Artist and Time (1960)

Documentary №58892, 4 parts, duration: 0:53:00
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Ya. Mirimov
Screenwriters:V. Komissarzhevskij
Camera operators:V. Riklin
Composers:A. Muravlev, A. Chugaev
Sound mixer:A. Kamionskij


The film is about the works of Soviet painters and sculptors represented in the exhibition "Soviet Russia", which reflects the everyday life of the Soviet Union and the achievements of the Soviet people.

Reel №1

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Paintings by Russian artists that reflect the nature of Russia in different seasons.

Paintings depicting the path of prisoners along the Vladimir highway and their fragments.

Paintings by Repin I. E. "The Procession in the Kursk province", "Boatmen on the Volga" and their fragments.

Russian Russian artists 'paintings depicting the life of the Russian people in the 19th century, among them - "Death of a migrant", "Refusal of confession", "Meeting of the State Council", "Stoker".

Sculpture by I. Shadr "Cobblestone-the weapon of the proletariat" at the exhibition of painting and sculpture "Soviet Russia".

Paintings by Soviet artists, reflecting the events of October 1917, statues of Lenin.

Visitors in one of the halls of the exhibition "Soviet Russia".

Panel paintings by Mylnikov and Korolev in the exhibition's entrance hall.

Bust of Lenin by Tomsky.

Serov's painting "News from the village", with the image of Lenin, fragments of the picture.

A painting by the artist Tsyplakov depicting a conversation between Lenin and the peasants.

Bulankin's painting "Lenin in the Hills".

Drawings by artists Borovsky and Zhukov, depicting Lenin.

Granite bust of Lenin by the sculptor Kibalnikov.

Visitors in the exhibition halls.

Nyssa's painting "Over the Snows".

Winter urban landscape by the artist Basov.

Fedorov's landscapes "Spring " and" April " by Brodskaya.

Shcherbakov's painting "A Quiet Hour in the Spring Forest".

The painting "Green flood of May" by the artist Mazitov.

Summer rural landscape by the artist Gritsai.

The painting "Forest Lake", painted by artists Romadin.

The figure of a bear with cubs by the sculptor Vorobyov.

Figure of the Ussuri sable by the sculptor Gorbunov.

Landscape of the artist Smirnov, depicting the northern tundra.

A painting by the Yakut artist Osipov.

Sculptures of reindeer herders by Vakhromeev.

Walrus figurines created by V. Vatagin.

Meshkov's engraving "The Distant airport".

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №2

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The picture Irkutsk artist Yushkov, depicting the Sayan mountains.

Painting by Arkhipova, showing part of lake Baikal.

The painting "blind stop" artist Ossovsky.

Engraving artist avdysheva "Little house", parts of it.

Visitors to the exhibition halls.

The work of artists Ponomarev, Semenova, Makarova dedicated to the construction and rural life, in the exhibition halls.

The artist Sidorov's painting "may morning on the construction of the dam".

Picture Tutunova "Fishermen of the colony".

Paintings Gortenzia "old town", "Kizhi" Eremin.

Paintings and engravings with images of historical buildings and streets of Leningrad and Moscow, artists Podlaskie, Gorsky, Fediaevsky.

Fragments of the painting "a new life" artist Pribylovsky.

Painting Maltsev "To their native places".

Paintings depicting domestic scenes of the family working.

Paintings Rugi, Korneev, devoted to development of Siberia and the North.

Painting gudina "Rafters".

Paintings on the theme of the work of artists Furs, Fattakhova, Peziza.

Paintings and engravings, dedicated to the builders of the Bratsk hydroelectric power station, O. Vereisky, Podlaskie, Agapova.

Picture of Angelica, Oboznenko, Serov, depicting the 21 Congress of the CPSU.

Portraits of the delegates to the 21st Congress of the CPSU and the drummers work, presented at the exhibition, sculptural portraits.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №3

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Portrait of a young hunter Muncie.

Portrait of a herder Chatasia.

The portraits of the peoples of the North and of the Union republics, the work of artists Osipova and manukhina.

"Portrait of the artist" O. Vereisk.

Sculpture Ivanov, "The Surgeon Bolyshev".

Paintings and sculptures in one of the halls of the exhibition.

Busts of composers Witkowskiego, Prokofiev, chemist D. Mendeleev.

Portraits and sculptures of the working class created by Serov, Tomsk, Silicon.

Visitors in one of the halls of the exhibition.

Paintings depicting industrial achievements in the USSR.

Painting Zausaeva "New astrologers".

The picture on the subject of the October revolution and the civil war, artists Levitin, Deineka, Tkachev, Krivitsky.

Painting Korzheva "Raising the flag".

Visitors to the exhibition halls.

Sculptures and paintings on the theme of collectivization.

Works devoted to the great Patriotic war, among them the work of Gavrilov, Moiseenko, Vasilyeva, Borodin, Ikonnikova, Artamonova, Krasnov, Tolkunova.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №4

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Paintings on the theme of the great Patriotic war, the siege of Leningrad, the liberation of Europe, created by artists Samsonov, Frolova-Bagreeva, Kochergina, Silver, Kozhanova.

Paintings on the theme of return to peaceful work and the first post-war years, created by artists, Romanycheva, Kiselev.

A sculpture dedicated to the struggle for peace, created by Mordini, in one of the halls of the exhibition.

Marble triptych "This should not be forgotten", dedicated to the war in Korea.

Sculptural portrait of Japanese artists Ira and Taseko Maruki made by Tsigal.

The works of Soviet artists, dedicated to the struggle for peace.

Engravings by Boris prorokova dedicated to the horrors of war.

Painting Chuikov, on India.

Anti-war poster artist Tereshchenko.

Paintings on the theme of children and families, created by artists Savchenko, Koval, Tatunova, Bogaevskiy, Tkachev, Pakhomova, Tsigal, Kotlyarova.

Mosaic Deineka "Good morning."

Schultz's sculptures "the Swimmer" and "Youth."

The Sculpture "Morning".

Still lifes Konchalovsky, M. and M. Aslamazian.

Picture of Plastov "Summer", parts of it.

Visitors to the exhibition halls.

Painting Zagonova "Morning".

Painting of Capanina "bird town".

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №5

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The paintings reflect the daily life of workers, farmers and intellectuals, created by the artists Kugach, Veselov.

Paintings and sculptures depicting the workers, the artists Simonov, Plantinum, Ponomarev, Trufanova, Alexandrov.

Paintings dedicated to the development of virgin lands created by the artist Mochalski.

Group sculpture of the sisters of fedorovyh.

Sculptors Selenskogo, Tenety, S., Pavlov.

Portrait of 100-year-old woman artist Ogarevo Darinas.

A river landscape.

Sculptural portrait of a storyteller Pechova created by Mikhalev.

Group portrait of the Kukryniksy artists - Kupriyanov, Krylov and Sokolov.

Kukryniksy works presented at the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition at the book counter in the lobby of the Arena.

Grachev illustrations to Krylov's fables.

Illustrations Dubinsky to Kuprin's story "Duel", presented at the exhibition.

Prints-illustrations to "the Avaricious knight" by A. S. Pushkin performed by the chart Favorsky.

The painting depicts a rehearsal in the collective farm club.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №6

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Sculptural portrait of ballerina Galina Ulanova of the work of Nikolaev.

Sculpture Filippova "School of Russian ballet."

Group portrait of old Russian actors living in the House of veterans of the scene.

Yablochkin, painter Loktionov.

Genre paintings Sewandono "Before the opening of the exhibition".

A self-portrait of Irkutsk artists Vychugzhanina.

Examples of Western abstract painting and sculpture, samples of Soviet art.

Sculpture of a woman in one of the halls of the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition listen to the guide.

View of the antechamber of the exhibition during one of the meetings of artists with spectators, the faces of meeting participants, the fragments of the paintings and sculptures presented at the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition halls.

Calendar: 1960

Locations: Moscow [820]

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