Investigation Dips (1998)

Telecast №58945, 1 part, duration: 0:10:06
Production: Highway Patrol
Director:Svetlaev N.
Anchor:Kolesnikov S.
Camera operators:Odonovich O.


The TV program tells about man-made accidents in Moscow and their causes.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The presenter stands on the site of a large excavated pit in the center of the street, pronounces the opening speech.

Moscow, city streets, traffic.

A road repair team is working in the city - workers, special vehicles, equipment, fences, etc. are in the frame.

People on the streets of the city.

View of Yauza from the bridge.

Panorama of the facade of an old house with fallen plaster.

The sun shines through the branches of the trees.

56 Tukhachevsky Street - a woman's corpse lies in the snow.

In the frame - the fenced area of the site where there was a failure in the heating plant, steam is coming.

The general plan is that emergency vehicles are at the scene of the incident, employees of the investigation team are working.

A dog in the snow.

Says Vadim Mikhailov, President of the Center for Underground Research.

The ambulance is loaded into the car with a corpse in a black bag.

Mikhailov speaks.

View of the fence, lamp.

Rusakovskaya Street is a road, vehicle traffic, residential buildings, steam is coming all over the street (taken from above).

A view of the sinkhole that arose as a result of the breakthrough of the heat pipe.

A failure, a fence, a sign "Stop!

Hot water.

The collapse of the ground".

Deformed asphalt near the accident site.

Roofs of houses, steam is coming.

Fenced area at the scene of the accident, employees of public utilities are working.

Large - open hatch, steam is coming.

Employees of emergency services, public utilities eliminate the consequences of the accident.

There are emergency vehicles in the yard.

The street of the city, there is steam due to a pipe break.

Says Vladimir Kutepov - Deputy .

Director of the Institute of Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Night, the street is Wide - as a result of an accident on the heating main, a fountain of hot water burst out of the ground.

Panorama of a hole in the ground, from which a pillar of steam escapes.

Large - emergency vehicle, flashing light is on (taken from above).

View of the area where the accident occurred - there is steam.

An emergency service employee descends into the hatch.

Steam is coming out of the ground.

Moscow, Dmitrovskoe highway, there is a traffic jam on the road.

On the road, a jet of hot water comes out of a hole in the asphalt.

Large - a jet of water from the sinkhole.

The general plan is a road, passers-by are walking, a huge fountain of hot water is beating from the ground.

A road, water flows, a bus and a truck are going.

View of the road and the fountain gushing from the ground.

Says Viktor Erokhin, an eyewitness to the incident.

In the frame - cars affected by accidents on the heating main.

Moscow, Khavskaya Street - the truck partially fell into a hole in the asphalt.

Large - a hole in the asphalt, a stuck truck wheel.

View of the stuck truck.

Large - the number of the truck, a panorama of the truck.

The center of Moscow, a view of a collapsed building, a huge hole in the asphalt.

Large - failure.

Emergency services personnel near the accident site.

View of the collapsed building.

Large - failure.

View of the fenced accident site.

Says Sergey Zavrzin, the driver of the car that fell through a hole in the asphalt.

Large - a crack on the asphalt.

Emergency workers at the scene of the accident - near a huge sinkhole and a collapsed house.

View of the accident site.

There are cars of emergency services.

View of the collapsed house.

Says Sergei Shoigu - Minister for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations.

Emergency services are working at the scene of the accident.

Large - a gas cylinder.

Different personnel - employees of emergency services eliminate the consequences of the accident.

Day, road services fill up the failure with the help of special equipment.

View of the collapsed house.

The tractor fills the sinkhole with sand and rubble.

The scene of the accident, a destroyed house is visible, a truck with rubble drives in.

Different shots from the scene of the accident on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, where the facade of the resettled house collapsed.

Large - the "Danger zone" sign.

Says Yuri Filatov, a PSO-6 rescuer.

In the frame is a rescue service car.

View of the interior equipment of the rescue service vehicle.


Red Cross flag.

Says Filatov.

City streets - pedestrians are walking.

Large - cars are passing along the road.

City streets, traffic.

Panorama of the facade of the house with cracks.

Large - part of the facade of the house with destruction.

Road service workers are digging a moat.

Large -on-the-ground equipment for road works.

City street, fenced area, there is special equipment - road works are underway to eliminate the accident.

Workers are installing barriers on the road.

Workers at the facility.

The sign on the building is "Heating networks".

Large - fencing, a sign "Road works are underway".

City street - special equipment drags a pipe.

Workers at the facility.

A Mosenergo company car is driving.

A city street, an excavated pit, pipes are visible, utilities and emergency services are working.

Fenced area, people pass by.

Large - the inscription on the tarpaulin "The passage is closed".

Says lawyer Elena Khachukaeva.

Large - desk, calendar, diary, etc.

Says Khachukayeva.

The presenter is standing on the road, near the fence - says the final words.

Key words

Crime, corpse, accident scene, emergency services, heat pipe break, heating main accident, road works


Shojgu S. K. - sovetskij i rossijskij gosudarstvennij deyatelj, voennij, ministr oboroni Rossijskoj Federacii

Locations: Moscow

Seasons: Spring [825]

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