletes to warm up, the athlete performs exercises on the mat.

Athlete of the Democratic People's Republic of Khan Cheya perform exercises on the "horse".

Exercises for "horse" does Soviet athlete Nicholas Miligulo.

N. Miligulo awarded the gold medal of the absolute champion Ganefo.

Albert Azarian executes exercise on rings (cross Azarian).

Awarding gold medals A. Azarian, a silver medal is awarded gymnast of SAR Sharaf.

Sharaf performing exercises on the rings.

Stadium in Jakarta - LS. (Evening).

Reel №3

Stadium in Jakarta - LS. (Evening).

Landscapes of Indonesia (dawn) - LS., MS.

Sunrise over Indonesia - LS., MS.

Surf in the flat sandy beach Indonesia - LS.

Bright colors - MS.

Rice fields, filled with water, rice shoots - LS.

Women walk in the Inter - LS.

Rubber plantations - PNRM., LS.

Soviet athletes in a rubber plantation in Sumatra, talking with workers, learn about the process of collecting rubber.

Work incision rubber tree bark - MS.

Juice from a cut tree, drop by drop into buckets - CU.

Hands stretched rubber dried juice - CU.

Liquid rubber workers poured into the tanks.

Indonesian women are from the field of sheaves of rice on their heads - LS.

Carriage rides - MS.

Streets of honey - MS.

Pass men with noshami.

Vegetables on a market counter - CU. PNRM.

Craftsman is selling baskets.

A woman with a baby and a burden on the head - MS.

Traffic in Medan.

Stadium in Medan: participants sports Ganefo go to the stadium.

Spectators in the stands applaud - MS.

Soviet athletes perform the exercises on the balance beam, the uneven bars, she performs exercises on the mat.

Men do the exercises on the bar, on the rings.

The governor of the island of Sumatra by Soviet athletes.

Corresponding pictures.

Tennis court in Jakarta - LS. (The top point), PNRM.

Soviet tennis player Anna Dmitrieva plays with a Chinese woman Qi Di Fin - LS., MS.

The audience applauded - CU.

Chinese athlete wishes Dmitrieva with a victory.

Archers at the stadium ready for four-day marathon - MS., CU.

Men shoot bows.

Affected target - MS.

Awarding medals Indonesian athlete.

The athlete jumps in height - unsuccessfully.

At the second attempt takes height.

The athlete jumps high with six.

Running Women's 800 meters: wins athlete of the Democratic People's Republic Sim Dan Keane.

Sim KinDdan presenting the award.

Competition swimmers in the swimming pool - PNRM., LS., MS.

Reel №4

Poster "Welcome" on the building in Jakarta for meetings with members Ganefo - LS., MS.

A photo exhibition depicting the struggle of the Japanese people for the right to ban the deployment of U.S. air bases on Japanese soil - LS., CU.

Participants Ganefo visiting the exhibition.

Photos of the Soviet Union, on the life and study in the Soviet Union students from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Photo: Valentina Tereshkova with an African girl sledding in a rest home near Moscow - CU.

At the stadium in Jakarta Ganefo participants prepare for the competition.

Running men a short distance hurdles: front runner Indonesian athlete.

The fourth day of competition archery: shooting Victor Sidoruk Karel Vakurka and Miroslav Hoffman.

B. Sidoruk target with arrows in the center of the circle - CU.

Awarding medals Soviet athlete V. Sidoruk.

The coach of the Soviet team handed palm.

Members meet people Ganefo Sulawesi.

Landscapes Sulawesi.

Fishing boat at sea off the coast.


The streets of Medan - PNRM.

Show of tennis players on the court in Makassar.

On-court tennis players compete in Jakarta and Chen Hua (China) and Toomas Leyus (USSR).

Chinese athlete wishes Leyus with a victory.

Cake torch Ganefo - CU.

The race of men's 800 meters - LS., MS.

Winner autographs - CU.

Athletes give autographs.

Athletes of different nationalities speak, explained with gestures.

Soviet volleyball conduct joint training with the volleyball players of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - LS., MS.

On the tennis court play Mitreveli (USSR) and Kamaromi (Hungary) - LS., MS., CU.

The audience applauded - CU.

The winner of the meeting - A. Mitreveli - CU.

Reel №5

Presentation of medals Indonesian tennis team.

Race men's 5000 meters - LS., MS.

First to finish an athlete from the United Arab Republic Jozef Abdul Saud.

The audience applauded - LS.

Stadium in Jakarta (night) - LS.

Friendly meeting of the Chinese and Soviet delegations in Jakarta.

Mexican youth delegation visiting the Soviet athletes.

Soviet and Chinese players, holding hands, singing a hymn of youth - MS., CU.

Friendly meeting of Soviet and Cuban athletes.

Concert performances of competitors Ganefo: ancient Japanese dance performed with umbrellas, the Soviet boys and girls perform Georgian dance.

Chinese circus artists and bands.

Artists and bands from the island of Sumatra singing and dancing - LS., MS.

The young man plays a drum.

Barefoot dancing Indonesian girls - CU.

Indonesian masters of product: figurines of wood, metal - CU.

Indonesian masters of sculpture at the museum - CU.

Indonesian monuments - LS., MS.

Ancient temple Prambanan near Jakarta.

Ancient temple Barabadur - LS., MS.

Landscapes Indonesia - LS.

Field of ripe rice - PNRM., LS.

Paintings by Indonesian artists - CU., LS.

Persons Indonesian boys and girls - CU.

Communication of competitors Ganefo - MS., CU.

Honorary president of Ganefo Dr.

Sukarno of young people from different countries.

Empty stadium in Jakarta - LS.

Jakarta (helicopter).