Domestic and foreign newsreel (1922-1923)

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Scene №1 domestic newsreel

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Panorama sanatorium "Caucasian Riviera" in Sochi in the 1922 season.

Types sanatorium park, vacationers strolling along the paths among the trees.

People walk along the promenade close to the resort.

Treatment of patients in the sanatorium way Zander Dr.

Budinskogo Anapa.

Young patients of children's sanatorium in Gelendzhik sunbathing.

Young patients of the sanatorium during procedures for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, the nurses caring for them.

Poster, informs on holding races at the Moscow hippodrome in July 1922.

Panorama of the stands and the racing track racetrack during the race.

Judges give the signals and record the finish of the participants of the race.

Spectators at the race-track barrier.

Participants races take place at the start.

The electrical board for supplying the start signal, the dials of watches.

The episode of the next arrival, spectators watch the races, watching the program runs.

Launch party ski run Serpukhov-Moscow.

Students of the Military Academy will start on skis from Red Square.

K. Zetkin, accompanied by welcoming its German Communists out of the train station in Berlin.

Zetkin welcomes its welcoming people, holding up a clenched fist.

People with red flags are on the forecourt.

Zetkin sitting in a car with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

People on the forecourt.

She opens the meeting in honor of the arrival Zetkin.

Zetkin, speaks at a rally while standing in an open car.

The demonstrators greeted Zetkin.

View of the building store "Moskvoshveya".

People walk past the shop windows, trade cigarettes from a tray.

General view of the market in Moscow.

Sausage stall in the market.

Those children, taken from the starving Volga regions.

Showcase flower shop in Berlin.

Seller offers flowers sitting at the table of the restaurant visitors.

Trains arrive at the station in Berlin.

The meeting at one of the railway stations on the occasion of the arrival of foreign tractors, protesters rocked speaker.

Inspection of the cars unloaded tractor.

Unloading containers with American tractors "Fordson".

The assembly brought agricultural machinery and accessories for tractors.

Engineers inspect brought the plow.

Engineer explains the technical advantages of the new farmers plow.

Workers reveal the containers brought tractors, tractor test, demonstration of tractors to farmers.

Tractor engine plant and go to the train station.

Tractor with plow drives along a city street, on both sides there are people.

Tractor rides through the streets of the city, an elderly peasant sitting on the hood.

Speeches at the rally.

Tractor with him sitting on top of an elderly farmer rides on a country road to the village passes through the field.

Villagers welcome the tractor arrived, women shake their heads.

The tractor engine is running is in the middle of the yard.


Clara Zetkin - German and international revolutionary and politician

Calendar: 07.1922 1923

Locations: Krasnodar region [761] Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Berlin [821] USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825] Winter [823]

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